187# Death

187# Death

Has various definiton by the

According to Ian in Final Destination 3, death is just an end of biological function carried out by a living orgainism.

Phobia of death, is defined by
Adrien as;

"Fuck...! Ah...! I don't want to die la...! No...!"

And... Dead of a hope, is yet undefined.


All hope lies in eclipse.

I've did
what i wanted to do.

Two failures within 9 months, not a problem. I'll try again.

At least i'm not empty handed. I'm given the FR, and another gift. Guess i'll finish eating it by myself as to appreciate it. But it's still untouched and remained in the fridge.

Life as told by the chocolate reflected.

Last verse of
#145 will always remembered.

I'm not dead, and i hope the chances aren't either.

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