88# Her Ghost in the Fog

88# Her Ghost in the Fog

Guess everyone knows what am i going to blog here...
The god damned weather now forced me to sit at home.
I did not go work today because of my laziness, with additional to the condition outside.
My place here, Klang, which is so damn near to the Port Klang, experiences a very dangerous condition... According to the Air Pollution Index, right here is 500+, which can send a normal person to Hell. 200+ is already enough to kill, so you can imagine how bad my place is.

When i was drving yesterday, i could not really see the road. Saw most cars with their head lights on so i also did the same. I was working in the workshop, which is outdoor was really taking my breath away... My dad called me back home though it was not 6pm yet. Really can die man to stay out there for so long...

Our friendly neighbour is not doing any shits. Apologize does not mean anything. If it helps we do not need policemen anymore. Just a word " I'm sorry" can help us to get back what we lost? Hell no. Even we are forced to get some firemen there to help. No pay one from them some more.

Back to year 1997/1998, they were burning with Hell fire, caused Msia to lose more than US$9Billion. Come on man, it's RM 34 Billion wei. Now this time obviously we are losing more than the previous case.

"Indog you give me RM 34 billion then we help you to wipe your ass la damn it"

The damn haze stops almost all economical activities. Even i also lazy to go out to the mall to lepak though there're air cons. But still, air cons do not filter out those hazardous particles. I can even smell the burnt smell in my room, apparently outside is worse. Do know why those pariahs can still play their favourite football out there...

According to newspapers, the haze is going to remain until october of this year... what the Hell man? That means we got to bear this for 3 more months. That's really cool... We'll die sooner or later anyway...

For futher elaboration, please click here.
Much more funny ways to talk about this issue...

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