196# Mount of the Crystal Maiden

196# Mount of the Crystal Maiden

I think i have some problems in remembering people's names. But in fact, almost everyone does ain't? ? Especially towards chinese names.

Those who are not chinese educated will have more problems in memorizing names in chinese. The reason is, those who studied chinese are able to translate a name into chinese so that it would be easier to remember.

Eg: Wei-Jin is pronounced as "Wei^ Jun-" in Mandarin. And "Wei" origins from "Wei^ Da\", means "Great or Mighty". While "Jun-" origins from "Jun- zi^", means "person of noble character and integrity in Confucian tradition".

So once we traslated it into chinese words, we are able to remember the name better.

Wei-Jin has a great name. His parents who named him are really brilliant. Wei-Jin must be kembang already if i praise him too much.

So i've been seeing new faces and meeting new people around everyday in the campus. Due to my low RAM of cerebal memory, i always forget people's names very easily. I feel quite awkward to ask people's name again and again after each time of meeting up.

Anyway i'm on the way of expanding my RAM of my mental capacity. Nonetheless i need some time to remember all those names.

A familiar line from a movie;

"Ancient serpent, tell me your SIX names!"

Whatever it is, the other people would not even remember my name if i told them. My middle and last name are printed in my student ID tag, useless to tell since it will be forgotten very easily.

Mike mike mike... At least it takes less effort to be carved on the brain.

There was this person said that my name is too hard to remember. I told her my name in Chinese sounds exactly the same as the Mount Akina appeared in Initial D. The Mount Akina is pronounced as "Qiu- Ming/" in Mandarin, or "Chow- Meng^" in Cantonese. Exactly same as my middle and last name.

So she said it was still too hard to remember, she called me "Initial D" straight away.


And during the PBL (Problem Based Learning) session, a secretary is selected among us to record the discussion. My name was written as "CM", and forgotten by him after that.

"Who is CM?" He asked.

"Crystal Maiden" Another guy said.

Damn... It supposed to be funny, for those who play DoTA. I play too, therefore i got the joke.

Crystal Maiden is one of the ranged hero at the Sentinel in DoTA.

Besides people's names, i can't remember the names of the heroes in DoTA. I really can't understand why those DoTA freaks are able to remember all of the names of the heroes! There're so many of them!

"Your brilliant is beyond my comprehension". The line i like the most from Wei-Jin.

They can even remember how much of money is needed for a particular inventory, and how can it be fused to make a super great inventory with the others...

Alright, people tend to have more space for memorizing DoTA knowledge instead of everything else. But i'm not on of them.

I'm a DoTA noob.

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