276# About Tmnut

276# About Tmnut

I had never check the internet bill since the day i got broadband last year. Until yesterday my youngest sister showed me the bill, only i realised that i was being conned for this long.

I subscribed the RM66 without modem unlimited, so therefore they should charge me only RM66/month isn't it? They charge higher during the first month of course to include those bull shit registeration fees or shits like that.

But hey, I have been using tmnut broadband since August of 2006 until now, why they still charge me more than RM66/month, and even up to RM160?

Damn it, they put my package under the RM44 limited package. See that shit above? Monthly fee RM44 and extra usage fee RM117.71. Total Rm167.71.

Wei! RM167.71 a month for such a snail speed broadband service? Hello? If i will only online for less than 40 hours a month i wouldn't have taken the RM66 unlimited package! Which they supposed to put me in!

The tulan-ness was rising and i checked back my tmnut multimedia registration confirmation slip, which was given by the technician who installed this piece of shit.

And it written there, RM66 package. Streamlan basic 512k without modem RM66.



Farkin RM66 ok?

I went online and check how much in fact i've paid for this kinda bull shit snail speed broadband service. I was stunned. I was actually paying double or even triple every month since September 2006 than what i am supposed to pay.

Those figures are so far away from RM66.

Today is Sunday. I can't do any shit about it. Office's closed, tmpoint isn't open either. Was it the company who offered this shit's fault? Or was it tmnut's fault?

Without considering those broadband service which provided by the mobile phone serive operator, tmnut is the only broadband provider in our farked up country. And each of everyone of us has no choice but to use their service.

What we are paying are not as good as what we deserved. Sometimes the so called broadband speed is slower than the dial up ones!

Oh yes, Tmnut.


275# SLDH

275# SLDH

This week is a hectic week.

This damn week is a god damn hectic week.

Monday to Friday. 2 CSU sessions, 3 PBL sessions, 1 AIR Topic, 9 lectures.

Can i be any busier than that?

The CSU plus PBL sessions took me 9+ hours in total. I do need to prepare my presentations and the clinical examinations theory and skill. Total up, eh... can't describe how many hours i've spent for those.

That explains why i didn't study nuts through out the whole week. Being busy before wednesday to prepare for the mock OSCE, and busy for pbl discussions and presentation after that. Sien.

As to compensate the time i sacrificed to prepare OSCE, i didn't study and recharged myself at night.

However the whole recharging process was interrupted through out the whole night. It's like something pressing you on top of you while you're sleeping. You're awaked, aware, but you can't move.

Fear not, it ain't ghost or whatever shit. It's just the exhaustion. It's normal and happens if you're too tired.

I struggled twice to wake myself up from the interruption. I tried to move, hit the wall, scream, swear, fark the ghost's mother (if any) but of cause it didn't help anything. I awoke, adjusted my sleeping position and continue to sleep.

When the third time it came again, i was too lazy to struggle and continued sleeping.

It's good that i settled my mock OSCE before the hematology assessment. Some of them are going to sit for it one day before the assessment. That's distracting. Some of them having it a few hours after the assessment. Oh sad, you guys can't go dota or movie after the paper.

And some of them are having if during the gastrointestinal system course. Damn, they have plenty of time and can chillin' around now.

Honestly, it's pointless to spend all your time for the OSCE now. It's just a mock. But do go for it to understand the procedure so that you'll be cool during the real OSCE.

Don't be clumsy. Be cool, don't lose the professionalism. It's worth for 1 mark.

Don't ask me. I failed both of the physical examination. Blanked out due to the sleeplessness at respiratory system station. About the cardiovascular system station... My theory is not enough to carry on the examination.

You might not know how to palpate the peripheral pulses of the legs. You might not even know to name it...

That's why, study your theory and practice your skills.

And don't show hamsap face while you examinating your patients.

PBL, another task to make people busy. First time in my life to have 3 PBLs in a week. I can't recall what i've learnt from it. It's too much to take when you're having tonnes of unflipped lecture notes with you.

Take about lecture notes. The wtf knn dns management didn't bother to print out notes for us. I have to run all the way up to computer lab, login, find notes, edit, use my own A4 paper, line up for 15 minutes, get the printer and print it manually.

The whole freaking process took me more than 20 minutes in average.

Damn. How many 20 minutes can i waste everyday just for the sake of the lecture notes, which the management tries to save upon?

Freakin' give me an explaination for not givng out notes, please.

normal mode shooting.

We can't be blamed. How many hours you have left after all of the time spent for getting a copy of lecture notes, pbl, csu, traffic, argue with the cash office attendants?

Surprisingly we can still keep ourselves awake and pay 100% attention during lectures.

Especially the pathology lectures with 60 - 80 slides presentations. Must learn how to being able to spot a small little flaw in a sea of cells and it isn't easy.

However, it's still depends on what kind of lecture is it. Sometimes we can't be helped when it talks about how mosquito kills.

night mode shooting. Check out toilet's sleeping pose.

SLDH, seriously.

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't stands for super lactase dehydrogenase or whatever shit. Ask me if you want.


274# Fast and Notorious

274# Fast and Notorious

Yesterday was the last day to use that McD coupon, did you made good use of it?

Think back what did i had for lunch/dinner few weeks back, i started to hate McD...

For 2 Fridays in the row i had McD in Endah Parade. Skipped McD during the 3rd Friday, but the next day, which was Saturday, i had it again for dinner at KL sentral.

The coupon is worthy, the free fillet-o-fish is tasty, and the free nuggets are juicy...

But if you have McD every week for 3 weeks in a row, you'll get sick of it.

I'm lovin' it

Wonder why out of a sudden McD came out with that shit huh? Just because some fellas in the gahmen have nothing to do and wanted to do something shocking.

Spend hours and hours to "drink evening" (translate youself la) until there's no more "tea tarik" in the canteen. Sit in the toilet for hours until no shit can be shitten out. Go to the "secret room" until got bored of the walls...

And they came out with an idea - to ban fast food advertisement.

Ronald McD: Can i have a fillet-o-fish?
BK attendant: Sorry sir, we do not sell fillet-o-fish here.

Since the gahmen's so powderful and each of every action they took sure shake some shits out therefore all of the fast food companies got scared.

For the sake of the business, they advertise as much as they could before the gahmen ban fast food advertisments.

Therefore... the consumers got benefited in the end, which is the McD coupons! Buy a large set and get yourself a burger/pie/sundae for free!

To be really honest, i was quite happy with that coupon. For the first time i used it, the "wow" factor really drove someone crazy.

Imagine you get yourself a fillet-o-fish for free! Which costs more than RM4 for one. Overall a less than RM10 lunch you could have 2 burgers, 1 large fries and unlimited-coke-supply-til-you-laosai.

Why not? Eat until fat also don't care!

Pizza hut self-serviced salad ultimacy. Not me, pic from somewhere.

Seriously, it's such a non sense to ban fast food advertisements. As if it is the main cause which decreases msians' health level.

Look at what we have in canteens nowadays. "Tea tarik" with 3cm thick X 8cm diameter of volume, "nasi lemak", curry, fried bananas, super sweet "kuih"s as if sugar is free...

And the worst thing is that even HOSPITALS' canteen is providing such unhealthy foods. At a place where health is concerned the most. Ridiculous.

Continue from above pic... enough for 6 full plates.

Don't tell me those foods are healthier than fast food please. Do take note that those food provider's hygiene standard is not to standard at all, which fast food restaurants have their own quality control.

That explains why i got a free cockroach in my "Nestlo" by one of the food tender in the uni during my first semester.

No, i din't take the picture of it. And the "Nestlo" wasn't made by the guy with cap.

Conclusion - Just say "yes" to fast food and "no" to parties who want to ban fast food advertisement, shall we? But anyway the authorities are yet to come with a conclusion though.


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