194# Papers and Scissors

194# Papers and Scissors

What's hot recently is the topic about SPM and STPMs. It's being a controversy for quite sometime at the newspaper.

I'm quite the sad case because i am the only one in my family who failed in my SPM. I mean, failed in getting straight A's. I got 2 B3 for Biology and Bahasa Malaysia, which i supposed to score. And i got 2 B4 for Malaysian History and Moral Studies, which i supposed to fail straight away.

Quite sad that i did not get A1 for biology and bahasa. I like biology quite a lot. Or else i would not be here... Don't know whether you believe or not, i went for bahasa tuition class! And the teacher was expecting me to score and A1 for the paper with her hands on my shoulder. Pressure wei... but in the end i disappointed her.

Anyway... Is it that important to have so many A's? Is the intelligence of a person is valued by the amount of A he has? I'm thinking of this way just because i did not get much A's as people did in SPM... whatever....

There was a chinese girl took Islam studies simply just to increase the possibility of getting more A's in her paper. And what did matter was, she got A for that paper! Champion!

A friend of my friend, who is a buddhist, took bible studies. Oh man, what's wrong with the word today. People nowadays are getting more and more kia su. Can compete with singaporeans now.

Students = Study machine = A1 mass producer


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