94# Nineteen

94# Nineteen

My birthday with reference to the lunar calender is 16th of July, which is today. And the western's one is 21st August, which is tomorrow. Kind of coincidence to have both together with only one day difference...

Back to last year's 21st of August. I went to college very early in the morning for some talks about courses that i wanted to find out. Alone, sitting in the lecture theater and listen to the lecturers about courses regarding Chemical Engineering...

Mindy messaged me, actually she was just sitting beside me and i did not notice her. Nothing much i learnt from the talk. Then received sms from my friend Winnie from Sunway college, who came to Mee Yoke with Shirley...

Had a chit chat with them since hardly see them after form 5's tution classes... Then i had lunch all alone... Pathetic. Went back college again for the talks. And then went McD to eat again, doing Physic past year at the same time.

While doing physic works, lucky that to get calls and messages from friends. Ok i was not forgotten.... Wei Jin called me to have some chit chat. And then got sms from old friends... At least more than 12 cute girls still remember my birthday la. Thank God.

Did that work until dinner time, went Salmon steak to have dinner, alone again. Pathetic. Met Vincent and Shu Hui there, luckily i had someone to talk too. And then went back college for Battle of the Bands with Joshua, Russ and Ross, Vincent , Shu Hui and Issac...

BOTB until 1am, then my sister fetched me back home, she was from KL... That was how i spent my 18th birthday, pathetic wasn't it?

Not going to celebrate my 19th this year... Actually i had never celebrate any in the past 19 years of my life. Maybe once with my ex with her girl school friends. Where was the first time i was called to bit the candle. You know what's the consequences after i did that... My buddy Genex smashed my face onto the damned cake that my ex bought... Great.

I'm officially 19 after 1 hour and 20 minutes... Happy Birthday Mike.

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