86# The Battle

86# The Battle

Yesterday i reached at pyramid very early. I think i was the earliest among us. 3.45pm i already there and Su ann wanted us to meet up at 5pm. So i spent my one and a half hour playing at the arcade... Spent Rm5 for playing. Still weak in playin anyway...

Missed Su Ann's brother's performance. He was playing during the guest performances and i was struggling with arcade machines at that time. Su Ann, Colin were there and followed by Justin and Yingying then Henglin. Harp was easy to spot in the crowd because of well known reason, haha. Jin also managed to meet up with us after his work and changed his funky dragon black top.

Cheryl met up with us when we were having dinner at Kim Gary's. Most of us, including me, Su Ann, Colin, Harp and Cheryl were in Black top and jeans. Was that a dress code for attending Battle of the bands? Mmm... most likely.

Jin was right. The live shows in Msia are ok, just that the audiences are dead. People like us were sitting and watch the performances of cause the atmosphere could not be panas la. Actually taylor's Botb was better where everyone got every high and jumping, pushing around. But at pyramid one was not that lively because the audiences were not all college students who are so active.

Somehow, when where was a band playing some funky 70's music, Jin got very high. It was Jin and Joshua's favourite. Some " Ha ee ya, ... do you remember... of septemper" like that. So Jin just dragged me and also Ann, Colin, Yingying and Cheryl near to the stage. Then we all began to get ourselves drown in the 70's. Jin memang semangat in this case la. But we went back to sit down after that song...

Our group was lucky. Justin got a lucky draw, a mini teddy bear. Then followed by Cheryl, an M&M alarm clock. When the MC called Cheryl's name, he said " is 016-3188... your phone number?" like that... Man, i feeling like stuffing his bald head into the bass drum behind him. how could he told the crowd about someone's number. Dumb la.

After that got some question asked, to win some prizes.
"When was M&M made?" with A, B, C option answers.
Jin just yelled the answered " C, 19?? " very very loudly and caused my ear drums to oscillate almost with max amplitude. He got he MC's attention and he won the prize. An M&M figure with sax, haha. Soon after that, Jin's name got called again as he kena the lucky draw. A cap he got...

During the waiting for the bands for soundchecking, he MC gave the audiences free M&M chocolates. "Who wants free M&M chocolate?" of cause we rised our hands la, free ma.
" The two who sit over there..."
Huh? Is he talking bout me and Cheryl?
"Yes, you two... come forward and take it..."
Then i just moved forward to get it la... All right... At least i got something, mmm...

I was waiting for Vespertine's performance. You know la, pro band ma. But my sister called me at 11pm because it was late enough for us to go back. That time the last band was still soundchecking... What to do. After saying goodbye to Harp they all so me and cheryl just go back first... Quite wasted also because i could not finish watching everything...

Overall i think this Botb was still not as good as the taylor's one last year. Though this one, the PA system and the bands were better, but just could not get high and hot. Whatever it is, it was still good enough to stay and watch.

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