398# Psychiatry: Preoccupied

One more week to go for psychiatry posting. Being in the so called most relax posting, I have no idea why am I so occupied lately.

Report was one thing. Having 1 case report, 1 case summary and 1 case formulation was not too bad after all. The worst thing was to do learning issues for these written reports, which most of the people found it to be difficult including me.

On top of that we still have 10 mini summaries with different cases to fill in. Anyway for each posting everyone will be busy for reports, none of the posting will be spared from this.

Secondly was the Community and Family Case Study (CFCS) project. Me and my partner follow a 7 year old patient with cerebral palsy, spastic quadripledgia type complicated with mental retardation and inability to walk.

It was very difficult for us to examine him due to his restlessness and inability to understand words. Besides, his parents did not seem to take our advices, not even the medical officer and sister nurse's ones. I think the prognosis for the patient could have been better, if his parents were kind enough to buy our words.

Therefore difficulty in drawing out the diagnosis made my presentation difficult. In the end I manage to made an assumption where the cerebral palsy was caused by inborn error of metabolism for carbohydrate and thus hypoglycaemia, or there was a hypoglycaemia at the first place. Therefore seizure, local brain damage, cerebral palsy.

For those who have studied Paediatrics, acceptable?

Psychiatry ward is build separately across the road from the general hospital. So everytime when we finish our ward work we will need to rush to the university for classes. And thus each time I will need like 15 to 20 minutes to scout for parking.

Certainly there will be no parking in the campus after 8.00am. We reached the univerisity for class at 10.00am, therefore of course there will be no parking. So I had to scout for parking outside at the public parking area. I don't dare to park at grassy area already because I punctured my car tyre there.

Studying was not that easy for this. I had studied cognitive disorders on the Kaplan and Sandock's pocket handbook as well as the first aid book. But yesterday suddenly the topic looked so foreign to me, I did not remember I have even read them. But the books were highlighted.

I wonder where my mind had gone. This is insane, we don't have much time left. Clinical exam is on next wednesday. And we still have theory exams for both psychiatry and obstetrics postings.

Music night was draining my time away too. The performance was on the previous Wednesday night. And I only went to youtube to listen to the song which I was going to play on Sunday night. We only managed to pracitice once for the performance without 1 member.

In the end we still manage to perform without any mistake though. Mainly was because the rest of the performers were too experienced. I was the only one who was lacking. But at least my mistake on the tempo was still acceptable, I think.

Looking forward for the 1 week break after the exam. Orthpaedics posting next.

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