407# Gundam Fix FIguration #0013 PLAN303E Deep Striker

Yesterday I sacrificed one whole weekend to go to Sungai Wang as to see the mid year Gunpla challenge. I've never been to the event before, and I know I'm not qualified yet to take part, either.

Shall talk about the event next time.

After that I went to Lowyat as to get a laptop cooler pad. Before I could go up to the shops for that purpose, my friend dragged me to a hobby shop which I've never been to before.

And I spotted this;

I could not believe my eyes, really. This G.F.F. is been out of market few years back. There was a second batch production and it has sold out in a short period.

I thought this was a fake but as far as know there are no fake G.F.F.s around. Not practical to fake it since it requires full painting and detailing.

So, there was only one unit left sitting there on the shelf. I took it down and studied it. No doubt it's a brand new. Not far away there were a few other different G.F.F.s sitting there.

First time I see so many G.F.F. models in a shop. Shops in msia don't usually sell them because of its high price and hence the low popularity.

But nonetheless, due to its completed paint job and detailing, this series is still very popular through out the whole world.

Furthermore, this series has those models which are not made into gunplas, including this Deep Striker unit, where G.F.F. made it possible.

I was really glad to see this. I thought that I won't be able to own it forever and never.

In fact I planned to get a set of Detroit Metal City Revoltech models, 1 set of 3 with discounted price of RM100 (Normal price RM225). But I guess I'd prefer this G.F.F. anytime than anything.

What made this model a must grab is that it was selling at a lower price than its original 9,800 yen price.

I'm not sure why this huge box will sit there for so long without being purchased by any collector out there, but I'm certain that now this model has found its owner.

Although it is a completed model, but the pieces need to be assembled together as to become the 400mm size model. Since it's going to take quite sometime to assemble the Deep Striker form, I won't be assembling it at the moment.

My second G.F.F. so far. If I'm able to spot the others like the Ex-S Gundam, GP04 Stamen and Z plus [Bst], no doubt I'll going to get them. But chances of me seeing them here will be very tiny. And it shall depend on my financial status too at the very first place.

Anyway, this model can be converted into 4 forms. Firstly the basic S Gundam, then the Ex-S Gundam. Thirdly the S Gundam with Booster unit and finally the ultimate Deep Striker unit.

Usual G.F.F. like the Gundam Mk-III I have has only 2 plastic layers of parts. But this Deep Striker has 7 plastic layers of huge parts.

Definitely a killer. I'll need to restore my damage for at least half a year. Being a 9,800 yen model, I bought it for 9,600 yen. But guess the price was before the yen price increase.

And there are 3 Revoltech Evangelion models which I plan to get during June. I guess those have to be postponed.


406# PG Strike Gundam with Grand Slam

I just realised that I did not take any shots if this PG model with its massive Grand Slam.

Few weeks back when I was at home, I took the semi pro camera at home and tried a few shots.

I don't have any external lens thus making shots with the camera was difficult. Auto focus is lacking I'd say for this camera.

Unlike normal digital cameras where the preset auto focus is sufficient to take closed up shots, this semi pro camera really need an external focus lens for closed up shots.

The trend of DSLR is getting hotter now. I can see a lot of people around me are digging into this. Even posts in rojaks are infiltrated by photography related posts lately.

Yum Yau has taken quite a few descent shots at Leeds and published in his facebook. Christopher also showed his. Faye... I think she started quite a long time ago.

A lot more to name. And certainly SLR photography is growing in the otaku field. It could be just my guess, but it seems that the hobby of photography is growing rapidly as compared to previously. Moreover those slim digital cameras seems to be outdated, where now SLR with long lens rules.

I'm nto going to serious photography for the moment so I won't be buying external lens. I haven't even discover the full potential of the semi pro camera sitting at home yet.

Having no knowledge in photography, it took me quite sometime to take these shots. In fact I took quite a lot of them, but only a few of them turned out to be satisfactory.

If you click on it for the full resolution you can see that the photos are in fact not as sharp as it seems.

I have not been buying any gundam models in this year, apart from the PG Skygrasper this February. That's why I kept posting this PG model's photos.

Having quite significant withdrawal symptoms now. Hope it will subside soon.


405# Port Dickson

Again another unplanned trip. This time we went to Port Dickson.

My house mate asked me to go. I didn't want to. Simply of the laziness to travel. But in the end I still go though.

Although we have been to Port Dickson so many times, but we only go to Port Dickson Hospital for ward work and clinics. This was the first time I went to the beach where almost everyone been before.

First impression was good. Being a beach at the west coast, the beach was already good enough. Even those from penang said that the beach was more beautiful than penang ones.

3 of us and 2 more female friends of my house mate. We only reached there after 6.30pm. But that timing was really good. It was about sunset so it was not that hot.

Having such beautiful background so we started with some cam whoring.

Hercules: "Do you know that I love you...?"
KS: "Don't tell me."

And they were about to kiss.

It was not that dark actually, just that the camera was facing the sun therefore the light exposure made the subjects to look dark.

But that was nice enough to make cool pictures, like this;

Argh, Chun Li under the sunset.

Kick the sun!

The best photo of the day with my pathetic little 2.0 Mega pixels camera hand phone was taken by KS.

And it's like I'm walking towards heaven. Hell yeah.

After individual cam whore session we decided to take some group photos.

Christopher said this looked like a boy band cover. Actually not too bad though, but there was a girl in there, so boy band cover failed.

But democracy win.


Alright, enough of syok-sendiri shots. Now things go serious a little bit, some nice scenery photos taken by Silvia with normal digital camera.

The photos turned out to be really good even though they are taken with a normal digital camera.

If the scenes are taken with a DSLR by a pro then it would be even greater.

Perfect timing to take pictures during the sunset. But it only last for a short period.


And my favourite photo above, a perfect blend of sunset, cloud and sea wave.

Very calming and relaxing.

I guess this is what people will do every time they go to the beach.

The feet in there spoilt the picture though.

Alright, very good place to hang out. Next time we shall have barbecue there after exam.

404# Love thy Neighbours

I'm currently staying together with 3 more other batch mates. I'm in the same posting with only one of them. So having different schedule among us and for the sake of convenience, each of us has our own car and we drive separately.

Normal double storey houses can only accommodate maximum of two cars in the parking space in the house. Therefore the remaining to cars, have to park outside the house.

I usually park at the space in between two houses, but no directly outside my house's one, because the spaces there are usually occupied by the neighbours' cars.

So I have to park outside the opposite row's empty space. It's wide enough to accommodate a car without blocking the gate of the houses.

And few weeks back during psychiatry exam week, I did not go to the ward because the rest were having exam, and my exam was the day after that.

Usually we leave home during sunrise but that day I only go out during afternoon to buy lunch. The sun was bright enough, when I walked towards my car, something shiny under the car tyre caught my attention.

I bent down and realised that there was a screw so nicely placed and aimed under the front right car tyre.

The screw was placed as shown above, with the speaker as my car tyre.

This ain't no joke man. If I didn't realise it, my car tyre sure would have punctured.

Luckily it was already noon when I left home. Or else if I go to ward in the morning before the bright sun came out I would not have realised that.

While feeling pissed off I removed the screw, and I found out that there was another screw placed at the other front left tyre!

Double screw aimed so nicely fearing that one punctured car tyre was not enough.

This. Is. Too. Much.

Apparently this could not be a prank by a kid or something. I am damn sure that it was by the neighbour whom I parked my car outside their house.

If they were not happy that I parked outside their house, they could have inform me, or leave me a note or something right? But they didn't, and what they did was to leave to screws to nail my car tyre.

Fortunately I saw these screws and nothing bad happened. Imagine if I was rushing to ward for exam and both the front tyres flat out and I lost control at the highway suddenly. That's attempted murder.

I did not confront the neighbour simply just that I have no prove. But they have the motive to do so. I'll just take that as a warning from them for parking outside their house, but so what? It's an open area, they don't own the space outside their house!

I'm not sure whether they knew that I found out the screw and I escaped from the nailing or not, but one thing for sure their act is going to make them to be more sinful, and they are going to hell.

Number 11 of the Anton Szandor LavVey's Rules of the Earth says:

"When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him."


403# I see you die

Just realised that it's your birthday today.

See, it's been 5 years, 1 month and 23 days.

See, you are 23 years old already, 3 months ahead of me. I bet you are having a more enjoyable life right now, at least I hope you are.

See, it did not take long for you to heal. I cut you open and I cut myself too. Now you have healed so nicely while I'm still picking up the pieces of my torn skins.

See, it did not take long for you to retrieve your happiness. I gave you happiness for 327 days and I gave you sorrow for less than 150 days before you found your happiness again.

See, when you were bathed in sea of the new found happiness, I was still regret over the sin of creating and degenerating the happiness that I gave you.

See, you knew I was guilty over the decision that I had made. I cut you open and I sealed you back, after that I decided to cut it all off again and let the pictures of me fade away from you forever.

See, you get married when you were 22. If I did not make the decision for us, you would not have meet him, and you would not have get married at this young age.

See, I could have talk to you more during the dinner at your place night before your wedding. But I didn't, because I don't want to leave anything behind.

See, you did not even look me with your eyes. I wonder why was it so hard to admit the presence of the person whom you invited.

See, I was upset that you did not invite me during the actual day of your wedding and yet you still messaged me to thank for my presence. No, you did not invite me there. I was not there.

See, I just want to delete the image of you from my memory forever, like how I wish it could for you.

See, I just don't wish to see you anymore.

Inn i Evighetens MørkeInn i Evighetens Mørke


402# Orthopaedics: Start

It's the 3rd day of orthopaedics posting, and I'm still very, very blur.

I was once a sub group leader during surgery posting and I'd say that task was really busy. Now, being partially forced by the batch leader, I became the posting leader for this posting.

Leader for orthopaedic posting is said to be the worst, busiest leader among leader for all postings. Because none of the schedule is finalised, most of the programme will either be pushed forward or backwards.

Now carrying the burden for the third day, I slowly feel how tedious the job is. Just hope that this task will not affect my studies that it. But certainly my handphone will be the first victim for sure, as to stay in contact with the doctors and fellow group members of 21 about the changes of the schedule.

On the first day of posting itself we received our results on the previous exams. Theory papers for obstetrics and psychiatry and as well as clinical exam for psychiatry. It was rather fast, unlike previously, all the exams results will take 2 weeks to process, this time it only took a week.

It was good to see that I passed all 3 of the exams. At least a dangerous pass for obstetrics theory paper, there were 9 out of 21 people in my group failed the paper.

Can't say that I'm happy at the grades, but I'm blessed enough to pass all of them. Not all people managed to pass all the papers, because the rest had papers like paediatrics which was very hard to pass.

Yesterday I was so tired and I slept at 9.00pm after I completed (partially) my slides for the seminar. I sort of planned to wake up later to study, and at the same time I really hope that I could sleep until 6.30am of the next day as to compensate for the insomnia of 2 days.

I woke up by the noise of KS bathing at the bathroom. There was light, light of the dawn. It seems early 7.00am to me. I was glad and found my 10 hours of sleep restorative to me.

I thought KS just woke up and moving to ward after that. It did not take long for me to realise that my clock actually registered as 11.57pm.

No, I did not had a 10 hours of sleep. It was just merely 3 hours.

And I had to stop sleeping and study for the next 3 hours. After 4 hours of sleep, had to wake up again as the "real" new day came.

Today we had the video conference for our seminar on the topic fracture. Being the group leader who arranged the grouping for everything, I didn't even have the idea that I'll need to present today until yesterday evening.

The video conference was just, weird. The doctor is at the Batu Pahat campus while we were presenting in the video conference room in Seremban. Like what the rest said, you don't know whether to look at the screen or to look at the camera during conversation with the doctor.

I spent a very long time in doing the slides, and in the end 2 hours before the seminar I notice that I did not copy the slides to my pen drive, and I had to drive back home to retrieve it!

And after the seminar, I walked towards the public car park situated about half a kilometer outside the campus. While I almost reached at the car park, only I realised that I parked my car in the campus, and I had to walk back to campus.

What a day.

Now I know why Eugene said that I'll need to carry skeleton around.

I carried this heavy skeleton alone myself to the lecture theater from the clinical skill unit, not until I got help from Thomas and Adrian when I reached at the lecture theater.

Orthopaedics clinical exam in 1 month's time. And I'm still very, very blur.


401# Perfect Grade Aile Strike Gundam - Part 2

Remember the previous post of this PG Aile Strike Gundam? Now more shots for my latest and toughest work so far. Click on the photos for higher resolution (not the highest though).

My 300 bucks Samsung camera does not have long battery life. Or perhaps it is so low range that it can't run on the rechargeable batteries well. So usually I will take the shots until the battery run out.

Having functional batteries with pleasant natural sunlight I decided to take a few shots for this massive masterpiece. Evening sunlight is always the best for me.

It is usually left in standby mode instead of any aerial pose as to conserve the strength of its joints. But however, being the model of the highest range, the joints are rather stiffer than the Master Grade and High Grade models therefore I suppose that they are more durable.

Other than the polycaps in the joints, the mechanical hydraulic pipes play an important role in the support too. Not just for the look, the hydraulic pipes do give extra supports, I think...

The only problem I have is the stand. It is not secure and pop out when I was moving the model. Having an unstable stand is really dangerous whereby the model will just drop down during adjustments. Other than that, everything else is fine.

If I were to give more critics, I think its weight could be an issue too. The Strike Gundam itself with armaments is already 512g, plus the Aile Striker backpack, I think the weight has easily hit above 700g. Extra weight means extra caution needed in handling.

But as long as you handle it with care, beware of the unstable stand, then everything will be fine.

I still have the Skygrasper unit in the box left unassembled. So far I have only 2 backlogs with me. Firstly is this Skygrasper, secondly is the HG Gaia Gundam, which I got as a birthday gift from my friend 2 years ago.

Oh yes, I still have the First Grade Gundam Rasiel and GN Sefer in the boxes. But I am just being too lazy to fix them. Take a look at the photo above, I did not even line the details of the inner part of the shield.

Firstly the crazy schedule I am having right now, secondly the price of gunpla, thirdly the laziness. Therefore I am really considering to quit gunpla-ing.

I have gone through fixing gunpla models of different grades, almost all of the grades. From SD, 1/144 scale model, High Grade, 1/100 scale model, Master Grade and even the highest Perfect Grade, I guess I have no regrets if I were to stop my hobby in gunpla.

The only regret would be I do not have the chance to learn air brushing. Unlike my friend who really plan to get his hands on an air brush set, I never have the thought to do air brushing because it is so expensive to start with.

Starting to work in few years time means I will have the money to get the air brush compressor set. But at the same time having a work means to time to breathe. Therefore shall I postpone my air brushing plan when I got specialised, and when I have a less tight schedule?

Anyway, this is just one of those things that we need to sacrifice in order to achieve what we wanted. To take away people's pain and to end people's suffering is the priority.


400# And fithy four months

400 posts!

A bit confusing, this is in fact post number 421, but I did not number some posts which I think was insignificant. But whatever it is, this site has reached its 400th post, and maintained for 54 months!

I started to write since college time with my limited language and wrote about useless things I met daily. I also write about issues which bothered me but that only lasted me for a short while since writing them will not relieve, but amplify the anger in me.

It is not easy to maintain a blog like this. I'm not used to call this site as a blog since the term was rather feminine for me, because some say only girls blog. Whatever.

While looking back the posts, they really bring back a lot of memories. It's like a log of your life, you write shits things in it for no reason and when you look back you will realise that those things happened.

And you will feel thankful that you started it early. The earlier you started, the more things are recorded. I don't write for the sake of publishing or pleasing people, but just to record the events that take place around me.

It is sad that a lot of my college friends did not continue their blogs. Their blogs are like the only method to keep myself up to date about their lifes. And now I don't even know if they are still alive or not.

Voon Wei, Ngar Shien, She Fong, Audrey, still there or not?

A bit disappointed that I did not write more about college things. I don't even know what was I writing that time. Quite rubbish. Those are still my words anyway. What I remember about college is that I had the greatest change in my life during that period. From a total kampung school bugger into someone, erm, less bugger.

I was very naughty during college time. Not just me, we all were just like small kids and never pay attention during classes. Now I feel very bad for my lecturers. I really liked them, regret that I did not study much back to the days.

Social circle during then was really wide. I know quite a lot of people from other classes and other programmes (oh yes, SAM :D). But I was surprised that there are so many of them in my batch now who was from my college too that time.

What I wrote the most was my university life. Back to the good old Bukit Jalil times where what we needed to do was to study notes then we can pass exams. Being in the clinical school now, I wonder why we complained that much...

Bukit Jalil life was really good. We just had to camp in the library and that's it. We basically don't have a life over there but it was really great that we could go hang out once in a while.

Now honey moon in preclinical school phase is over and we are getting into a more serious business. No more lectures to attend, no more library camping. Social circle shrunken from 2 kilometres to 2 centimetres. What we need to study now is 10 times more, and the time we have is 10 times lesser.

No more campus life but hospital life. But hospital life is great because we are already working in the settings that we will be working on in the future. The difference is that we are paying to learn, and what we are paying is twice more than what we will earn from the hospital next time.

Still doing fine right now in clinical school, at least for now. I am writing lesser and lesser because there is nothing much to write about with the kind of life I am having here.

But I will still try my best to maintain this blog. If I have nothing to write then I'll inject some gundam reviews as to restore maintain the pulse. But anyway, I realised that not much of my friends read my blog, most of them got here because of the gundam reviews (sweat).

Let's live and write, for a better tomorrow.

PS: Do you know that there are 3 and a half more semesters to go then we will graduate? Then we won't be seeing each other anymore unless we work in the same hospital. That's quite sad.


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