97# Fly Away from here... Pt.1

97# Fly Away from here... Pt.1

I was very smart just now. Typed a damn long entry, but accidentally replaced it with the second entry. Man, i hate this. Retyping the whole thing again...

Ken's farewell party was fun. We got Voon Wei, Justin, Lee Kuan, Joshua, Harpreet, Colin, Su Ann, Rosalind, She Fong, Ngar Shien, Layhui,Henglin, Audrey, Michelle... and some other ex.DJ-ians that i do not know... Some of the PM8-ians could not make it, really wasted la...

I sat the nearest to the table where the foods were served. So i took the whole plate of Sushi and placed it on our PM8 table, we finished it all... And also the second plate. Actually there were not much left in the plate, i was just doing a charity to finish all the food, better than wasting it right?

Layhui : Ah Mike ah... You dunno paiseh one meh? Take the whole plate like this...
Mike : Aiya, eat only la... No one is eatting d, so late d ma all drinking.

So surprised to see Voon Wei drinked beer, Rosalind did also. And both of them also know to play mahjong.

"Those that who drinks can play mahjong"

Is this assumption true if the above analogy of Voon Wei and Ros applied? I just do not understand how to play mahjong though i'm a chinese...

Colin got a girl stalker harrasing him.. Walao. Ros was good to get rid of it. The way she talked over the phone with that stalker was really cool. Like samseng girl like that, haha.

Henglin reached at 11pm after his concert at Kelana jaya. Luckily there were still foods for him, hehe. Played cards with Ken, Henglin and Chun Huey until 2am... And then Ken and i forced Henglin to stay over night there. Henglin and i did not sleep well la. Ken's alarm was really (sic), but he still could sleep even though the alarm from his SE 700i was so damn loud.

I was so surprised to see Ken's house's electric bil... Guess not much people saw such figure in bils which is more than a thousand. OMFG!!!

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