190# The Unquestionable Truth Part 2

190# The Unquestionable Truth Part 2

What they recorded, or they would like to record, and what we are practicing are totally two different things. Sometimes, or most of the times they will have some so-called "errors" occured during their recordings and stuffs.

"Technical problem" and "Unavoidable human error" are the frequent used excuses by the gahmen when people complain that their personal information have been wrongly recorded by the gahmen.

In fact, are those mistakes made were really mistakes? Or they did those "mistakes" purposely for some reasons which we all do not understand?

They might record a person as a friday prayer. But in fact the person is a Sunday Bah Kut Tea goer or a Sunday class student.

The person would not aware of the mistake did by the gahmen until he checked at the details or he did some registrations where personal details are obtained directly from the gahmen.

More than a few cases reported at the newspaper, where the family members of the deads versus the gahmen in claiming the real belief of the deads. The family members strongly believe that the person was not what the gahmen say as. And the gahmen claim that the person had already joined for the Friday prayers since no-one-knows-when.

In the end, the authorities won. Of cause. Who the Hell they think they are? No one has the authority to against the authorities. Eventually, the dead bodies were taken and in charged by one of the organisation under the gahmen. The rituals will be carried out by the organisation then.

The family members cried, writing words on the mahjong paper or cardboard. With the mourning faces they will proceed to the specky guy at the MCA. In the end of the day, everything is too late. The bodies can't be claimed back. The legacies were taken by the organisation. The family members suffer. And those who really needed the money from the insurance of the deads suffer even greater. And the organisation become fatter and fatter.

What does Democracy emphasizes are "equal rights" and "
freedom of speech". I doubt. Personally i do not think that we deserve these two privileges mentioned in our country. We can't say a word at all.

When one entered to their world directly or indirectly, it's always hard for them to get out. More or less we can say it as a "One-way-road" which has no return.

For example, this women married this man. In order to marry with him, this women converted. And this guy died too early. Therefore the women wanted to quit and convert back to what she was. She went to the organisation in charge. And nobody cares. In the end, the specky guy in the MCA got job to handle again.

For some of the situation, when one required to quit, the organisation in charge will just kick the person's ass into jail and cage him up for 3, 5 or 7 years. Without any reasons nor explaination.

Reasons? We need to listen reasons from them. But we can barely get it.

Alright that's all. Herein i stop. Class has begun ladies and gentlemen.

These are just simply to make themselves fatter and fatter. They won't be saturated no matter what. They have too many double bonds in the carbon chain. Thus these infinity double bonds will suck the hydrogen atoms from us.

Since they have more and more hydrogen atoms linked onto them, they will only share those within themselves. The oxidated compounds - us, can't say a word. Mouths shut and being oxidated by those hydrogen suckers reducing agents.

They do not need any conditions to carry out the reactions. No particular temperature is needed, no enzyme nor co-enzyme. No particular pressure. The most important thing is - The unlimited supply of hydrogen atoms - From us.

That's all for our biochemistry class for today. We shall continue next time. Thank you.

Does this allows people to quit?

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