93# Die Sterne

93# Die Sterne

Went back to Taylors today as to certify my certificates' copies. I forgot to do it
yesterday therefore i forced to take my time again to college. All right, i do appreciate my chances to go back to college since i won't do it again then.

Luckily Audrey was free that time and i found a member for lunch. Really missed the Wantan mee a lot... Missed college, and the enviroments. There was the place where i
struggled for 1.5 years for CAL...

It was just 2pm something after i got all those copies of certicates to be certified bythe office. Chatted with Audrey for a while and i get myself back to Pyramid again.I never get enough of "arcading". My hands are itchy, need to release my violence by hitting the arcade machines.

Using RM3 i spent 40 minutes in the arcade to play 3 times. All right, it was kind of
record for me since i will kena da pao very fast last time. So far only fighting games are my choice for arcade, or more precisely The King of Fighters series...

Other than that, i got a very first illustration book at the comic bookshop. Neon Genesis Evagelion's one, titled "Die Sterne". Isn't it "Stern" instead? Erm.... Anyway, this comic was damn popular 10 years ago. Only those who read comic since they were young will know about this. Now they are doing some 10th year anniversary thing so they released this. It is not an official one since it could be sold in Msia. Anyway, the quality is still good. I got an extra reference for me to draw...

Anyway who got Neon Genesis Evagelion's comics or DVD? i only got book 1 until book 4...

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