193# To the world to dictate our death

193# To the world to dictate our death

i know there more a lot of them who really wanted to know how could i got accepted by the IMU. Everytime when i met someone, when i asnwered them that i'm in this institute right now. They will give me some surprised look. Some even with that kind of an-idiot-like-you? look that i've mentioned.

What really pissed me off happened on last Saturday. That really made me tulan until the max. Not kitty cat sized of tulan, nor king kong size of tulan. Is the king of all tulan - dinosaur sized of tulan!

I have (had) this friend who i knew since secondary school. We were quite close to each other since the school we were was a pure kling gangster school. Pretty hard to get a good chinese friend over there.

We did not contact much since we graduated. This guy left Taman Sentosa - The kling area which i'm staying, which black listed, which pizza hut delivery dare not to come, which all chinese move out.

He rarely come back to Klang since he moved to Bukit jalil. He never call me out or something since. I did called him out but i get no response from him at all. Fine.

Then last Saturday this piece of beancurd sms me. Asking about my result and where am i studying now. You know, STPM result was just out. So i think he was trying to make some comparision between us.

I told him that i got BBCC for my Cambridge A levels. And i'm studying in IMU currently. I got the reply from him, which made me to have a dinosaur sized of tulan after that. I'm still having the sms now which i will not ever delete away from my SIM card.

"BBCC? Y CAN get into IMU? Mine very bad la got 5 subjects got B+ for Bio and PA and B FOR PHY, B- for chem and C+ for math"


He typed "Y CAN" in caps. Trying to emphasize "HOW COULD YOU" literally.

I was damn pissed after reading it. I did not expect this piece of beancurd would despise me until that extend. Implying that a bastard like me do not deserve to enter into IMU. And he was implying IMU's quality become bad since they take such a bastard like me.

I calmed, and replied. Academic achievements allow candidate to attend for interviews. I was took in consideration maybe because i took 4 science subjects, my 1 month hospital attachment experience and i did well in the interview...

So what the fuck?

People can study what they wanted, i can't is it? Only those specky nerds can enter medical institutes, a person like me can't is it? Seriously i wanted to diu kao this beancurd. Never think twice before his verbal diarrhoea shitted out.

I know that he must be envy that my result allowed me to enter IMU. He was once wanted to be a doctor. But our biology teacher in Form 5 critiqued him that, he was too faggot and too nervous yet to be a professional. He can't stay calm to face any situation, but asking for help anxiously with his legs banging the ground.

Faggot - That's why the whole class called him as beancurd. Soft and white.

I'm not that bad as people think. Come on, people do have their own specialised field. Academic achievements might not be the major reason why i got the offer of admission. Maybe i was accepted due to some other reasons which i do not know. There must be a reason why that interviewer, Professor Peter introduced me during their meetings.

Even though i'm pretty much left behind in academics. But look, i'm a person who grew up and educated in a lower middle class enviroment. In order to climb until that high, i faced a lot of obstacles which a spoonfed person would not endure.

I have a friend who went to Sunway for A levels. Got admitted into hospital for drips after a week. Gave up and joined Canadian Pre-U in the end because she could not take the stress of A levels.

And this girl was raised in a english spoken family. I was not. So i faced even more problems to deal with when i was in the college. In the end, although my final result was bad, but i managed to get into IMU - That's everything.

As i know 'm the only one who is studying medicine among my old friends, and i'm the only one in private. Most of them, gahmen pay for them.

I spent so much of effort. I struggled for so long. I was survived from throwing-out-after-each-meal for more than a year in Taylors. Therefore, don't i deserve the admission to a medical university? I don't know how many of them out there can handle such stress i faced.

So stop all the shits about me. Although i can stay calm and smile in front of scorns, critiques and finger pointing, but deep inside i'm hated. I do have my self-respect.

Please, i do need a little respect.

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