197# Frustration

197# Frustration


1. To have tonnes of stuffs to study for the nervous system. Unable to spot which part to study for the foundation level, and which part is only for intergrated system level.

2. Unable to digest, absorb and process all the stuffs studied. Information obtained are in short term memory. Things are forgotten after the next day waking up from the warm bed.

3. To have only less than 5 hours of sleep each day. 12.30am until 5.20am.

4. To have heavy eyelids and low mental metabolism rate which tempting people to fall asleep when driving in the highway with the speed of 100km/h.

5. Unable to concentrate during lectures and sleep almost half of the lecture sometimes, sleepless due to disturbance of messages the night before.

6. To have someone asking for assistant for assignments, which are out of field, and during the person is suffering from sleepless, low blood sugar level and tonnes of unstudied lectures.

7. To have only one or two hours of lecture(s) each weekday. And each hour of lecture is actually taught in pre-U level which used one week, or more to finish. Lectures are in higher level compared to pre-U, and it's much more intensified and densed. Which each hour of lecture requires more than 3 hours of self-disgestions.

8. Forgot to put handphone in silent mode in more than 2 times, got waken up by messages during the way of trying to sleep at midnight. Blood pressure increased due to the contents of the messages which have no relavant to medical studies.

9. To have loud speakers at 100m away from home which operates 5 times a day, 30 minutes a time. Which is disturbing especially early 5.30am when people wake up, and evening when people taking nap, or when people is trying to concentrate to study.

10. To have the thought of playing Devil May Cry 3 at the console during 11.30pm before sleep. But realised that the eyes are unable to stare, the hands are unable to move, and the brain is unable to think. Ended up trying to sleep but #8 occurs.

11. And the damn list goes on.

Disclaimer: The above definitions are not pointing to anyone nor any party, directly nor indirectly. People who think they are offended are most probably, think-too-much.


196# Mount of the Crystal Maiden

196# Mount of the Crystal Maiden

I think i have some problems in remembering people's names. But in fact, almost everyone does ain't? ? Especially towards chinese names.

Those who are not chinese educated will have more problems in memorizing names in chinese. The reason is, those who studied chinese are able to translate a name into chinese so that it would be easier to remember.

Eg: Wei-Jin is pronounced as "Wei^ Jun-" in Mandarin. And "Wei" origins from "Wei^ Da\", means "Great or Mighty". While "Jun-" origins from "Jun- zi^", means "person of noble character and integrity in Confucian tradition".

So once we traslated it into chinese words, we are able to remember the name better.

Wei-Jin has a great name. His parents who named him are really brilliant. Wei-Jin must be kembang already if i praise him too much.

So i've been seeing new faces and meeting new people around everyday in the campus. Due to my low RAM of cerebal memory, i always forget people's names very easily. I feel quite awkward to ask people's name again and again after each time of meeting up.

Anyway i'm on the way of expanding my RAM of my mental capacity. Nonetheless i need some time to remember all those names.

A familiar line from a movie;

"Ancient serpent, tell me your SIX names!"

Whatever it is, the other people would not even remember my name if i told them. My middle and last name are printed in my student ID tag, useless to tell since it will be forgotten very easily.

Mike mike mike... At least it takes less effort to be carved on the brain.

There was this person said that my name is too hard to remember. I told her my name in Chinese sounds exactly the same as the Mount Akina appeared in Initial D. The Mount Akina is pronounced as "Qiu- Ming/" in Mandarin, or "Chow- Meng^" in Cantonese. Exactly same as my middle and last name.

So she said it was still too hard to remember, she called me "Initial D" straight away.


And during the PBL (Problem Based Learning) session, a secretary is selected among us to record the discussion. My name was written as "CM", and forgotten by him after that.

"Who is CM?" He asked.

"Crystal Maiden" Another guy said.

Damn... It supposed to be funny, for those who play DoTA. I play too, therefore i got the joke.

Crystal Maiden is one of the ranged hero at the Sentinel in DoTA.

Besides people's names, i can't remember the names of the heroes in DoTA. I really can't understand why those DoTA freaks are able to remember all of the names of the heroes! There're so many of them!

"Your brilliant is beyond my comprehension". The line i like the most from Wei-Jin.

They can even remember how much of money is needed for a particular inventory, and how can it be fused to make a super great inventory with the others...

Alright, people tend to have more space for memorizing DoTA knowledge instead of everything else. But i'm not on of them.

I'm a DoTA noob.


195# 3 Free things

195# 3 Free things

There's been more than a year i'm driving my car. Before that i was driving a wira, which drove by my elder sister currently. Since the past one year plus, i had never send my car to anyone for car wash.

I usually wash it by myself. The part time maid has no luck to wash it because i will usually leave home for lectures after 6.45am. And she usually comes to my house after 10am.

My car is parked in front of my house at a very god damned strategic location. The car is exactly under the pendarfluor.

It's a place where the mosquitos got attracted to. It's a place where lizards hunt for food. It's a place where the lizards shit.


So every morning when i approach my car, i can see more and more "white spots" on the bonnet, windscreen and on top of the car. The super alkaline chemical substances leave permanant trace if it's not removed for a period of time. The excretions from the lizards have successfully block my sight from the front and from the sides.

It doesn't look right when someone drives out a car which is fulled of shit. I have no choice. I have no damn time at all to clean the car every morning before i set off to school. So usually i will just leave it just like that.

I will only wash the car when the amount of shits on the car exceeded my level of endurance. But it rarely motivates me nowadays since i'm busying for lectures and studies.

I remember the last time i washed my car was 3rd of March. There's one reason where i will definitely wash it - When i need to fetch "someone" out with my car.

Come on man. A car's apperance reflects one's reputation. If someone's car is full of shit, would you take a ride with it?

Before today, my car was damn screwed up. Dirt and lizard faeces on the windscreen and windows. Sand and stones at the carpets. And the most horrible part was the passenger seats were conquered by the spider web. My car is not used to fetch more than a person, so...

I would like to snap some photos of my car before and after it was cleaned. But heck, where the Hell is the 5.0 Mega pixels, 3.5 years old, 2.6k, cover spoilt Olympus C-50?

Anyway, i sent my car to the car wash shop this evening after i came back from school. I knew the price was RM8 for a sedan because my sister sent hers to wash last week.

Snow Wash plus vacuum for RM8. Bet you can't get any cheaper, and anywhere else other than in Klang. But for my car, that person costed me for RM10 because my car is slightly bigger than a sedan. What the...

That indian could not really speak in bahasa. So i was trying to communicate with him in Tamil. I was thinking how to say "Eight" in tamil. But i needed to count from the beginning from "one" at first.

One - On-ne
Two - Ren-de
Three - Mu-ne
Four - Nar-le
Five - An-ji
Six - Ar-re
Seven - Yer-le
Eight - Eight-te
Nine - Om-bo-de
Ten - Bart-de

The pronouciations go like A# 1/4 count - C 1/8 count.

Eg. Pronounciation of One, "On-ne" goes like the tone of A# for "On" and C for "Ne" with an addicitonal heavier stroke for the ending. Tone may vary according to person, but the flow is the same.

I'm not really sure about it. I've not go across tamil for quite sometime. Hey, don't you forget that i was once from the secondary school called Kampong Jawa? Where you can find lotsa indian gangsters and mat-rempek. That was how i learnt tamil.

Whatever, RM10 just enough to have 2 meals in the food avenue at IMU. But RM10 isn't a small amount though.

While those 5 indians clean my car up, i walked to the food court nearby to have my late lunch. It was exactly 4pm that time. Char kuey tiaw plus teh ais for RM4.00. Price of petrol increased and thank God the price of the lunch was still making sense.

30 minutes later, my car turned into brand new. I checked. The audio is shinny clean. The carpets are black - clean. I could see through the windscreen and windows!

My car is dirt free, dust free, and also shit free!

I drove it back home. When i wanted to get down to check again, i spotted something the driver seat's door. The trash at the door was not removed and was not cleaned! The used tissue paper was still there! The wrap paper of the cereal bar i ate on 4th of March was still there! And there were spider webs!

Damn it. How could they missed that.

194# Papers and Scissors

194# Papers and Scissors

What's hot recently is the topic about SPM and STPMs. It's being a controversy for quite sometime at the newspaper.

I'm quite the sad case because i am the only one in my family who failed in my SPM. I mean, failed in getting straight A's. I got 2 B3 for Biology and Bahasa Malaysia, which i supposed to score. And i got 2 B4 for Malaysian History and Moral Studies, which i supposed to fail straight away.

Quite sad that i did not get A1 for biology and bahasa. I like biology quite a lot. Or else i would not be here... Don't know whether you believe or not, i went for bahasa tuition class! And the teacher was expecting me to score and A1 for the paper with her hands on my shoulder. Pressure wei... but in the end i disappointed her.

Anyway... Is it that important to have so many A's? Is the intelligence of a person is valued by the amount of A he has? I'm thinking of this way just because i did not get much A's as people did in SPM... whatever....

There was a chinese girl took Islam studies simply just to increase the possibility of getting more A's in her paper. And what did matter was, she got A for that paper! Champion!

A friend of my friend, who is a buddhist, took bible studies. Oh man, what's wrong with the word today. People nowadays are getting more and more kia su. Can compete with singaporeans now.

Students = Study machine = A1 mass producer



193# To the world to dictate our death

193# To the world to dictate our death

i know there more a lot of them who really wanted to know how could i got accepted by the IMU. Everytime when i met someone, when i asnwered them that i'm in this institute right now. They will give me some surprised look. Some even with that kind of an-idiot-like-you? look that i've mentioned.

What really pissed me off happened on last Saturday. That really made me tulan until the max. Not kitty cat sized of tulan, nor king kong size of tulan. Is the king of all tulan - dinosaur sized of tulan!

I have (had) this friend who i knew since secondary school. We were quite close to each other since the school we were was a pure kling gangster school. Pretty hard to get a good chinese friend over there.

We did not contact much since we graduated. This guy left Taman Sentosa - The kling area which i'm staying, which black listed, which pizza hut delivery dare not to come, which all chinese move out.

He rarely come back to Klang since he moved to Bukit jalil. He never call me out or something since. I did called him out but i get no response from him at all. Fine.

Then last Saturday this piece of beancurd sms me. Asking about my result and where am i studying now. You know, STPM result was just out. So i think he was trying to make some comparision between us.

I told him that i got BBCC for my Cambridge A levels. And i'm studying in IMU currently. I got the reply from him, which made me to have a dinosaur sized of tulan after that. I'm still having the sms now which i will not ever delete away from my SIM card.

"BBCC? Y CAN get into IMU? Mine very bad la got 5 subjects got B+ for Bio and PA and B FOR PHY, B- for chem and C+ for math"


He typed "Y CAN" in caps. Trying to emphasize "HOW COULD YOU" literally.

I was damn pissed after reading it. I did not expect this piece of beancurd would despise me until that extend. Implying that a bastard like me do not deserve to enter into IMU. And he was implying IMU's quality become bad since they take such a bastard like me.

I calmed, and replied. Academic achievements allow candidate to attend for interviews. I was took in consideration maybe because i took 4 science subjects, my 1 month hospital attachment experience and i did well in the interview...

So what the fuck?

People can study what they wanted, i can't is it? Only those specky nerds can enter medical institutes, a person like me can't is it? Seriously i wanted to diu kao this beancurd. Never think twice before his verbal diarrhoea shitted out.

I know that he must be envy that my result allowed me to enter IMU. He was once wanted to be a doctor. But our biology teacher in Form 5 critiqued him that, he was too faggot and too nervous yet to be a professional. He can't stay calm to face any situation, but asking for help anxiously with his legs banging the ground.

Faggot - That's why the whole class called him as beancurd. Soft and white.

I'm not that bad as people think. Come on, people do have their own specialised field. Academic achievements might not be the major reason why i got the offer of admission. Maybe i was accepted due to some other reasons which i do not know. There must be a reason why that interviewer, Professor Peter introduced me during their meetings.

Even though i'm pretty much left behind in academics. But look, i'm a person who grew up and educated in a lower middle class enviroment. In order to climb until that high, i faced a lot of obstacles which a spoonfed person would not endure.

I have a friend who went to Sunway for A levels. Got admitted into hospital for drips after a week. Gave up and joined Canadian Pre-U in the end because she could not take the stress of A levels.

And this girl was raised in a english spoken family. I was not. So i faced even more problems to deal with when i was in the college. In the end, although my final result was bad, but i managed to get into IMU - That's everything.

As i know 'm the only one who is studying medicine among my old friends, and i'm the only one in private. Most of them, gahmen pay for them.

I spent so much of effort. I struggled for so long. I was survived from throwing-out-after-each-meal for more than a year in Taylors. Therefore, don't i deserve the admission to a medical university? I don't know how many of them out there can handle such stress i faced.

So stop all the shits about me. Although i can stay calm and smile in front of scorns, critiques and finger pointing, but deep inside i'm hated. I do have my self-respect.

Please, i do need a little respect.


192# A.B.G.

192# A.B.G.

There are basically 3 different types of people in our country. 3 different backgrounds and 3 different attitudes. Let me list out the 3 with Type alpha, Type Beta and Type Gamma.

Type Alpha

- Spend a lot of staminas for working.
- Work hard to support the family.
- Children need to work to relief the family's burden.
- Dedicative, serious and willing to sacrifice.
- Left behind by the pace of the society.
- In the end, have more tendency to commit crime.

Type Beta

- Spend a lot of time for working.
- Work hard to pay for children's studies.
- Children are so lucky to continue their studies.
- Innovative, creative and competitive.
- Always try to get more attention from the society.
- Do not concern about the nation.

Type Gamma

- Spend neither stamina nor time for working.
- 9-5, 3 breaks easy work.
- Do not need to worry about their children's future.
- The third party always fully support them in education.
- Do not need to worry of losing work.
- Patriotic, afraid of risks, relaxed.

So, which type are you in? Type photon? No such a type mate.

It's really a great thing where 3 different type of people are staying together under the same roof. Even though some lucifugous still happen under the basement. But the shack is still tough enough if compared to the banglo out there.


191# Three blood-boiling Summers

191# Three blood-boiling Summers

I read something horrible written by a doctor from the bulletin at prankster. Although things that mentioned in the post were pretty much predictable, but it still made me wanted to say "diu" to the Hell-like 3 years of gahmen service. I don't know who wrote that so i can't credit it.

"Criterias for becoming a Malaysian Gahmen Doctor.
Theres no need for an aptitude test. Students should consider these requirements:

1. No life outside medicine; this includes dating, sports, clubbing, chores for your parents and visiting the toilet.

2. Not to live with your parents. Move out ASAP asthey will never understand the ludicrous working hours that u go through. Furthermore, chores are not suitable for u as to rule No. 1.

3. Not to be married until completion of all 4 years of Gah Compulsory service as u will be transferred left and right to some of the most remote Gah clinics in Malaysia. Having wife and kids to follow you to your new working area may increase high level of stress on all parties. Furthermore, if your spouse is a Gah Doctor, he/she will also be transferred away from u and no matter what appeal is made, KKM will put up a deaf ear (unless u have big cables or of a certain skin color).

4. If married, no to have children until u finish all 4 years of Gah Compulsory service, as to which u and your spouse will not have much time for your child/children or they end up not recognizing u and refer the Indonesian maid as their mother (change in language patterns commonly follow).

5. To obtain life insurance once your govt service begins as there is not many claims for accidents during work. Don't be fooled, Doctoring in Malaysia is hazardous.

6. Able to withstand 36 hours of non stop work and stress without mistakenly labeling Left for Right or uvula for vulva (or Volvo S40)

7. To buy a car with complete safety features (like I'm doing) which includes multiple airbags, ABS, EBD, side-front-rear-top-parallel and diagonal impact bars and seat belts to ensure survivability if u are involved in an accident because your driving resembled a drunkard maniac after working in the hospital for 40 hrs non stop.

8. Constant supply of coffee

9. Nicotine Patch as u will have the urge to start smoking due to overwhelming stress

10. Interest in watching medical sitcoms such as House MD, Scrubs, ER, Grays Anatomy and Chicago Hope to inspire u to continue your life as a doctor as the exciting things u see on TV does not resemble the real life of a Malaysian Gah doctor.

11. Not to have any pets or plants (not even cactuses) as u will have no time to feed or care for them and eventually all will end up in your mortuary.

12. Able to endure the stench of your own sweat as to when 36 hours "on call" does not permit u time to bathe or freshen up.

13. Able to carry on working without food or water over 15 hours. ( I was in OT for 16 hrs without food, water or bathroom breaks). If during fasting month, able to break your fast with water for injection as u had no time to buy food.

14. Able to come to work with fever/cough/illness or physical disability (sprained ankle etc) as to which doctors do not deserve MCs. (My MO was on crutches during rounds)

15. Able to stand scolding, destructive criticism, kiss ass behaviors, racial bias, finger pointing, scape goating, and incompetency from your superiors.

16. Able to withstand the jealousy when your friends call u up for some fun and ur stuck in the hospital during on call.

The list goes on. These requirements should be sent out to all doctor wannabes and for them to determine if their life coincides with the Malaysian Medical Health service of doctors under KKM.

Hell yeah. Good luch everybody. Adrien, Su Ann, Harp, Ken, me, myself and I, and everyone in the IMU.


190# The Unquestionable Truth Part 2

190# The Unquestionable Truth Part 2

What they recorded, or they would like to record, and what we are practicing are totally two different things. Sometimes, or most of the times they will have some so-called "errors" occured during their recordings and stuffs.

"Technical problem" and "Unavoidable human error" are the frequent used excuses by the gahmen when people complain that their personal information have been wrongly recorded by the gahmen.

In fact, are those mistakes made were really mistakes? Or they did those "mistakes" purposely for some reasons which we all do not understand?

They might record a person as a friday prayer. But in fact the person is a Sunday Bah Kut Tea goer or a Sunday class student.

The person would not aware of the mistake did by the gahmen until he checked at the details or he did some registrations where personal details are obtained directly from the gahmen.

More than a few cases reported at the newspaper, where the family members of the deads versus the gahmen in claiming the real belief of the deads. The family members strongly believe that the person was not what the gahmen say as. And the gahmen claim that the person had already joined for the Friday prayers since no-one-knows-when.

In the end, the authorities won. Of cause. Who the Hell they think they are? No one has the authority to against the authorities. Eventually, the dead bodies were taken and in charged by one of the organisation under the gahmen. The rituals will be carried out by the organisation then.

The family members cried, writing words on the mahjong paper or cardboard. With the mourning faces they will proceed to the specky guy at the MCA. In the end of the day, everything is too late. The bodies can't be claimed back. The legacies were taken by the organisation. The family members suffer. And those who really needed the money from the insurance of the deads suffer even greater. And the organisation become fatter and fatter.

What does Democracy emphasizes are "equal rights" and "
freedom of speech". I doubt. Personally i do not think that we deserve these two privileges mentioned in our country. We can't say a word at all.

When one entered to their world directly or indirectly, it's always hard for them to get out. More or less we can say it as a "One-way-road" which has no return.

For example, this women married this man. In order to marry with him, this women converted. And this guy died too early. Therefore the women wanted to quit and convert back to what she was. She went to the organisation in charge. And nobody cares. In the end, the specky guy in the MCA got job to handle again.

For some of the situation, when one required to quit, the organisation in charge will just kick the person's ass into jail and cage him up for 3, 5 or 7 years. Without any reasons nor explaination.

Reasons? We need to listen reasons from them. But we can barely get it.

Alright that's all. Herein i stop. Class has begun ladies and gentlemen.

These are just simply to make themselves fatter and fatter. They won't be saturated no matter what. They have too many double bonds in the carbon chain. Thus these infinity double bonds will suck the hydrogen atoms from us.

Since they have more and more hydrogen atoms linked onto them, they will only share those within themselves. The oxidated compounds - us, can't say a word. Mouths shut and being oxidated by those hydrogen suckers reducing agents.

They do not need any conditions to carry out the reactions. No particular temperature is needed, no enzyme nor co-enzyme. No particular pressure. The most important thing is - The unlimited supply of hydrogen atoms - From us.

That's all for our biochemistry class for today. We shall continue next time. Thank you.

Does this allows people to quit?


189# Eaten up inside

189# Eaten up inside

Today the result for the English placement test was out. When i walked towards the Auditorium, i saw a few number of people gathered and checking something out at the notice board.

Oh shit...

I went to join the crowd. I saw 3 rows of ID numbers showing students who need to attend for English classes. Only those who did not do well in the test will need to attend the English class, as to enhance their language skills.

First row... My ID number was not in. Clear.

Second row... My ID number was not in either. Great.

Third row... Mmm... That number looked familiar....



Oii! Are you fucking serious? I'm in the third group! I will need to attend English classes every friday from 10.30am to 12pm!

I could not believe my eyes. I hoped that my brain interpreted the messages sent by my eyes. I hoped that the neuorotrasmitters went wrong. Again and again i stared at that number, i must admit that... I'm in.

I'm not Kitty Cat sized of Tulan right now, but King Kong type of Tulan!

I thought that i could pass that exam very easily!

Read what i wrote about the exam at "Day 3". I think that was the reason why i failed the exam. For exam which held for 2.5 hours, i left the hall after 45 minutes. I hoped i had stayed in the hall for any longer and rewrite the whole article again. Anyway, it's too late.

50 people out of the 218 need to go for English class. There are quarter of the whole intake. I was so lucky to be in. And of cause, got laughed by my friends who did not get picked. What a shame... But a few of my friends from Taylors got the lucky chance too, though.

I convinced myself to face the truth. Failing the exam and the commitment of attending the English class indicated that i need to enhance my English. From what i had learnt when i was in Taylors was not enough to get through all of these. My English sucks, that's the fact.

I am not escaping from attending the class. I have to admit i do need some "external enhancements". I went for the class just now. After ice breakers, we did some vocabularies. And we were asked to make some sentences from the vocabs.

Eg 1 : All ranged heroes are required to participate in melee combats.

Eg 2 : Rikimaru must ensure that he can stay invisible after 3 seconds.

Eg 3 : I have just done a research on how to increase my hero's attack speed.

Eg 4 : Metal orb is essential in increasing a hero's intelligence.

Hell yeah. Me and my friend, we play DoTA.

I'm using the library's computer facility now to type all of these. I have to say that, IMU's IT facility sucks. The computer is out of date, the connection is slow, the RAM is slow. Taylor's computers were far beyond compare.

I think i shall stop this can go to do researchs for my PBL work...

PS: Oh ya, black layout of this page is more comfortable for eyes right? Adrien, go chance yours to black too!


188# Time to Begin

188# Time to Begin

Lectures have finally begun yesterday. 8am to 10.15am daily. Makes me need to wake up at 5.30am everyday so that i could set off earlier to avoid the traffic.

Yesterday was the first lecture, and the doctor was from India. So no one could understand what he said because of the slang. And his voice was too soft even though a girl called him to speak louder.

I slept during the second lecture...

Today's lecture was better. The doctor's voice was loud and clear. Anyway, I slept again during the lecture la... 3 hours of sleep at night was really killing me.

We had another facilitor for the second PBL section. An anaesthetist, a very old senior of IMU who was in the 1993 intake. He's kind of cool person because he even used the word "shit" during his talk.

I stopped studying since the end of A level exam, which ended on June of 2005. So there were more than 8 months i did not go across those study materials. 8 months of mental hibernation slows my mind acceleration.

For each of every hour of lecture, we will need 1 to 3 hours self revision in order to digest everything taught. The passive learning in the lecture hall is totally nothing. The only way to pick up those is to study by ourselves.

Shafiq was right, lectures can be skipped.

But someone counted where an hour of lecture costs around RM200 to RM300. Bloody Hell. That's the reason why i will not skip lectures. I paid for those.

I skipped all the orientation programmes which held last week. I'm not too chicken for it ok, Mei wen.

Finally i got a parking area at the Vista apartment. Parking fee in IMU is RM4.50 daily or RM70 monthly. Basically people who stay in the apartment, who do not have a car will rent out their parking to the others. Usually they will let it for RM60, or any price lesser than RM70.

But now i got the parking sticker from my friend for free. I asked him how much i needed to pay him per month, he called me not to put in mind. Loaded. Staying alone in a unit. Thanks dude. Kiryu you're the man.

I was complaining for the pass few months that i was too free for nothing. Now eventually i put myself back to studies again so i will not have the time to complain that i'm too free. Now i wish i had 48 hours per day. I wish the lectures were 11am to 1pm. I wish i did not need to stay back for labs until 5.30pm.

Time to begin my 5 years course in the university. There's no time to think too much.


187# Death

187# Death

Has various definiton by the

According to Ian in Final Destination 3, death is just an end of biological function carried out by a living orgainism.

Phobia of death, is defined by
Adrien as;

"Fuck...! Ah...! I don't want to die la...! No...!"

And... Dead of a hope, is yet undefined.


All hope lies in eclipse.

I've did
what i wanted to do.

Two failures within 9 months, not a problem. I'll try again.

At least i'm not empty handed. I'm given the FR, and another gift. Guess i'll finish eating it by myself as to appreciate it. But it's still untouched and remained in the fridge.

Life as told by the chocolate reflected.

Last verse of
#145 will always remembered.

I'm not dead, and i hope the chances aren't either.


186# Cl2 and NH4

186# Cl2 and NH4

Days ago, i can't remember which day was it. But i'm pretty sure that i woke up as late as usual. Not sure that whether i skipped school, or it was a weekend...

I went to clean my face up. I smelt something.


The smell was definitely a shit smell. I had not shitted yet that time! So why was there a shit smell?

I thought i accidentally touched shit somewhere and it goes into my nose. But i did not touch anything! No shit in the bathroom! Impossible!

I washed my nose with the running water. And the damned smell was still remained in my nose. Each time i inhaled, the smell went through my lungs again and again.

"No shit... Something was wrong with the water!"

More than 101% i could tell that, something was wrong with the water. The smell was from the water.

I suspected that there was a dead corpse of any animal in the water tank up there.

My house is a 2 in 1, and i bath at the other side. The disgusting smell still coming out when i bath at a different bath room! No way man, two different water reservoir tanks, there was no way to have 2 dead cats in the tank at the same time!

I told my mother and my youngest sister. They did not feel anything. I was damn sure that the water had something wrong.

And last night, 28th of February. I read the newspaper when i was having dinner and watching Astro Wah Lao Toi at the same time (Multi tasking).

The paper showed the news about the shit smell from the water! And it happened not only in my area, but the damn whole Klang Valley!

"For those who stay around the Klang valley, Princess Kim, She Fong, Audrey, Vivien, Susan... You guys got smelt the smell from the water or not?? Sensitive skins will also be damaged! Dangerous!"

The pictures shown in the newspaper were really freaking me out. Free Iced Milo from the water tap. Free Iced Nestlo if you wash your main water filter with water.

What was wrong with the water supplier company named PUAS? I'm definitely TAK DA PUAS sama PUAS already. Damn it. We paid them so much of cash and they returned us with shit water directed from the Klang River.

As i read further about the news, it said that excess amount of Ammonia had been detected from the water.

Yes, Ammonia. A molecule which constituent by a Nitrogen atom and 4 atoms of Hydrogen. The smell that can be detected at Taylors College's toilets.

This gas is released when faeces, urea are being reduced (?) by air. And we used to smelt it a lot during Chemistry's practicals.

"Pungent gas is detected. Ammonia is present..." And something like that.

But right now the thing is that we are using water which contain excessive amount of ammonia to brush teeth, bath and wash hands! Pui pui pui! Spit it out!

In order to get rid of the ammonia in the water, the water company added in more chlorine. Chlorine is the kind of solution like "Burung Pipit" brand which our mum used as bleach to bleach the clothes. Not the anime BLEACH though.

Now this high amount of Chlorine being added into the water. It maybe dangerous if both of the compound mentioned above appeared high in the water which used for consumption. But the gahmen said the level of those two compound present in water is still low, though. I doubt it.

Just now when i bath, luckily the smell was not that great anymore compared to last night. But the damn smell was still there, just lighter.

Look, the water supplier's service is getting worse and worse. No wonder those water filter companies like "Die-men", "Baiyo-Pio", "Niesh" can earn so much la! Consumers need those so-called nano technology water filters to filter away those dirt and microorganism which directed from the Klang river.

Nonetheless, my house is using the "Baiyo-Pio"....

185# Overdriven

185# Overdriven

Other than the traditional Overdrive pedal, besides, there are Super Overdrive, Overdrive/Distortion and Dual Overdrive.

The below conversations were between me and Audrey, through the MSN messanger on Monday, 27th of February. Conversation's based on memory.

Audrey : Hey i heard fuel's price is going to increase.
Me : what...? Really or not?
Audrey : I'm not sure, maybe it's just a rumour.
Me : I damn hope so.
Audrey : PJ is jam right now because everyone is going to add before the price increase.
Me : My car's tank is quite the low now... But how much can we save la if purposely go and add...
Audrey : ...

The next day, 28th of February.

I woke up late. Skipped all the briefings in school. I was not wearing my specs because i was going to clean myself up.

Though my vison was blur, but i could still see the headline of the newspaper which placed on the dining table.

"Petrol price increased for 30 cents..." Something like that. Chinese words are easy to recognise.

Holy molely! It was not a rumour!

It was RM1.62 per litre, and officially after 12am of 28th, the price went high to additional of 30 cents per litre.

30 cents!

How many things that we can do with 30 cents nowadays?

- Send 30 sms to friends who in our Activ5 / Friends and Family list.

- Send 3 bubble messages (016)
- A cell phone call which only last only for 30 seconds.
- Buy 3 sweets.
- A cheap kling-only-suck cigarette.
- An "air suam" in mamak stalls.
- An entry to the toilet in malls.

It seems that 30 cents make no big deal right now. But consider this, people are going to add more than 30 litres of fuel each time they fill up.

30 litres x RM0.30 = RM9.00

And most people, including me, fill 3 times of fuel in 2 weeks, means 6 times a month.

Therefore we can proceed the calculation on how much of money has lost due to the increase of fuel's price.

RM9.00 x 6 times a month = RM54.00

WTH? A CD price already! I can buy BoA's CD+DVD with that amount of money! I can also buy Mika Nakashima's 2 tracks single which is RM49.00!

CD+DVD version cover image

CD only cover image

BoA's 4th Japanese album, OUTGROW. Released 13th of February in Japan.

Some of the people even worst. Their salaries are already low, due to their cruel, unconsiderate, kiam siap employers and companies. And their salaries have never increase regardless the increased costs that they will need to spend on.

This incident is definitely an impact for them. Because indirectly their salary have been 10% off since the increase of fuel's price! Pitiful...

The gahmen has said that the price will not going to be increased again for this year. That at least able to calm the consumers down. But we still have 10 more months to go for 2006! We can't guarantee anything from the gahmen!

I'm not going to do anything which will harm my car's fuel tank, and which will harm my wallet, my card. I'm going to stick my asses at home to study.

PS: How much is the price of fuel per litre in the UK, Germany, Ireland and Austrialia?

184# Mika Nakashima

184# Mika Nakashima

My collection of Mika Nakashima's albums.

First album : TRUE
Second album : LOVE
Third album : MUSIC

First best album : BEST

Second mini album ; Oborodukiyo~Inori

Absent : All singles which cost RM 49.00 (or higher), which have only 2 to 4 tracks.

Her second single will not be in anyone's hands anymore. Since the 100 thousands copies of the single, titled "Cresent Moon" had been sold out during the FIRST day which it was published.

I guess i know why was there a 100,000-first-day-sold-out.

My encounter to Mika was really meaningless. Just got attracted by her LOVE album's cover art, which i spotted at Jaya Jusco, Bukit Raja. That was the reason i bought her album at the early year of 2004.

Once i put the CD into my player, the jazzy sounds turned me off. That was not my kind of music since that moment i prefered Utada, BoA types of ballad and R&B.

But soon after, i got into Mika's pop-jazz world. Nonetheless, her slow songs are more than nice too. Tracks like Yuki No Hana, Aroma, Last Waltz in LOVE album are my all-time-favourtie.

After college, me and Joshua dashed to Sunway Pyramid. I got her first album, TRUE. And at the year of 2005, August, i got her third album MUSIC. End of January of this year, i got her BEST album from Tower Records MV.

For those who have never buy any album of Mika Nakashima, the BEST album is a must buy. Spend your RM46.90 to get one.

Unlike Koda Kumi or the others who go with a sexy line, Mika always have a good taste in her dressings. Initially i felt her style was kind of weird, out-of-mainstream-kinda-thing.

Eventually i found out that, that is Mika's style. She has her own ones. And she even got awarded for something like best dressings award!

Forget about her dressings and stuff. I found something which shocked me off on the internet. Precisely, from someone's blog.

Oh my God, she was bare naked.
I wonder who was the Sensei for the tattoo!

It's a fact that she likes lotus flower. And the symbol used for the second album is a lotus, and there was a track at the second album titled "Destiny Lotus".

I did not expect that she would have such a tattoo on her body, a lotus flower tattoo. Girls usually will not have such huge tattoo, since the process of making one is miserable.

I can't imagine how painful would it be. Wondering how she lay and sit when she had just done hers. For sure it was going to be painful.

I think that not much of Mika fans have seen the pictures above. And those are going to freak the Hell out of Mika fans, i guess.

So far as i know, only Adrien and Princess Kim listen to Mika. Who else?

PS: The small picture at the right blog box is actually Mika. A snap shot taken from her "Resistance" PV. An angel with wings, who was holding the statue of the Virgin Mary.


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