99# Fly Away from here... Pt.3

99# Fly Away from here... Pt.3

Thx to She Fong, Ngar Shien, Layhui, and anyone that i missed for the birthday gift... I appreciate it.

Happy Birthday Aretha...

A lot of PM8-ians did not give face during Jin's farewell... Only me, Justin, Harp,
Henglin from PM8 went. Where were you all the rest? Disappointing la... That caused us could not finish the dishes. It was at Penang Village, 8 course meals. That's a lot for us.

16 of us eating foods for 20 in two tables. Our table here was Me, Justin, Harp, Henglin, Tat Wei, Mun Ling, Steph and Wenying. The girls did not eat much, therefore lots of food left in our table, wasted la. So bad that sexy teng was not here to share the food with us.

After the dinner at Putrajaya, we went lepak around at Putrajaya. The centre of the
government. There are lots of huge government buildings, and the night view was really beautiful. We took a look around there, which where the celebration of Independence day will be held. The preparations were still taking place though it was already late midnight. I do not know what time was it when we were there. Still could see some people working for the preparations.

"Hey guys, see those people working so hard for the merdeka day, why don't we give them some semangat?"

"Yeah, you're right man..."

"Ok, open the windows."

"All right... 1.. 2... 3..."

Everyone in Jin's car, Jin, KC, Galven and me, except Henglin i think, yelled :

" Malaysia Boleh...!!!!" (120dB)

KC added " Waaaaa ooooooooo...." (125dB)

Mad enough wasn't it? Haha... We were like group of insane yelling in Putrajaya at
midnight with the speed of 100km/h. And Jin lost his voice for couple of minutes after that... hahaha.

Me and Henglin parasite at Jin's place for a night. Henglin can play Alien vs Predator game man! He was using Jin's brand new DELL lapop and i was chatting over the internet with Jin's desktop.

Henglin went to sleep around 4 or 5am something. Jin was still playing the AVP game and i was struggling with DoTA. Played until 6am...

"Ok Jin... I think we MUST sleep now..."

Henglin got class at 1pm, he is teaching at his ex secondary school. So we went off quite early without taking breakfast. Missed the chance to practice being a dead body at Jin's swiming pool... Maybe next time when he come back from UK...

Thx to Jin for everything. You're the man!

Only Justin, Harp, Henglin and i went for all three farewell parties held by PM8-ians. The rest did not give face la, so bad... Now still got 2 more to go, Michelle's one at this Saturday and Wenying's one at next Saturday...

Saturday again and again? Why all also Saturday one...?? Oh man, how many times i need to cancel my guitar class...

This is the 99th entry, can't imagine i already blogged for 9 months, since last year's December until now...

Tommorrow is the so-called Independence day of Msia. Holiday... I can't do replacement for my guitar class, I can't go sevice my car... What can i do? Lepak? Sure malls will be crowded. Man, can someone just date me out...?


98# Fly Away from here... Pt.2

98# Fly Away from here... Pt.2

Woke up around 9am. Ken's alarms was really annoying. But he never bother it and continued to sleep also. Man, alarm at 6am but we slept at 3am la... haha. henglin left after taking breakfast. Left 2 of us...

Justin should called me around 12pm to bring us out for Bah Kut Teh.But he played DoTA until 5am and the time Ken called him he just woke up. It was already 1pm that time... So after Justin came to fetch us to have lunch, we went 1U for movie.

Voon Wei bought us the ticket, The Lords of DOgtown. Not bad. 7 out of the 10 i can rate it. Saw Poh yoke over there. 1U is her second home la, so it's normal to see her there, haha.

After time and times of getting lost during way to Cheras, finally we managed to reached there. Mmm, Layhui's neighbour's house is very big and luxury. About 7times bigger than the houses at the opposite row. And it's 4 or 5 levels. But the swimming pool a bit the small la.

Since it was a combined farewell/birthday party with layhui's neighbour, so there was a lot of people that we do not know. I could see that the particular gang over there is the ACC clan, the so-called "Andartu Care Club", haha. Can really read from their faces and appearance whether they are the ACC gang or not. Chinese faces, really can tell.

Harpreet and Joshua bising that we did not call them when we when movie. Some more they stay so near. So sorry for that... We did not expect that they were free also at that time. But Justin and me when mamak at Murni with both of them until 2am after that... My first time to minum at mamak until that late la, already broke my record. I usually mamak until 12am only, good boy ma me.

97# Fly Away from here... Pt.1

97# Fly Away from here... Pt.1

I was very smart just now. Typed a damn long entry, but accidentally replaced it with the second entry. Man, i hate this. Retyping the whole thing again...

Ken's farewell party was fun. We got Voon Wei, Justin, Lee Kuan, Joshua, Harpreet, Colin, Su Ann, Rosalind, She Fong, Ngar Shien, Layhui,Henglin, Audrey, Michelle... and some other ex.DJ-ians that i do not know... Some of the PM8-ians could not make it, really wasted la...

I sat the nearest to the table where the foods were served. So i took the whole plate of Sushi and placed it on our PM8 table, we finished it all... And also the second plate. Actually there were not much left in the plate, i was just doing a charity to finish all the food, better than wasting it right?

Layhui : Ah Mike ah... You dunno paiseh one meh? Take the whole plate like this...
Mike : Aiya, eat only la... No one is eatting d, so late d ma all drinking.

So surprised to see Voon Wei drinked beer, Rosalind did also. And both of them also know to play mahjong.

"Those that who drinks can play mahjong"

Is this assumption true if the above analogy of Voon Wei and Ros applied? I just do not understand how to play mahjong though i'm a chinese...

Colin got a girl stalker harrasing him.. Walao. Ros was good to get rid of it. The way she talked over the phone with that stalker was really cool. Like samseng girl like that, haha.

Henglin reached at 11pm after his concert at Kelana jaya. Luckily there were still foods for him, hehe. Played cards with Ken, Henglin and Chun Huey until 2am... And then Ken and i forced Henglin to stay over night there. Henglin and i did not sleep well la. Ken's alarm was really (sic), but he still could sleep even though the alarm from his SE 700i was so damn loud.

I was so surprised to see Ken's house's electric bil... Guess not much people saw such figure in bils which is more than a thousand. OMFG!!!


12th Violet Autumn

12th Violet Autumn

Used only Pilot G-tech 0.3mm black gel pen to draw... Man, i need more pro tools...
The "G headed" pen is the pro use. I got no idea what we call it in english.
It's a kind of pen that we saw before N years ago at tv, dunhill's advertisment...
Someone please buy me that. I'll follow you home then, haha.

Cyndi : You said wanted to take classes from me right? Want to be my model?
Model for those kind of gory pictures can? Haha...

96# Left Behind

96# Left Behind

Congrats to Harp that he managed to enter PMC for medicine in the end... Things turn upside down dramatically. I hoped that would happen on me, which Cambridge gave me wrong results... Anyway, that's impossible. Stop dreaming Mike.

PM8 smarties are leaving for UK on this September. And most of them are studying now. Man, i'm still waiting for my sister to buy me the IMU application form. I'm not even apply for IMU yet, damn me... Before i get the form, i'll need to get myself pastport size photographs. And of cause i'll need to write an article regarding medicine for the application.

I got no idea how to start... What i think about medicine, and what do i expect for being a doctor... I'll need to write it out. Man i suck in writing... Actually what they expect me to write about? I just don't understand...

Instead of starting to write about what that, my hand of out of control and possessed by my sudden burst of inspiration. Saw some nice drawings at the magazine and copy it out. Actually the original ones looked 100 times better than mine one, since the artist is a pro and people studied art. I'm neither... just draw it for fun la.

I can't believe i'm drawing these... A great different from those i drew. Whatever it is, this is still something better in some ways...


95# I "shop", alone, insane

95# I "shop", alone, insane

Again and again i delayed, in the end i went to buy those wears that i'll need for my university interview. Actually i did tried to buy a pair of leather shoes for me. 3 times i tried, but the damned Hush Puppies will never have my size.

Finally, got one that suites me, Dr. Cardin's one.
For "Doctor Mike" later on.
Went U2. Where are those formal wears dude??
Went Polo, ok... Cheap until rot, SALE is on man.
Da pao 2 long sleeves and a short sleeves with 1 more trousers.
Mike will never look this good in formal since he is always Gothic possessed.

XXXcard's offer : More than RM50 consumed in a single receipt entitles a chance to win a trip to Paris and Milan, among the 4. Oh great...

"Miss, separate it, and try to give me more receipts."

That's a smarter way to get myself more chances, I want to go to Milan and Paris to shop since they provided pocket money for winners too, i guess.

Hunted so many stuffs, threw those into my car and continued to lepak. I was at Bukit Raja la, nothing to shop also in fact... Tried to kill time. I got no idea why i would walked until the electrical department.

Philips DVD player, my dad called me to buy that one instead of Cheaplak China mari's one. According to him it'll be around RM200, but the one i saw was RM299. So it's RM300 la, aiyo... My dad did not lied to me, RM299 is still "around RM200" right...? Erm...

That model is the cheapest among all Philips. Just that it is not DivX supported. Do we acutally need it anyway? I've seen some softwares online that able to convert DivX into MPEG or AVI, or Vice versa. So actually don't have to bother about that format right? Since can convert it from computers and burn it into a VCD using MPEG format or AVI format... Whatever, Msia is still too early for DivX.

"Encik, saya mau ini"

Spent a lot today. Hope it did not exceed the monthly limit of my dad's one in total. I'm so sorry about it, but i do need formal wears for interview.

"And my house got no DVD player other than laptop with DVD-Rom!"

Outdated ain't? Finally i can watch BoA's DVD. See she dance so well with DVD quality, wo ha...
I can borrow DVD from friends to watch, i want "School of Rock"! And my mum can borrow "Jewel in the Palace" form my aunt to watch the ending, haha.

94# Nineteen Pt.2

94# Nineteen Pt.2

I did spent my birthday, birthnight actually with friends through the air. My friendster got spammed by testimonials and messages. Both of my 012 and 016 got attacked by sms-es and picture messages... And my msn almost hanged.

Thanks to everyone who sms me. You all did remember my big day. Actually most of the people greeted me online after they saw birthday noticfication thingy at friendster right... haha. No one called me that night, but i was the one who called someone to chat with.

Talked to the phone until 3, nearly 4am. Got Ngar Shien's sms when 3.10am, walao, champion la her. She could not sleep and went online, therefore she found out my birthday. I hanged up nearly 4am, because the person over the other side got to sleep.

And Layhui sms-ed me when i was struggling with insomnia. It was 4am something man. Thought Ngar Shien was the champion but it was actually Layhui, haha! She was going to Malacca the next day but she had not sleep yet that time.

Alhough i slept late, i planned to wake up at 10am as usual the next day. I forced to wake up when i got a call from my old friend (hardcore types) in secondary school. Abinesh! Walao how come he could actually remember my day man?

"Wei, Ming HB man!"
"Walao dude, how come u can remember my birthday one?"
"Of course la, you are my Peng You ma..."

Spoke Chinese some more, genius. This indian dude must have flirt a lot chinese girls in his Form 6 school ACS, the so-called "All Criminal School" or "Agung/Anjing Curi Spender". Most lf my secondary schoold mates are there now...

It's a pain in the arse to call all friends to come to klang to hang out with me. KL, DJ, BU, Kajang, Shah Alam, Rawang, etc... The closest buddy here, William must be with his parents that time because his parents just came back. Tried to think of who to call, but no one could actually make it if i invite.

Fine, went online.
Google search : King of Fighters 2002 movelist.
Found! Oh man the moves are just so damn bad...

Ultimate move for Iori Yagami : Quater Circle Back, Half Circle Forward, Back, Forward + Weak Punch+Strong Punch...

Walao ye... how could i actually do that move using console in this laptop? That initiated me to struggle with my sister's laptop for that game for the whole day, at home. That's how i spent my day. Contained shit.

"Thanks to your concern. I appreciate it..."

This is how i replied to all the sms i received. Saved and send like a template. Lazy... actually save more time to reply. Could not reply one by one man...

And that's all, i'm 19 already. Hope i'll get into a good Uni, that's my wish for this year.


94# Nineteen

94# Nineteen

My birthday with reference to the lunar calender is 16th of July, which is today. And the western's one is 21st August, which is tomorrow. Kind of coincidence to have both together with only one day difference...

Back to last year's 21st of August. I went to college very early in the morning for some talks about courses that i wanted to find out. Alone, sitting in the lecture theater and listen to the lecturers about courses regarding Chemical Engineering...

Mindy messaged me, actually she was just sitting beside me and i did not notice her. Nothing much i learnt from the talk. Then received sms from my friend Winnie from Sunway college, who came to Mee Yoke with Shirley...

Had a chit chat with them since hardly see them after form 5's tution classes... Then i had lunch all alone... Pathetic. Went back college again for the talks. And then went McD to eat again, doing Physic past year at the same time.

While doing physic works, lucky that to get calls and messages from friends. Ok i was not forgotten.... Wei Jin called me to have some chit chat. And then got sms from old friends... At least more than 12 cute girls still remember my birthday la. Thank God.

Did that work until dinner time, went Salmon steak to have dinner, alone again. Pathetic. Met Vincent and Shu Hui there, luckily i had someone to talk too. And then went back college for Battle of the Bands with Joshua, Russ and Ross, Vincent , Shu Hui and Issac...

BOTB until 1am, then my sister fetched me back home, she was from KL... That was how i spent my 18th birthday, pathetic wasn't it?

Not going to celebrate my 19th this year... Actually i had never celebrate any in the past 19 years of my life. Maybe once with my ex with her girl school friends. Where was the first time i was called to bit the candle. You know what's the consequences after i did that... My buddy Genex smashed my face onto the damned cake that my ex bought... Great.

I'm officially 19 after 1 hour and 20 minutes... Happy Birthday Mike.


93# Die Sterne

93# Die Sterne

Went back to Taylors today as to certify my certificates' copies. I forgot to do it
yesterday therefore i forced to take my time again to college. All right, i do appreciate my chances to go back to college since i won't do it again then.

Luckily Audrey was free that time and i found a member for lunch. Really missed the Wantan mee a lot... Missed college, and the enviroments. There was the place where i
struggled for 1.5 years for CAL...

It was just 2pm something after i got all those copies of certicates to be certified bythe office. Chatted with Audrey for a while and i get myself back to Pyramid again.I never get enough of "arcading". My hands are itchy, need to release my violence by hitting the arcade machines.

Using RM3 i spent 40 minutes in the arcade to play 3 times. All right, it was kind of
record for me since i will kena da pao very fast last time. So far only fighting games are my choice for arcade, or more precisely The King of Fighters series...

Other than that, i got a very first illustration book at the comic bookshop. Neon Genesis Evagelion's one, titled "Die Sterne". Isn't it "Stern" instead? Erm.... Anyway, this comic was damn popular 10 years ago. Only those who read comic since they were young will know about this. Now they are doing some 10th year anniversary thing so they released this. It is not an official one since it could be sold in Msia. Anyway, the quality is still good. I got an extra reference for me to draw...

Anyway who got Neon Genesis Evagelion's comics or DVD? i only got book 1 until book 4...

92# Backed Again

92# Backed Again

Layhui said she wanted to eat pizza hut, and since i had not try the Cheeze Lava yet, therefore i dragged everyone for Pizza...

When i reached at KTM subang, received msg from Poh Yoke, met her at Cabana then. Later met Sek Teng, Layhui, Yi Feng... And then She Fong and Ngar Shien at Pizza Hut. It was long time ago since the last time we sat together to have pizza...

After that, we went to Chinspiration to kill time... We are not that good yet to sit in the MPH for the ceremony... We got to wait for Yi Feng, Tai Ken, Layhui and Poh Yoke who were having great time in there before we could go for movie at Pyramid.

I felt so sorry for the delay for our movie. I did not expect that i could struggle with the arcade for so long. Was playing KOF 2002, and i lost during the fourth stage. When Justin returned to me, i played for the second time again. And i was using Iori, Mature and Vice. I just leanrt the move of both girl players a day before, and i could fight until the final stage. Including Da-paoing a challenge at the other side. First time man. But i caused us to be late for the movie, so paiseh...

My conclusions for the movie are : Jonny Depp is really flexible... and the oompa loompas are really disgusting and funny.

After the movie they went to Bangsar for dinner. I could not join... no transport la man. How could i get myself back then around 11pm? Therefore Justin dropped me at the KTM station and i went back alone.

It was the 14th of July in the lunar calendar, the so-called Ghost Day od the Ghost festival. It was the exact day where the gates are opened and the hungry ghost were set free.

When i was in the train, i received plenty of messages from friends regarding the ghost festival thing... calling me not to go out at night. Come on man, i was in the train at night. The rest worse la, go mamak some more at Bangsar. But never mind also la, we never bother about it since we are PM8! Study pre-medicine ma, science minded... Whatever.


91# These Filthy Hands

91# These Filthy Hands

I'm officially finished my work at the EON car workshop today. 1 month, 4 weeks, but not 20 days. Because Saturday i never go work due to the reason of guitar classes. And somedays i only went for half a day because needed to go lepak. And 2 more days i did not go due to reason that i found, the hazy condition.

I will need to go back later anyway, as to get my salary... More accurate, literally pocket money. Since i was not a trained mechanic there and i was just helped out some simple things. And the pocket money that i'll have is not from my uncle. He got no such time to handle it, the mechanic there will give me.

I do not expect much about the pocket money, since i was not employed.I was forced by my dad to go and my uncle never disagree about it. Hope that the amount that i'll have will get me a pair of jeans and shirt, which is around RM200 la, hope la.

So far, as i was sent to learn, i did learnt lot of things. Some general ones, and some technical ones. I can do those major services by myself which involves change of engine oil, auto transmission oil, brake fluid, tyres, oil filter... most of the customers come for services. And those repairs surely i can't do as i never study anything about cars. I just know that a car has more than hundreds of different sizes and patterns of screws...

I was taught to change the suspension, shock absorber, gasket, disc brake pads, and stuffs like that. Furthermore, steps to steal petrol from a car... Got one uncle's old car sent to repair the clutch and timing belts.

As the parts are seriously stained by engine old, therefore the gears needed to be cleaned. Neithe with water nor soap, but with petrol since it is a kind of solvent for the engine oil. And the mechanic went to 'steal"... actually "get" some petrol from that car to clean those. The petrol i saw flowing from that car was not yellow brown, but it was blue! Oh damn, Shell V power man! 20cents more expensive than normal ones. Normal oil is about RM1.62 per liter, and this V power is RM1.82 per liter man... Old car old man but damn loaded fella...

I met lots of people from there... Fat guy with white Honda Civic, a handsome guy with his red heavy modified sporty Satria GTi , lots of hamsap fellas, and lots of people who deal with cars. I learnt a lot from them...

All right, days in Hell are gone. I do not need to listen to those words about my background, no more physically tiring works, no more dirty hands... I appreciate all the stuffs i learnt from there. As it will help me somehow in the end. Thank to myself that i could really get through this Hell. Praise me. please.


90# Drowned on Kytheraen Tides

90# Drowned on Kytheraen Tides

I have to make up my mind to take medicine course in IMU. But i still have to have some other plans in case that my application is not accepted. Over and over, again and again i considered. Instead of having a tough life later, i shall suffer for these 5 years first for medicine course. And maybe once i got a job as a doctor, my life will be easier.

At least it's not as blurry as to be a reseacher or something if i take biotech or biomedic courses... And i think that personally i will prefer job as a doctor instead of a researcher. Besides, blood is thrilling...

Since my CAL results just full fill the minumum requirement for applying medicine in IMU, so i'm very very dangerous now... These are my options :

1. IMU is the very first option i want... Fulling concerntrated for medicine course, unlike USCI and the others, which provides lots of courses and might not able to improve this course. And IMU is near ma... Bukit Jalil... Besides it's not government's one... Damn it la. Further more, my sister is there! But now she already in the 5th semester, going Seremban's campus soon anyway. Got my sister at least i got a guide.

2. My cousin is studying medicine at Penang now.. I got no idea what is the name of the campus, something like asia thingy... Anyone got idea please tell me ok... I think the requirement is lower than in IMU, so if let say i can't go in IMU then i go there la... IF la.

3. Worst come to worst, i fly only la. Russia... Well, russia is definitely cheaper than in IMU. Around 10 to 20k only according to my dad. Actually if i study there instead of IMU can lower my dad's burden. But i do not want to leave Msia due to some reasons. But the reasons may die in the end so no problem la. Scare i will bring a blonde back home then... oh God please bless me.

It ain't easy to pick up medicine. As i know still got lots of them studying medicine... Tai Ken, Su ann, Harp, Shaf, Voon Wei... anyone else that i missed? And i think i'm the only one that doing it locally. No $ ma. Doing it at IMU also enough to kill already. At least can kill a person like me from the middle class.

Anyway, Good luck to me to apply IMU.


89# She isn't real, I can't make Her real...

89# She isn't real, I can't make Her real...

Recently i started to draw pictures which are more acceptable to the public. No longer drawing those Gothic, gory, homicidal, suicidal and scary arts, which people won't understand... I think is time to stop drawing those kind of things since no one could really appreciate it...

This evening around 6pm, i got a sudden burst of inspiration again. Since few days ago, most probably after last Thursday, i got more things to draw with... Instead of writing something in my blog, i upload more pictures...

My heart acts as an engine and my depression acts as the fuel, driving my left hand to be uncontrolable and draw everything out hidden in my mind. Maybe this is a better of releasing myself. Back to years ago i could only release my stress using the wrong ways due to my immaturity. Now this is a better alternative then. I hope i'm not drawing Her now...

This artwork is really significant for me. Other than to be more positive, it's the first one ever i draw who is spectacled. And i used the curve rulers the most in drawing Her hair. This requires a lot of skills that i have learnt.

I started to use curve ruler to draw since i was in Form 2. During Form 4, architecture class people laughed at me. Because they only knew that curve ruler is used to draw their blue prints. Those "Lukisan Kejuruteraan" and "Teknik Kejuruteraan" thingy... They did not know that actually curve rulers are used in drawing. What a ignorant, naive.

I spent hours to draw her hair using those curve rulers, which i tried to express the layering of the hair. But i did a failure that i failed to consider the tone at Her right. This is a very huge problem that causes the entire work to be unbalanced. Whatever it is, hope that it is still nice to watch anyway...

11th Real

Titled "Real" since i'm trying to draw the real style instead of the comic style. But still i involved the Japanese comic style and Hong Kong style in using the curve rulers. Kind of fusion, where i started to learn since i was young until now...

Sketch, which how everything began with.

Art is always nice to share... Sharing is one of the ways to be improved. Hope you guys like this. :)





Haze is a phenomenon or occurrence caused by theaccumulation of fine particles in the air whichare barely visible to naked eye. These particlesmay occur naturally or may be an outcome of humanactivities like open burning or smoky dischargesfrom factories and exhaust of motor vehicles. Whenthese particles accumulate in large quantities andsuspend in the air, they can lock out sunlight andvisibility will be greatly reduced.


The API is obtained from the measurement of fineparticles (below 10 microns) and several gaseswhich are hazardous to health such as carbonmonoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide andozone. The API is used as a guide for measuringair quality and its effect on health as follows :

0 - 50 - Good
51 - 100 - Moderate
101 - 200 - Unhealthy
201 - 300 - Very unhealthy
301 - 500 - Dangerous


Continuous hazy conditions will cause ill effectsto all people especially those in the high riskgroups such as :

1. Children
2. The elderly
3. Those with illnesses like, Asthma,Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Chronic lung diseases,Heart diseases and Allergies
4. Cigarette smokers
5. Those who work outdoors most of the time


The effects of continuous exposure to the hazeinclude:
Itchy sensation in the throat, andcoughing, increased phlegm
Difficulty in breathing (wheeze) ornose blockPain, irritation, red and watery eyesItchy skin rashes

If above symptoms persist, get advice andtreatment at the nearest clinic.


Close all windows and doors to your bedroom.
Boil a kettle (electric) of water in the room andallow the steam to fill the room. Allow 10 - 15minutes for the fine water vapor (steam) tocollect the pollutants / particles in the air andsettle down. After this the room should contain healthier air.

Usage of face and surgical masks are of nouse if they are not regularly changed as they canact as a base for bacteria to grow and result inother infections. Only very close fitting masksthat do not allow air to enter through the sidesof the mask are effective.Limit all outdoor activity as far as possiblee.g avoid outdoor sport or physical activities.

Always wash / bathe as soon as you returnfrom outdoors. This will minimize eye / skinirritation. For minor eye irritation try usingover the counter eye drops e.g Eye Mo.Use your car air-conditioner when travelingin the car.

Drink a lot of water.Smokers are advised to quit smoking.
Those who suffer from diseases such as flu,bronchitis, asthma, conjunctivitis, heart diseasesor chronic lung diseases should seek immediatetreatment at the clinic or hospital if theircondition worsens.


10th Beauty Slept in Solemn

10th Beauty Slept in Solemn

My very first blood free artwork of the year.
Title for this piece is still pending...
Anyone can share your brilliant with me?
Title this picture for me... Thanks.

Edit : All right, finally i titled this piece as Beauty Slept in Solemn.
Taken from the song Beauty Slept in Sod*m from the Album "Dusk.. and Her embrance" 1997.
Anyway, thanks to eveyone for sacrifiying your brain cells.

88# Her Ghost in the Fog

88# Her Ghost in the Fog

Guess everyone knows what am i going to blog here...
The god damned weather now forced me to sit at home.
I did not go work today because of my laziness, with additional to the condition outside.
My place here, Klang, which is so damn near to the Port Klang, experiences a very dangerous condition... According to the Air Pollution Index, right here is 500+, which can send a normal person to Hell. 200+ is already enough to kill, so you can imagine how bad my place is.

When i was drving yesterday, i could not really see the road. Saw most cars with their head lights on so i also did the same. I was working in the workshop, which is outdoor was really taking my breath away... My dad called me back home though it was not 6pm yet. Really can die man to stay out there for so long...

Our friendly neighbour is not doing any shits. Apologize does not mean anything. If it helps we do not need policemen anymore. Just a word " I'm sorry" can help us to get back what we lost? Hell no. Even we are forced to get some firemen there to help. No pay one from them some more.

Back to year 1997/1998, they were burning with Hell fire, caused Msia to lose more than US$9Billion. Come on man, it's RM 34 Billion wei. Now this time obviously we are losing more than the previous case.

"Indog you give me RM 34 billion then we help you to wipe your ass la damn it"

The damn haze stops almost all economical activities. Even i also lazy to go out to the mall to lepak though there're air cons. But still, air cons do not filter out those hazardous particles. I can even smell the burnt smell in my room, apparently outside is worse. Do know why those pariahs can still play their favourite football out there...

According to newspapers, the haze is going to remain until october of this year... what the Hell man? That means we got to bear this for 3 more months. That's really cool... We'll die sooner or later anyway...

For futher elaboration, please click here.
Much more funny ways to talk about this issue...


Forsaken, Scissors II

8th - Forsaken

The sketch

9th - Scissors II

The Sketch



87# Summer Dying Fast

87# Summer Dying Fast

Results already out... I was not doing good. Bad Bad Crab Crab...

My results are just full fill the minimum requirement for IMU.
IMU requires minimum BBC, luckily. But my Chemistry is C... so it might be hard for me to be accepted. UCSI is totally out. Minimum 3Bs needed. And i got no idea what's the requirement for Monash University. From Harp i know that PMC needs ABB... Man, this is hard. So far only IMU is my only choice if i want to do medicine...

Other than medicine, i'm encourage to pick up business as to pick up my dad's businesses then. But no way man, i'm not sensitive to numbers in these ways. I'm not into business at all. Not at all...

Lots of people doing good... Ann, Ken, Colin, Layhui all get straight for 4... i think susan, henglin, yifeng also the same la, need no to ask. And some people also did not do well and felt down, like me... I could see that Joshua was not happy from his voice... Jin did quite well. He could even console me over the phone when he was driving at KL. The ultimate of multi tasking. Harp also picking up medicine, hope we can be in the same university then...

Biotech, chemical engineering... these are what i could think of right now other than medicine... if IMU cannot accept me, my dad called me to re take CAL again without taking the dumb physics... Man, that's 2 years again. Hell no i won't repeat those shits again. No...


86# The Battle

86# The Battle

Yesterday i reached at pyramid very early. I think i was the earliest among us. 3.45pm i already there and Su ann wanted us to meet up at 5pm. So i spent my one and a half hour playing at the arcade... Spent Rm5 for playing. Still weak in playin anyway...

Missed Su Ann's brother's performance. He was playing during the guest performances and i was struggling with arcade machines at that time. Su Ann, Colin were there and followed by Justin and Yingying then Henglin. Harp was easy to spot in the crowd because of well known reason, haha. Jin also managed to meet up with us after his work and changed his funky dragon black top.

Cheryl met up with us when we were having dinner at Kim Gary's. Most of us, including me, Su Ann, Colin, Harp and Cheryl were in Black top and jeans. Was that a dress code for attending Battle of the bands? Mmm... most likely.

Jin was right. The live shows in Msia are ok, just that the audiences are dead. People like us were sitting and watch the performances of cause the atmosphere could not be panas la. Actually taylor's Botb was better where everyone got every high and jumping, pushing around. But at pyramid one was not that lively because the audiences were not all college students who are so active.

Somehow, when where was a band playing some funky 70's music, Jin got very high. It was Jin and Joshua's favourite. Some " Ha ee ya, ... do you remember... of septemper" like that. So Jin just dragged me and also Ann, Colin, Yingying and Cheryl near to the stage. Then we all began to get ourselves drown in the 70's. Jin memang semangat in this case la. But we went back to sit down after that song...

Our group was lucky. Justin got a lucky draw, a mini teddy bear. Then followed by Cheryl, an M&M alarm clock. When the MC called Cheryl's name, he said " is 016-3188... your phone number?" like that... Man, i feeling like stuffing his bald head into the bass drum behind him. how could he told the crowd about someone's number. Dumb la.

After that got some question asked, to win some prizes.
"When was M&M made?" with A, B, C option answers.
Jin just yelled the answered " C, 19?? " very very loudly and caused my ear drums to oscillate almost with max amplitude. He got he MC's attention and he won the prize. An M&M figure with sax, haha. Soon after that, Jin's name got called again as he kena the lucky draw. A cap he got...

During the waiting for the bands for soundchecking, he MC gave the audiences free M&M chocolates. "Who wants free M&M chocolate?" of cause we rised our hands la, free ma.
" The two who sit over there..."
Huh? Is he talking bout me and Cheryl?
"Yes, you two... come forward and take it..."
Then i just moved forward to get it la... All right... At least i got something, mmm...

I was waiting for Vespertine's performance. You know la, pro band ma. But my sister called me at 11pm because it was late enough for us to go back. That time the last band was still soundchecking... What to do. After saying goodbye to Harp they all so me and cheryl just go back first... Quite wasted also because i could not finish watching everything...

Overall i think this Botb was still not as good as the taylor's one last year. Though this one, the PA system and the bands were better, but just could not get high and hot. Whatever it is, it was still good enough to stay and watch.


85# IE and Firefox

85# IE and Firefox

If Su Ann never tell me yesterday, i won't be able to know that actually my blog is not viewable by using Mozilla's Firefox. Both of the content boxes are squeezed to the left and the right. And nothing can be read.

Man, this is one of the problem using Firefox though sometimes it's more convenient than IE. Firefox needs lots of additional plugins for most of the sites. That is the major problem for me using Firefox. So far i've never face such problem like Su Ann. I also did not know that my blog is that sucky if view by Mozilla.

The best thing using Firefox, of course! "Open Link in new Tag" isn't it? Really very convenient and can avoid from over packing at the task bar.

I'm using my sister's laptop so far to do all the com works. Including setting up this blog and everything for this blog. But i did sent some entries using taylor's coms before though. And the display of this laptop and different from the other coms. This display is bigger than desktop displays, slightly. So, although i can see the full image of the background picture, but the other coms do not. Sigh... desktops only able to see half of the face of the person in the picture.

Therefore i forced to upload a smaller background picture... So that everyone can see a complete one. I do not want my Mika, Ai pictures to be so cacat in my blog...

Anyway, back to the topic. Hey you, IE or Firefox? Both are fine for me. But so far i'm still hanged with IE since most, or all of the internet sites are made to be compatible and best view with IE. For Firefox i only use it to check friendster and the search engines. The others, still IE...

P/S: This site is best view using IE with display of resolution 800x600 or higher. Thank you. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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