397# Psychiatry: Klang Association

Currently in second week of psychiatry posting.

Patients are fun but yet difficult to clerk. Drawing diagnosis is challenging but yet difficult to arrive at one.

Clinical examination is at the 5th week of posting. And the day after that we will have our theory paper for both obstetrics and psychiatry postings.

Speaking of obstetrics, today I received 2 letters from the academic affairs department.

For the first letter I was specially summoned. Got an enveloped letter from the dean of clinical school. Seemed that what happened to me last month in the university has came to and end.

For the sake of my profession, I swear I won't repeat my mistake again.

As for the second letter, it was our obstetrics posting exam results.

I totally forgot about the exam result that will be out this week. Once I learnt about it immediately I dashed to the office to collect mine.

Passed. Lucky. Did 1 grade lower than my surgery posting exam though. But it was still ok, at least I passed, and I knew that I didn't do well in the exam anyway.

By the way, I heard that the highest grade scored is B+. And again, I scored the 3rd highest grade. Why am I always at the 3rd rank? Improvement is really needed.

PS: Is "Clang association" associated with "Klang association"?

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