174# HCNY, whatelse?

174# HCNY, whatelse?

Happy Chinese New Year.

It's kind of weird for me to type this during the first day of CNY. I'm actually taking a break at home now. I have went to 4 places during the morning until evening.

Nothing much. Same plans are repeating for years, maintained.

But this year's CNY is a little bit different for us. Since we are still in mourning period, which will going to be for 3 years. So we are not celebrating it, unlike the previous years.

Not celebrating, in the sense of no colourful dressings, no angpau, no greetings, and so on. Got to follow and respect the taboos set by the older generations...

Since there's no angpau from my father's side's family. My income has decreased dramatically.

I got a few of angpau which i'm allowed to receive from my mother's side. I have not check it yet. But i guess the amount is not enough to buy even a piece of single CD. Well, that's not important anyway...

For you guys who are spending your time overseas, hope you guys could find something to do to spend your time significantly. Maybe the student council will have some sort of Asian festival celebrations, i guess?

Well, i don't know how does it feel like to spend your Cny days without your family and friends, but i guess the Cny is just another day as usual. Isn't it?

If you need "Huat chai" number to buy TOTO, 4D or whatever... You can go to Rojak's blog's achieve to get one number. If your number won, don't forget to pay some to Wingz rojaks and me ok.

Thanks to all my friends who have sent me cny sms-es.

There was a very meaningful Cny advertisment on the tv, by Petronas. Those who are still in Malaysia should have already saw it. I shall just narrate out how the story in the advertisment goes.

Venue - Somewhere looks like a rural area, outside of a rumah orang tua.
Event - Four old women aged 60 - 80 sit together, chatting and having lunch

Auntie 1 : My son and daughter ah, they all very busy one ah. Working outside.
Auntie 4 : Oh ya ah...?
Auntie 2 : My son ah, he is a doctor. Specialist in the what... Cardialogy. Working in London liao now.
Auntie 4 : Wa... doctor ah...?
Auntie 3 : My son also very busy one. Always have business around. Earns RM450,000 every year one.
Auntie 2 : My son also. He go operate people one time also can earn 20,000 pound. And he got operations 2 times some more every day!
Auntie 4 : Wa...
Auntie 1,2,3 : Your son leh?
Auntie 4 : My son ar? He very good. He is still here around. He always bring me out to jalan one.

(Suddenly a Proton Iswara drove near to the rumah orang tua. There was a couple and 2 children. And the man got out from the car and approached them)

Auntie 1,2,3 : Who is that?
Auntie 4 : Oh! Is my son. My son come fetch me liao. I got to go liao. Bye bye.

Son : Ma, you good or not?
Auntie 4 : Oh, i'm very good.
(The son held the auntie carefully and walked towards the car)
Son : Let's go to Cameron Highlands this year.
Auntie 4 : Cameron ar? Good good. Ok ok...

(Auntie 1, 2 and 3 stared at Auntie 4, speechless. Waved her goodbye)

Look, no matter how much their great sons and daughers earn, the most important thing is that they have never spend their time on them. If those aunties are so action, they would not be staying at the rumah orang tua at the first place.

In the end, Auntie 4, who has a son, who always bring her out from the rumah orang tua go jalan jalan, is the most action auntie among them.

Money does not matter in this case. Being a good son or a good daughter is everything.

Love your parents. Love your grandparents. Spend your time with them. Don't ever send them to those place when they are old later on. Don't.

Be good, stay with them and make them happy. These are what we could do to repay their kindness of raising us up.

I love my parents. So do you too.

Have a prosperous year, folks. Stay in good health. Hope y'all stay happy, steady, smarty, funky, naughy, sexy, sweetie, bitchy, slut, horny... eh, no no... cutie forever la.

173# RM780

173# RM780

Thursday, 26th January.

Sexy Teng sent me an sms. It was something roughly like this:

"Say this loudly,
God I love you, God i need you.
Send this to 10 of your friends, including me.
A miracle will happen to you tonight."

Well, i had never bother about these kind of forwarded messages. But in this case, it was from Sexy Teng and the power of God sent by his was definitely guaranteed. I believe Sexy Teng.

I sent to these 10 people. Including Sexy Teng himself, and Joanne, Jojo, Melisa, Mei Wen, Whui Qing, Pik yi, Sher Li, Winnie, Grace.

Among those other 9 people, only 2 people sent the message back to me. Proved that actually not much of people would bother it.

Melisa just sent it back to me. And i got a reply from Winnie when i was about to go out for my guitar class.

Winnie : Wei... are you trying to fool me ar?
Me : No la, recently i'm very unlucky. So i do need God's help now.
Winnie : Ok la... believe you this time la...

And then she sent me back the original message.

I already followed the instruction to send the message to 10 of my friends, including the person who sent me. So something good shall happen on that night.

And that night... my father called me to go and buy PS2.



I did not believe that my house would have a console placed in the TV rack.

Anyway, i bought a few games.

Gran Turismo 3 A-spec, Gran Turismo 4, Need for Speed Underground Black Version, Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 4, Fatal Frame 3, Devil May Cry 2, Neo Geo Battle Cousellum, Guilty Gear Isuka, Worm 3D, Viewtiful Joe 2, Megaman X collection, Shadow of the Hedgehog, Full Metal Alchemist - The Broken Angel.

Those kiddy games were bought for my sisters. I play the horror RPGs. But just now when i played, my father did not seem to like it. It was too violent for anyone.

And the most played game is GT4, my sisters, father play also ah. Don't play play ah...


172# Tagged again.

172# Kena Tagged again.

Adrien was not doing considerate this time. I thought he was all the times. He was trying to kill me by giving me this tag. He knew that my brain has not operate since June of 2005. And now he gave me this so that i could twist out some brain juice to work this out.

The way he wrote this tag was quite fantastic. With all those funny-funny biology, mathematic stuffs in there. Well, you shall read it here.

Anyway, i've seen this from Rojaks. And he did a very great job. Somehow, i should just come out with a normal one compared to rojaks one which was a little bit explicit.

The reason why i include this tag into my total post is because i do need to think to post this...

I was asked to come out a story with 100 to 200 words together with the below words included. To be used once and once only during the whole story. Well, i shall begin.

1. I
2. me
3. blowjob
4. grapes
5. random
6. power
7. loneliness
8. water
9. robot
10. blue

I do not like to lepak at The Store mall. It sucks hell. The scenes in the mall do bother me. The unwashed couples will just do blowjob at any dark corners. The others will open their eyes as big as grapes to stare at the other girls. They flirt any random girls. They thought they had the power to dominate anything in the mall. This is mainly because of their loneliness of having no girl friend at home. Nose mucus flowing like water because of drug withdrawal syndrome, walking like a robot, watching blue tapes... Well, this is what they are.

101 words.

I'm good in writing shits, but i think not this time.

Tag :
1. Princess Kim Cyndi
2. Su Ann

3. Vivien

I do not expect they will continue the tag, even they notice this. Hopefully they will, so that i could read some more funny stories. Yes, that's right.

171# 21.8%

171# 21.8%

The incident took place about weeks ago...

My family went out with my grandmother to have dinner with her, as usual during every Saturday. After the dinner we fetched her back. And we stayed at my grandmother's house for a while.

Since there was nothing much i could do over there, so i turned on my cousin's PS2 to play Gran Turismo 3 that i never played and i wanted to try. (FYI: It's a sport car racing game)

Compared to part 2 that i usually play on PS1, this one the graphic was totally astonishing. The sound of the engines, the track, the condition... and so on, were so much more advanced than the previous episode.

My father was surprised to see such high graphic console game. He usually see me play KOF 2003 at the PC with the emulator, which in 2D and poor, moderate graphic.

Dad : Wa, right now the games' graphic have been evoluted until this high already ar?
Me : Ya lah, i'm so left behind. The second episode of this game that i've played was year 2000. (Still staring on the Tv screen and ran with GTR R-34)
Dad : Where are you going la, bang onto the divider already.
Me : This's my first time playing this la, i can't control it to drift smoothly at the turning.
Dad : How much is this black color box right now in the market?
Me : I guess should be around RM6oo something la, William said one. Eh... this thing can play DVD also lah...
Dad : Oh, with this price and play game and watch DVD? Ok la, next time buy one la...
Me : (Stunned, the car got slightly out of control during drifting again)

I was born without any toys. Actually, i did have some. I was programmed to study, and study only since i was born. Toys and addictive games had never been to my life. Those which were considered addictive and may distract me from my studies had been banned from reaching my hands.

When time passed by, i began to be allowed to play some games. The only games i had in my computer were Resident Evil 3 and KOF. There are not other PC games to be found in my house.

But now, i was damn surprised that my father allows me to play console games. That was the most astonishing thing happened in my entire life. I'm unlocked.

Just now he asked me more about PS2 when we were watching DVD. TO be exact, when my sister and i were watching Doraemon DVD in the living room.

Dad : Eh, you know. That day the thing you played in grandma's place har, right now how much already?
Me : Oh, i''ve check at some places. Got CNY promo which they come with RM699, free 10 games and the other shop RM688, free 15 games. The difference is weird la.
Dad : Where are those things availabe?
Me : Game shops lo. Why? Wanna buy meh?
Dad : Maybe la. Can watch DVD and play game wo.

The reason he has the thought of buying it, maybe is because my house needs a second DVD player. We always want to watch our own thing, and he wants to watch his DVD series.

By moving the DVD player from the living room to his room, in and out, the unearthed player causes electrical shocks makes pain. So having a second DVD player seems necessary. Therefore, why don't a PS2?

His word "Maybe" has been increased the possibility of me having a PS2 from 0% to 21.8%. The chance is still low. If it was high enough, he would already called me to buy one immediately. Thus, i shall not expect too much.

Anyway, if i managed to get one, there are a few of games that i want to play. Since there would be 10 or more free DVD games came along during the package.

Gran Turismo 3 - A Spec

Gran Turismo 4 - Prologue

The King of Fighters 2003

The King of Fighters - Neo Wave

Guilty Gear XX, GGXX Reload, and the other new episodes which i don't know yet.

Silent Hill 3

Slient Hill 4 - The Room

Resident Evil 4

Devil May Cry (Poh Yoke said this is a must play, so i shall try out)

Basically i prefer KOF type of skill-needed fighting games, Resident Evil, Silent Hill like horror RPG and racing game which R-34 is expectable... Any recommended games other than tohse mentioned above?

Oh man, why am i planning so much? It's still a question whether i could get one or not.

Hope i could...

(P/s : Song "Life" by YUI is so nice. Thanks to Adrien for introducing.)


170# A series of unfortunate events

170# A series of unfortunate events

Today is the very first time i drove out of Klang. Although i already passed by P licence for a period, but i did not really had the chance to drive as far as i wanted.

I was guided by my elder sister. Or else i would not be driving alone. I'm an idiot who has no sense of directions.

The first place i drove to was Sunway Medical Centre. The parking fee, RM2 was just wasted. The doctor that my sister wanted to see was out.

-> First Mission Failed.

Since we were already in Sunway, so i drove to Pyramid to buy something. When i went down from the escalator. I saw a familiar pretty face, sat in front of the stall and having her meal with her mother. The stall was blocking my sight. I took a clearer look.

Oh man, it was Aretha! She witnessed my unwaxed nerdy hair style with her bare eyes!

First time we meet each other in Pyramid. And that was my first time driving there too. She was having her popia with her mother. I guess that was her mother... because i did not really hear what aretha said.

As usual, i go to arcade if i'm in a mall. There was no KOF XI, it's only available in Mid Valley, and it's down because of overdosed usage of violent players. I think la.

No one was playing KOF 2003, so i took my seat and played it. I played quite well. But the crowd was not paying attention on me. Instead, they were observing the guys at the left and right of me. Who were playing KOF 2002.

The guy at my right could do 25 hits combo man! And the guy at the left defeated the other player for 5 times in a row. Superb.

Head to the IMU after that to submit my registration forms.

Moved to Vista Apartment, my sister's friend's unit. Her study table, shelf, colour box were there. Since her friend already moved out, so she needed to take those things out from the unit and bring those back home.

The unit was cool. Nice location. Nice scenaries. Nice air ventilation. Fully furnished. But RM1300 or RM1400 would be out of my budget.

She opened the door. And... Her study table and colour box were gone! Book shelf with her name sticked on it was still there. Damn those juniors! They stole those away!

-> Second Mission Failed.

I was quite pissed. I burn 40km of fuel for the sake of that book shelf only which not worth more than RM20. Damn it...! I need those things when i move in the apartment later on.

Drove to Sri Petaling after that. The Store mall has just built and that was my second time been there. The main thing to do there is to develop my sister's pictures. 39 cents per photo. New Year promotion, very cheap indeed. Inserted her flash drive into the USB 2.0 slot of the machine. Not working. The guy in there checked the flask disk on the computer. Those photos were not copied!

My sister she did not copy those photos into the flash disk! She thought she did!

-> Third Mission Failed.

Guess today is not really my day. Things never worked out probably. But at least i learnt the way to IMU and the roads in Sri Petaling.

I think that my car has some problem. Hopefully not. My pathetic little Vitara goes shaky after the speed of 75km/h. I felt there was an Osim I-squeeze shaking my legs when i was with 110km/h.

I think i will not have this problem if i was driving this car.

My dream Skyline GTR R-34!!


169# Unequalities

169# Unequalities

I was just about begin this with the line that i'd did for the previous post. I have not find any room to rent yet!

Considering Shafiq and me, together with one more guy to rent a unit for RM1100 per month. So one person among us would need to pay extra for the master bedroom.

To split the pay, the only way that i could split so that the difference is the lowest would be RM330, RM370, RM400 respectively for small room, middle room, and master bedroom.

But RM400 for a master bedroom is a little bit to low if compared to those master bedrooms available out there. Well, i don't know man... I should settle this as soon as possible. My time is running out.

Anyway, Tai Ken's accommodation in the UK is really scary. One small cell for RM700 per WEEK is 7 times more than what available opposite IMU. What to do, UK is UK. Msia is Msia...

Actually i feel a little bit bored when people questioned me about what am i doing now.

The usual answers that i have given were,
1. I'm jobless now since half a year ago.
2. I'll be studying in Bukit Jalil next month.
3. University is starting next month.

When people asked further about what am i going to study, they will usually give me some weird feedbacks.

Let's look at these examples.

First Case
Venue - Little Asia, a lounge at Bukit Tinggi.
Occasion - Night drink with primary schoolmates.

Lee : You suck in having long hair, though you covered with your cap.
Me : Thanks for reminding. I'm not bothering it since i'm staying at home all this time. I'll cut it later on.
Lee : You still suck in either long or short hair. Cut it short do not help.
Me : Thanks for your precious compliments.
Lee : So what are you doing now?
Me : Jobless since October last year. Just hang around.
Lee : How about your university? Not planning to study anymore?
Me : My course is commencing during the Febuary.
Lee : Huh? What are you going to study?
Me : Medicine.
Lee : Huh? (With "such an ass like you?" expression)
Me : Why?
Lee : I'd never expect you'll study that.

Conclusion : I will get countless critiques from the others about my physical look each of every year when we meet up. I'm sick of these about i've never show my temper to them. I try my best not to slay those sluts as i could. To those who have know me since i was young, they'd never expect me to pick up this course. I do not know what are they thinking though.

Second Case
Venue - My friend, William's bedroom, Taman Masnah.
Occasion - Playing Gran Turismo 2 at the PS1 with Will's Brother in Law

Me : Wah... Your Evo VI's acceleration is too fast la. Although it's 267 HP like my R34.
Keong : Never mind la, you're still close behind me.
Me : I'm using manual now leh, supposedly i would be faster than you one la. How come?
Keong : How would i know? You come overtake me only la if you could, haha.
Me : Hey, i played High Speed Ring since i was 14 you know...
Keong : Are you working now ah?
Me : No... Going to study already la next month.
Keong : What are you going to study?
Me : Medicine.
Keong : Walao-eh. Really bo?
Me : Haha...

Conclusion : It's rather hard for people to believe, being an ex Kampung Jawa-ian would pick up this course.
Most of the students from this school are either have began to work, or studying at local universities, or being a full/part time gangster.

Third Case
Venue - EON workshop that i had worked before, Shah Alam.
Occasion - Sending my sister's car for maintainance, and to chat with the mechanic.

Peng : Oii Ming, so free ar?
Me : Peng ar, please fix the front windows. Cannot go up la when i wind down.
Peng : The motors out already la. Last time when you came change cable i told you already ma.
Me : So how much is the price for the motor?
Peng : Original EON one, the price will make you piss in your pants la. RM139 each.
Me : Walao-eh. Really bo?
Peng : Never mind la, i go find second hand one for you. Cheaper.
Me : Can one or not?
Peng : Can one...
Me : Then ok la, the second hand one la.
Peng: Ok. So how is your studies? Medic happening or not?
Me : Course has not started yet la. Next month.
Peng : So what kind of doctor are you doing to study? The one help women to give birth one ar?
Me : No la, the basic only for 5 years. After finished already only can go deeper to those.
Peng : If study the give birth one very geli la.
(Further conversations are sensored)

Conclusion : There are still more than a few of people do not understand what is a medicine course. They thought we are going into be specialised straight away.
This guy has never give me any weird expressions because he already knew i want to study long time ago. Nothing special for him since he knows my family background.
Hey people, medicine is not studying deliveries only one la...

I have to admit that my appereance has already give a "nerdy" look for everyone. Personally, i do not think that i'm a gangster-looked kind of person. My spectables hung already indicate that, I'm a nerd.
But i do not know why people will still have that kind of thinking towards me.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I was born with this kind of face, why can't i study medcine? Further more, is there anything got to do with studying this course if i have this kind of shitty face?

Well, whatever they like. But i'm really pissed off to my primary schoolmates.

I do not care if they are reading this. I just have to say,

"Cunt, watch what you're saying. I'm not an idiot. But the one who said i am one, is really an idiot"


168# Wishlist

168# Wishlist

Product Name : Sony Ericsson K700i
Price : RM 800 - RM900+
Specifications : VGA camera, Bluetooth, IrDA.
Priority Level : 4 - High
Reason : Cheapest price with sufficient functions

Product Name : Sony Ericsson 750i
Price : RM1599+
Specifications : 2.0 Mega pixels camera. Expansible memory.
Priority Level : 1 - Very Low
Reason : Design and color. The camera function and memory stick enabled.

Product Name : Edifier speaker M1300
Price : RM89 - RM269 (other series)
Specifications : Remote Control With Volume, headphone jack, mute button and power indicator LED.
Priority Level : 5 - Very high
Reason : Cheap. To be used for CD walkman in new accommodation.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Product Name : Marshall amplifier MG30DFX
Price : RM988+
Specifications : 30 Watt output. Built in gain, delay, chorus, flanger, reverb
Priority Level : 2 - Low
Reason : Strong gain. Most trusted brand in guitar amplifiers.

Product Name : Yamaha CPX5 Semi acoustic guitar
Price : RM700+++
Specifications : Semi-acoustic, wooden body
Priority Level : 4- High
Reason : Higher mobility compared to electric guitar. To play acoustic songs.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Product Name : iPod nano
Price : RM1200+
Specifications : 4Gb. Picture viewer.
Priority Level : 3 - Normal
Reason : Replacement for traditional CD walkman player.

Product Name : Nissan Skyline GTR R-34
Price : RM300,000+++
Specifications : 1989 - 1994 year design. 2 doors. 4WD, 260 HP.
Possibilities : 0%
Reason : Got addicted since year 2000 after playing Gran Turismo 2 game at PS1. Seen the actual cars parked beside my cars for twice. Only ONE existed in Klang, white in clour, car plate number 900. Owned by an extremely loaded young man.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Product Name : Ai Otsuka
Price : Priceless
Specifications : 25 Year old Japanese girl. Great Talent in music composing, singing, piano, drawing.
Possibilities : -100% (Not for Sale)
Reason : I just like Her.


167# No place to stay

167# No place to stay

Medicine course is commencing 22nd of Febuary in the IMU. And i have not settle my accommodation yet.

I got the list of rooms to rent in the Vista Apartment from the IMU's student affair. I gone through. Only 3 out of the 28 are suitable for me. The rest are either for female, or renting the whole unit, or the master bedrooms. Master bedrooms are all above RM500 per month, killing.

God, i want a middle room, please. Price about RM300 per month. And it is all being taken away. I called the 3 numbers in the list, all taken.

I called the other numbers that i got from the notice boards in the IMU campus and in the apartment. I got the same answers as above.


Now i'm panic. I have no place to stay.

I called Kong Fui, who is going to stay in the apartment since his second semester. He has not begin to search for rooms yet.

Called Shafiq. Who is currently staying over there. He wants to move to a new unit, by renting the whole unit and share with some other people. I was glad to hear that. But he wants fully furnished unit.

Man, that would be RM1500 per month since the furnitures are needed to be paid as well. If 3 people are sharing the unit, then it would be RM500 per month. No way man.

He did not tell me the reason why he wants to move. He is already staying there. There must be some reasons why he wants to move from his current unit to another.

Now i hope Shafiq would change his mind. Just get a normal unit, which priced around RM1000 to RM1200 per month. Hope Koung Fui will join the party later. And since they are having exams until Tuesday, i was called to call them back after their exams.

People, anyone knows is there any empty room to let in Vista Apartment? I want middle room, price around RM300 to RM330 per month. Please help... Urgent.

Or else i'll need to sleep beside the road liao.

166# Self

166# Self

I still recall, the first Wednesday of May...
The day where we met each other.

I still recall, the second Wendesday of June...
12.40am where all hope in eclipse.

It's been 7 months and counting,
Since the day i got abandoned from the cliff.

I always wanted to try again.
I told myself.
Do it after CAL is done.

Now CAL is done.
I told myself,
Do it after i got into a university.

Now i got into a university.
I told myself,
Don't bother it anymore,
Study first.

My mind tells me,
"Mike, damn you wei."

"Stop giving yourself so many god damned reasons."

"Take the chance when you have it.
If you had one, there would be a second.
Don't ever let the opportunity fade away just like that."

I replied my mind,
How could i read Her?
She's not those book which i read and familiar with.
How would i how what She thinks?

And this was how my mind answered...

"Please do not expect any answer from Her.
Just tell Her what you wanted to tell.
As long as She knows,
That's all.

After She's being told.
You can continue to do what you what to do.
Go study as long, as much as you like.

You said that isn't important to yourself,
You're such a liar.

Just ask yourself,
What are you thinking,
What have you been done within these 2 years?
What was the reason you threw her away?

Is that everything for you?

I replied,
I don't know wei...

I know what to do then.
I'll be fine.


165# Disclaimer for the Sweetened post

165# Disclaimer for the Sweetened post

Folks, please do not get to sensitive to my previous post. I do not mean anyone here who are reading these. Neither directly nor indirectly.

I was pointing to a particular friend who i had mentioned before in the 140th entry. Read it in the November archive if you want...

I do not think that she will read my blog. Or else i would not had typed those. If you really wanted to find out how exactly a person i mentioned looked like, you can find this person in my friendster. I have only 167 friends now, therefore it is not going to be a problem to look for it.

In order to protect the privacy of this person, i shall not type her name out. But i'm giving you a hint here, where the name has 7 alphabets.

I was not pointing to those whose names are not in 7 alphabets. If a person you found in my friendster list is with a 7 alphabets name, it's not going to be the exact person too. Because i believe that more than one person in my list have 7 alphabets names...

If you had saw her photos, I bet that you would agree to what i'd said in the previous post.

Agree with me?

Just say yes.


164# Caramel Flavoured Cutie Sweeties

164# Caramel Flavoured Cutie Sweeties

Girls are indeed a creature who no one could understand. There are born to be beautiful. In order to attain this, they would try their very best to look as beautiful as they could.

Natural born beautiful girls do still spend a lot of time and money on making themselves up. Since they are natural beauties, thus they will just need some other external factors to amplify their beautiness.

For those who are not born with angel's face, they would still try their best to look good. But no matter how hard they try, no one can turn from a devil to an angel, that's for sure. There's still a limit.

Now days, i mean girls now days, having a trend to act cute. Yes, acting cute and innocent.

Just days ago, i read a very funny part from the entertainment news. An issue about how the female singers from the Taiwan act cute.

Now this is how it goes.

Level 1 - SHE : Cartoon Voice

SHE in this case is not representing the taiwan female group S.H.E., but it's about the pronouncation of those artists when they're speaking.

Their voices are specially technically processed. When they are speaking in Mandarin, a voice of "SHE" will be added.

For example, the word "Thank you" is prounouced as "Xie Xie" in Mandarin. But for a cutie wannabes, it pronounces as "SHie SHie".

Can't distinguish the difference? There is a difference if you know to speak in Mandarin.

Besides murmuration is necessary. Voice must be soft. Just like holding a sweet in their mouth.

Example - Chi Ling, Lim

Level 2 - Supremacy

A - Make ups

i) Fake eyelashes - No matter real or fake, or extended. As long as it's long and dark, that's beautiful eyelashes.

ii) Face powder - I don't know what we called those in english. Powders which applied on the cheek. Red and bright face powders are compulsory.

B - Facial expressions - Eyes must be wide opened, looked as innocent as possible. Must remain the smile, like waiting for a kiss. With blinking eyes expressions.

C - No cat walks - During walking, cutie wannabes must avoid from cat walking. Must always look back, and wave their hands to the others.

D - Poses - Fingers must always be ready to pose the "V" sign. The pose can't be too exaggerated. The position of the "V" sign must be close to the eye. But the important part is that not to stab the fingers into the eyes. Be careful.

EXamples - Chi Ling, Lim Cyndi Wong Jolin Tsai

Level 3 - Ultimacy

Cuties say no to "Big Boobs". Because that make them looks like a mother of a dozen.

The most important of being an ultimate cutie, the height must not exceed 1.65 meters. For those who do, there's no way to be such cuties then.

Example - Rainny (Formerly from 4 in Love)

Please don't get me wrong. I hate those girls in the examples given above.

Chi Ling, Lim - I wonder would she maintain her voice when she was being sliched to death.

Cyndi Wong - She got lots of so called cute expressions, which make my eyesore.

Jolin Tsai - Come on la, she is not beautiful at all.

Rainny - Man, she's even worse than Jolin. I can simply find someone who is prettier than her anywhere. She's such kind of person, but still dared to act cute. Ultimate.

I have enough of these. I have seen lot of girls now days following such a trend. Even a few of friends of mine are doing the same thing. Actually they were making me to puke. They thought they looked great though. I have never think those were cute, come on.

Be yourself, be natural. Don't be astray.


163# PQRS

163# PQRS

- Pariah, Queues, Restless (New old examined version)

Incident in 2004

I was lining up in front of the cashier in the shop Giodano, Bukit Raja, Klang.

I got a pair of jeans for myself, and i wanted to pay in cash. I was still under age, so i had not getting my card yet. My elder sister was still in the fitting room trying her jeans. I paid first because i wanted to lepak alone later on.

When it was almost my turn to pay, out of a sudden, an auntie appeared from the middle of nowhere, cut the line and stood in front of the cashier.

"Aiya, the rest have not ready to pay yet. Ley me pay first la" Said by that uncivilised "Ah Soh", waved out her little pathetic silver credit card and waved in front of my sight.

My blood pressure was forced increase.

The 3 pieces of RM50 notes were not money? Paying in cash was a shame? What was so big deal to pay with her poor little husband's silver credit card? If she wanted to show off, why did not she took out the black one?

I stared at that pariah "Ah Soh" with the eyes of beast. My younger sister did the same as i did, who appeared to have the inherited homicidal eyes.

Obviously that "Ah Soh" was not going to realise her fault. She was there just to show off her little silver card. She had succeed. But if she wanted to make someone there angry, she made it too.

Incident in 2006

I was lining up in front of the cashier in the Jaya Jusco shop, Bukit Raja, Klang.

I got 2 pairs of slacks and a long sleeves shirt. Jusco was doing offers so i took the chance to buy more of those.

I was lining up at the cash and card counter, since i did not have enough cash to buy those. The queue was long because of the offers, indeed.

There was a little kid, aged about 4 to 6 years old playing around. He stood in front of me, in the queue. And he turned to his right, said:

"Daddy, i got a shortcut!"

The daddy said : " You're lining up? Good!"

I was thinking, "Dog, your son of a bitch is cutting the line, not lining up. I bet you know it bastard. You called it as good? Cutting a line is good? I would like to ask you, what kind of fucking education are you giving to your son of a bitch?"

I could only say that to myself. I could not show my temper straight away in the public. Because i knew once i was triggered, i could not guarantee that i would not say foul languages.

And then the daugther of that "Educational Daddy" got into the line, in front of me. Elder than the little kid. Holding her mother's personal wearings with the Jusco card and a HSBC silver card.

Since she was holding the credit card, but she yelled at her daddy, who stood 2 meters away from her,

"Daddy, are you paying in card or cash?"

Damn it, she was holding the damn card, what was the point of asking then? And both of the good daddy and daughter started their conversations about credit cards.

In my mind, God damn them. What the Hell on earth. They were like scare no one has seen that silver card before. Had they seen a gold one before? My blood pressure had already increase since my line got cut. Now the conversation of these two people added further increase of my blood pressure.

My elder sister was right. In Jaya Jusco, Bukit Raja, people would just pay with credit card even though they are just buying 2 bras with costed not more than RM40. Klang people was so desparated to show off they pathetic little silver cards.

This evening...

This got nothing to do with mall nor credit cards. It was about on the road incidents. I know i've cursed a lot of road incidents before, but i can't stop myself from doing it since I've take too much.

I have repeated for endless times, that i hate people who cut line.

New road rule in Malaysia. Since the year of 2006 until a particular day of Febuary, 5 faults did by drivers will be fined not more than RM300.

I do not know why there's a period.

1. Over speed.
2. Cut line
3. Overtake at double lines
4. Drive dangerously?
5. ?

I can't really remember. But i'm pretty much sure that cutting the line is one of the five.

I was fecthing my younger sister back from tuition. While lining up and waiting in front of the traffic light. There was a lttle white kancil tried to cut into my lane from the right.

I hate such kind of idiot! I siren that fair little kancil for 2 seconds, he got stunned and slowed down. I accelerated off. I bet that kancil was pissed. Not satisfied? Come bang me la...

Moral of the stories

From what we could see, people in Klang need to have more sense of Moral. I'm a person from Klang too, but at least i'm not acting like that kind of idiots.

I got B4 for my Moral Studies in SPM and C for my A levels LAN subject. Don't play play ah...

But i'm not a very "Moral-ed" person. I bet no one on earth practices all, whatever how many values there are, of Moral Studies. No one is such a divine.

Am I contradicting myself? I hope no.


162# What colour can you see?

162# What colour can you see? According to Jin, racial discriminations still occur overseas.  I knew that from the newspaper... Jin said, even an old women, walks on the street, spotted Asian in her country, would insult the people. Calling them to get their asses back to their country. The funny part was, some will say... "Ni Hao, Zhong Guo Ren! Get back to your country China!" It sounds friendly initially since they spoke in Mandarin. But the second part was really pissing off. In the UK, people who are different races will not sit together to have a tea. Unlike what we have over here, Malay, Chinese and Indian go mamak. Sit in a same table and chat together. This would never happen outside country of Malaysia. Once after our conversation regarding that issue, suddenly I felt so proud to be a Malaysian. We were taught to tolerant with the other races since we were young. Although I've seen a lot of unfair things happened around me. But at least I could still endure those problems. Racial discriminations occur overseas are just simply too much to be accepted. Students go overseas for higher studies. Even though they would have some part time jobs over there. But the main reason they go to those countries are not to earn, but learn. So what is the point for those people to insult Asians over there? They are not taking anything away from them. This evening I went out to send my sister's car to fix the windows. Since the new original part of the windows' motor were too expensive, so the mechanic recommended me for second hand ones. Once i had worked over that workshop, so I'm very close to that mechanic. I followed the mechanic to a huge car part workshop for second hand parts. While the way back to the workshop that I'd work with before with the mechanic, he received a call from someone over the phone. "Hello, who is this? Xiao Fen ar? Oh... ok. Where are you staying? Alright... Just see whether I have the time or not..." According to what he said, I could judge who was over the phone. He admitted it, and he laughed that was a CSW looking for business. He said he didn't know how that lady got his number. Anyway I do not think he would look for her since he had married. I guess... For that case, that was despicable. Those ladies from the PRC, immigrate illegally and have unusual business in our country. I love Malaysia. I love Malaysian food. I love Malaysia's mamak. But I dislike dirty mamaks... and the flies... Malaysia is good. First time I praise Malaysia? No... This is the second time I'm doing this.

161# Twin Towers in the Twin Towers

161# Twin Towers in the Twin Towers

I guess it had been 4 months i did not meet Wei-Jin. We met up in the KLCC yesterday. While seeking for him, i was scanning for any tall objects around. And that was the first time we hang out with Princess Kim too. Too bad Aretha did not make it because she was sick.

We had lunch in Genki, and then looking for books in the kinokuniya. Followed by Tower records because i wanted to look for Ai's third album. Apparently it would not be available now since Taiwan's release was 23rd of Dec 2005. Considering the time for them to import it to our country, it would be here around Febuary...

We missed out to go to the Quicksilver, to see the handsome in there. Too bad...

I can't remeber where was it, but it was in the MNG department. Jin spotted someone and called me to see.

Blonde, was it in black top?

I did not get it, though. Suddenly i felt that we were doing was quite funny. Because we had never do thattogether for such a long time. Cyndi felt curious about what we did. But she managed to find out anyway, haha.

Both of us, who known as the Twin Towers. Very first time we went to KLCC together. Made up a funny term as "Twin Towers in the Twin Towers". That was quite the cool!

I was said that i've grew from 6 feet 1 into 6 feet 2. I'm not sure... I hoped that i'm not growing anymore. Or else i can't find anyone to suit me. Like Adrien wrote,

"Mike, get a 6 feet girl friend to suit you!"

That's really hard. Perhaps models would have that height...


160# Shortalk

160# Shortalk

Hey, folks in the UK, Ireland, Germany, or whatever country... Remember to renew your driving licence when you get back to your homeland...

My P licence was valid until 5th of January. But it had never gone through my mind. Only when my younger sister passed her driving exam, then i realised that there was a P licence in my wallet that i carried for the past 2 years.

I went to the driving centre, or whatever name people name it as, to renew it. RM30 per year, plus RM10 for service charge. Sigh, we are paying to much for the government for such messed up roads. I did it one shot for 5 years. Save the additional service charge next time.

Just now Joanne sms-ed me. Informed me that she'd grabbed a photo from my friendster profile. A picture that i drawn to be exact.

I did not understand why most of the people prefer the 11th one than the 14th one that i've drawn. According to her, only i found out the mistake i did in the 14th piece.

The 14th one looks weird, in the sense of not natural enough, and not in proportion. The noticable part is her hair at the top of her right. Yes, i did notice that too. But for me, that wasn't that obvious. But now i noticed how bad that mistake was.

14th is the last titled drawing i'd drawn in the year of 2005. I remained a lot of the untitleds undone. I need more mood. But now i do not think that i have the mood to draw anymore. Got to be busy for my university arrangements.

11th -
14th -

Going to stay at outside alone later on. I think i need time to adapt myself. Besides, i will not have car to drive when i'm staying in the apartment beside IMU campus. So my meals will just be taken in the apartment... How sad.

But Princess Kim said she will picked me up from IMU and go for dinner in Sri Petaling. That's really good. Hope she wasn't joking. Thanks in advance.

Anyone knows is there any empty room to let in Vista apartment? Let me know alright.

I'm going to IMU to get some info about the rooms from the notice borads in the campus. Meeting Jin and Aretha, Princess Kim, and maybe the others as well, later in the KLCC. See you guys there later.

I'd formatted by CPU. DoTA is not installed back. Sad case...

Alright, i shall not talk too much now. Since i'd did for the previous posts. Not going to hurt your eyes again. Anyway, further up i'm going to write more.


159# Burn Talk

159# Burn Talk

Year 2003

I sent my CPU for a CD burner, with the price of RM350. I did not know anything about CD burnings. The first audio CD i had made was Slipknot's "Iowa" album. After several failures that i'd learnt, i managed to figure out the differences between making an audio CD and an MP3 cd.

I shared my favourite songs with my friends, buy burning audio CDs with tracks upon demand. Guess i'd gave out more than 40 audio CDs to my friends during that year. I felt regret for doing that as i was doing something pirated. But i was not selling. At least that could be better.

I made enchanced audio CD, or we should call it as Audio data CD. Once comes with music if played in a player. It shows data when read in a computer. I stored Videos, games as datas to share with my friends. Data and audio at the same time. That was kind of great that time.

Year 2004 and 2005

I still burn some audio CDs for my friend. But that year was lesser. I can still remember i'd burn for a few people only.

Including William, Joshua, Sexy Teng, Adrien, Layhui, Poh Yoke, Joanne, Jojo, Cheryl, Mindy, Wenying, and some one else. Total not more than 30 CDs, i guess. But that was still a lot...

During the end of the year 2004, my first self-made VCD was done in my friend's house. His CPU was faster than mine, so the encoding was made possible. That time, with the specs of the CPU, each VCD took about 30 minutes or more to complete. I managed to burn a VCD from the music videos i downloaded from the internet.

Year 2006, Current

I got a DVD burner now and i'm moving further. Initially i did not know what to burn for DVD since my datas are still too little to be stored in a 4.7Gb DVD+R.

Remember one night, before i slept. I got a sudden thought flashed across my mind. I thought of burning the "Full Metal Alchemist" anime into DVD video. It's an AVI format anime, 51 episodes, fitted in 13 pieces of my CDRs.

From Sunway Pyramid i purchased 10+2 pieces of Imation DVD+R with casing, with price of RM30.00. I guess it was the cheapest among all the stores, RM2.5 per DVD+R. If you found cheaper and better ones, inform me about it ok!

This is how i got it started

I inserted a DVD+R into the burner. I'm using Nero Smartstart. To burn DVD video, only 3 types of DVD video format were supported by my system. Manual always help. According to the manual, to import AVI format video, Nero VisionExpress was required.

What a steam breaker... I called my cousin for consultation. I was told to get trial version on the internet. Disappointed.

I took out my Samsung burner installation CD, i realised that Nero VisionExpress is included in the CD! Oh man, Thank God.

Installed Nero VisionExpress. Specialised in making VCD and DVD videos. I clicked on it, something appeared.

"Direct X 9.0 or higher is required"

Sick! A second steam breaker!

I went to microsoft page to download it. But it required validation of genuine microsoft windows software. I could not do that, you know. Therefore, i returned to google search for alternative sources. I used a particular download software to act as a third party to download the software.

That was bad, i know.

Direct X 9.0 was more than 47Mb. For T1 users or broadband users, it would not be a problem. But it was for me, i'm a dial up user. 5 hours spent on downloading the setup, how sad.

Once i finished the download, immediately i installed it. Nothing happened. I was panicking. My intuition called me to extract a particular WinZip file. I did. After that, Nero VisionExpress can be accessed!

"Mike, you're such a genius", I said to myself for consolation.

Brain Cracking Procedures to make a DVD video

I copied 12 episodes of the anime into my hard disk. Taking some time because the files were more than 2Gb. Import those video clips into the system. Everything seemed fine. But in order to have such a long play, i chose "Custom" for the video quality. Mininum resolution. Therefore i made possible for 12 episodes. 25 minutes/episode, total of 5 hours video.

To transcode the videos was such a pain in the... It took 2 hours to transcode the videos! There was a preview shown for the transcode process. So it was like you're watching the 5 hours DVD video with 2x or 4x forward speed for the entire process of the transcoding.

Luckily the burning process onto the DVD took me only 20 minutes, or less. After the burning process was done, i continued it with a second DVD for the same project. It skipped the 2 hours transcode process since it was already done for the first piece.

I examined the DVD video i made at the DVD player. Cool, great. I texted "Produced by Mike 2006" on the menu, how nice! By the time i finished those work, it was already 2 or 3 in the midnight.

The whole process of installations, software download, copy, edit, transcode, burn onto DVD had just took me the whole day and night. Buy i was glad that i made it myself, though.

Second attempt

Today, just now i repeated the steps to make a DVD video from my CDR, AVI anime. I was smart this time. I edited the videos by cutting off the ending themes. I managed to fit in 13 episodes into the DVD+R compared to 12 episodes only for the first piece.

The 2 hours transcoding and 20 minutes of buring were predictable. So i left the computer and watch the first DVD i made on the tv.

After the burning process, i inserted the second blank DVD+R as to burn the same project again. But this time, i do not know what problem had i did. The transcode process started from the beginning again!

Sick! The first time i did, last night, it began with burning straight away without transcoding! Because the during burning the first one it had already transcoded! Frustrated.

I tried to skip that part with some other ways. "Copy DVD video" did not seem to work.

I was so stupid. In the end only i realised i could "Copy CD". "Copy CD" is regardless the contains of the CD or DVD, it will be copied identically straight away.

I inserted the DVD video, using "Copy CD" mode, select source and destination at the DVD burner. So the source will be extracted, stored temporarily at the hard disk. Once done i just need to take out the source DVD and put in the blank DVD+R into the burner.

After 20 minutes, another copy of Disc 2 was done... Exhales. I have to give my computer a break. I shall comtinue the 3rd and the 4th Disc tomorrow.


Am i making any sense here? I'm just noting down the process of how i made the DVD video from AVI videos at CDRs. I got the copies of CDR from Wei-Jin last year, Thanks man.

Anyway, i think you guys might not interested in burning DVD videos, nor reading these. Just simply you guys only watch videos with your comouter or laptop! Correct right? I knew it!

I think i prefer to watch videos with tv, being a coach potato at the same time. Watching it with computer or laptop is really uneasy. Further more, heat might damage the computer. If my tv damage never mind la, 10 years old tv, haha!

Question me if you wish to learn more. But not necessary i know everything, i'm still looking deeper onto it. Share more with me if you want.

It's time to let my computer rest now. It was operating since i woke up. 2pm until now with heavy workloads....

Disclaimer :

Making pirated audio Cds or video DVDs are not encouraged by anyone including decarboxylation.blogspot.com. Neither download softwares with third party is encouraged.

Use genuine windows. Listen to original audio CDs. Watch original DVDs. Original music can be purshased through iTunes.


158# Music Talk

158# Music Talk


As far as i could remember, i started to have interest in listening music was when i was about 10. Celine Dion was great for me and i listened to her almost everyday. Her "Falling in to you" album. During that time, pop scene was very popular among the youngsters and the kids like me.

There're a few that i could name. When i was 12, i listened to the boy group called 911. As well as the backstreet boys, boyzone, N sync... etc. When i was 13 to 15, i listened to more of them. Britney spears was once my favourite. Specially her "Opps, i did it again" album. Christina Aguilera's self-titled album was good. I got the extra remixed cassette. J.Lo's "On the 6" was the one which made me into Latin music.

Other than those mentioned above, i did listen to M2M, Dido, Michelle Branch, Natalie Imbruglia. These artists were once my favourite...

I continued listen to those until 16. At the age of 16, i began to listen rock, hardcore, and metal music. The first metal band i listened to was Paparoach. At first i found such noisy music was disturbing, indeed. Through MTV channel i know about Linkin Park. Through Linkin Park i know about Korn, Limp Bizkit. Further i went, i know about P.O.D., Blink-182, Evanescence...

When i was in Form 5, 17. I began to listen to Slipknot. Year of 18, Mushroomhead. And then my taste into Metal music expands, to bands like Stone Sour, Murderdolls, Deftones... At the same year, as i could remember, during the month of August i began to listen to darker music. I had some difficulties and social problems just because i listen to those dark ones. I have no one to share about the music, and no one to share the songs that i can play.

People might have problem to those i'm listening to. I admit that those do not meant to exist at that social's sight.


But look, just look at how is the music scene nowdays have developed? The mainstream music before was just alright. Groups like BSB, Westlife, Blue or whatever were really acceptable for the public. But since the sudden rise of R&B and Hip hop music, there were more than a few of those who already judge the dead of rock. And nowdays pop culture even mixed with R&B and hip hop culture which was once only practiced by the black in the US.

Just take a look at what we have in the media now. Once i switch to the channels like Mtv, Channel V, Hitz.tv... What could i see are just hip hop influenced videos. Chances are 8 out of the ten. The hip hop culture has entirely infest the normal pop culture. It has replaced what we called as pop.

I can say that 7 out of the 10 of Hip hop based music is not healthy. Not healthy in the sense of the lyrics itselves are bad, explicit, meaningless and obscence. What the hell is "Don't Phunk with my heart"? Are they trying to imply "Don't Fuck with my heart"? What is "Pussy Cat Dolls"? What kind of groups is that? Are they selling music or selling their body?

What i could see in a Hip hop music video are just all about booty shakin, bling bling, hard liqours, parties, sex, and lots of unhealthy things, which do not meant to be shown in the general channels.

Hip hop has even brain washed the local music scene. For example, i've watched a video from the local vocal group called "Tea Tarik Crew". Ok, that sounds kind of freak. What appeared in their video were people dressed with little clothes on them like they have no money to buy. Those who supposed to be veilded partying around, hard liqours around, gamble cards on the table, implying oral sex of a girl to the DJ....

That kind of shit is that? Are those things meant to be appeared in a local group? Further more, the members of the group are all Muslims. Can they take liqour? Can they gamble? Can they even practice oral sex? Which are all seriously banned by their religion. And what worse is that the video is played at local channel tv.

Besides, i do not find the value of music for hip hop music. What's so nice to rap? Anyone can read things as fast as they want. Anyone can write lyrics to rap, since it do not make any sense. Hip hop is all about commercial, not music for me.

I had talked about the issue of negative influence brought by hip hop music with my friends. And there was a guy did not agree with me and said "How about Black Metal?". Obviously the negative influence of hip hop had not go through his mind. The first thing which came across was the Black Metal music, which going against his religion.


Alright, i have to claim something over here. I admit that Black Metal is bad in a normal thinking way. But look, have you ever watch any Black Metal music's video on the screen of your home tv? Black Metal is always hidden under the ground. And it has never go through the public's attention. At least not in Asia, other than the only Country Japan. This country got a lot of attention from the Black Metal scene where they always have Japan overseas versions of CDs to Japan and only to Japan.

Black Metal music is still witin the range of art music, for me. Guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, orchestras. Do you think that a person without any musical knowledge and play those instruments? Unlike hip hop. Hip Hop is, as long as a person has a mouth to rap, and body to swing, to wear baggies. If one could break dance that's even better. That's everything for hip hop. That's all about it.

But Black Metal is different. Songs are written, played, sung in the minor keys. Guitars are picked in tremelo, solo-ed in rhythm. Keyboards are played in sorrow. Drums are struck for hundred and hundred beats per minute. Vocals are torn. Female vocals, soprano in 4 octaves. Iscariotic choirs, orchestras...

Therefore, are these have even more value of art and music if compared to those hip hop music? Which only created by samplers, turnatables, drum machines? Does a person need to have grade 8 or more musical knowledge to create beats for hip hop music? Obviously, no.

I'm not complimenting anything about black metal here. I know it would not be accepted by anyone no matter what. Therefore it's always hidden under the ground. Those exposed to the public are critiqued as "mainstream black metal" and they would never return to the underground anymore.


I got a Christian friend asked me, "So how's Cradle of Filth?"

I just answered, "Alright, the lyrics are poetic."

What i meant poetic was poetic. I had go through the lyrics, which remain unnoticeable by hearing. What they are singing are just about love, their godness, and worship to Her. A particular case where 4 songs were about "Paradise Lost" written by John Milton. Most of those are about stories from the bible.

Alright, i do admit that song titles such as "Satan my master", "The Principle of Evil made flesh", "The Black Goddess Rises", "Iscariot" are quite sensitive and negative from a religion's view. But this is not the entire thing of it to be a mistake nor a problem.

People might think that Black Metal deals with virgin sacrifices, drug, and a lot of negative stuffs. But those are just bias and assumption from the public. They do not practice human nor animal sacrifices. Because in fact, Lucifer doesn't need to be fed. Funny... But somehow, some of them do sprinkle or drench themselves with blood from blood bags, which i think is a waste. They do not kill people when they're performing. But some are employed to have copse paint and pretend like one for the fans to push, throw and torture around.

Anyway, some of them even choose the "dark" places for their recordings. "Dark" in the sense of "feng shui" that we can name. The "Feng shui" which could great dark and Goth atmosphere for the music. For example a place called Parkgates Studio, Battle in the UK. They said they killed and hung their co-producer in the studio for the sake of inspirations. Personally i do not think that was true.


Alright, no matter what, those negative stuffs i mentioned above about Black Metal will not be in the public's sight no matter what. What could the public witness right now is the decandence of the pop culture and the displacement by negative, unhealthy hip hop culture. Even it has influenced our local Malay artists.

This phenomenon is really disappointing for those music perfectionist. I'm not one, but i'm disappointed as well. Those who used to be unwashed in the US and become rich nowdays because of their music. And right now, the world is copying them. How sad.

Disclaimer : The above discussions are just personal opinions and it do not against any particular person, musical groups, body nor religions.


157# 2005

157# 2005

Another entry copied from ash-starcrossed.com

Top 5 fav Audio - Female

1. Ai Otsuka - Cherish
2. Mika Nakashima - Isolation
3. BoA - If You were Here
4. Ai Otsuka - Daisukidayo
5. Mika Nakashima - Oboroduyoki ~ Inori

Top 5 fav Video - Female

1. Ai Otsuka - Cherish
2. Mika Nakashima - Yuki no Hana
3. Ai Otsuka - Daisukidayo
4. Ai Otsuka - Kingyo Hanabi
5. Mika Nakashima - Seppun

Top 5 fav Audio - Male

1. Cradle of Filth - Tearing Veil from Grace
2. Dimmu Borgir - Allegiance
3. American Head Charge - Loyalty
4. Korn - Counting on me
5. Slipknot - The Blister Exists

Top 5 fav Video - Male

1. Cradle of Filth - Scorched Earth Erotica
2. American Head Charge - Just so you know
3. Slipknot - Before i Forget
4. Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine
5. Slipknot - Vermilion

Top 5 fav albums - Female

1. Mika Nakashima - Music
2. Ai Otsuka - Love Jam
3. BoA - Girls on Top
4. Mika Nakashima - Love
5. Ai Otsuka - Love Punch

Top 5 fav albums - Male

1. Cradle of Filth - Damnation and a day
2. Korn - Greastest Hits
3. Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine
4. Slipknot - Vol3: The Subliminal Verses
5. American Head Charge - The War of Art

Top 5 most played songs

1. Cradle of Filth - Cruelty Brought thee orchids
2. Cradle of Filth - Funeral in Carthapia
3. Cradle of Filth - Dusk and Her embrance
4. Cradle of Filth - Mother of Abominations
5. Cradle of Filth - Tearing Veil from Grace

Top 5 most visited blogs

1. www.rojaks.blogspot.com
2. www.kennysia.com
3. www.ash-starcrossed.blogspot.com
4. www.rockson.blogspot.com
5. www.fcukling.blogspot.com

Top 5 most visited sites

1. www.blogger.com
2. www.friendster.com
3. www.channel-ai.com
4. www.avexnet.or.jp/ai
5. www.mikanakashima.com

Top 5 most used words/phrases

1. Burn in Hell
2. Pariah
3. Wrapped
4. God Damned
5. Sic

Top 5 happiest incidents

1. Admission to IMU
2. Still survived
3. Brought lots of CDs and singles
4. Learnt new songs to play
5. -

Top 5 saddest incidents

1. Being rejected
2. Friends gone
3. Jobless
4. No life
5. Not studying

Top 5 things i want to do in year 2006

1. Study well in university
2. Stay healthy and positive
3. Learn to be more independent
4. Learn more songs other than Black Metal songs
5. Collect more albums and singles CDs

Happy New Year people!

156# About my Area, Part 2

156# About my Area, Part 2

My neighbourhood - Extended version

We are asked to love our neighbour like how we love ourselves. But in fact, how many people on earth could really apply this? I do not know. But i know that i could not love my neighbours like how i love myself.

The neighbour at the left of my house is a Chinese. Basically i have no problem with them. Just feel a unhappy with the aunty when she does opened burning, and when she yells at her grandchilds.

The neighbour at the right of my house is a Chinese as well. His current wife now is an Indonesian. They're ok. Just sometimes the wife would turn on the radio until very loud. But it rarely happen.

My secondary teacher critiqued me because i did not know my neighbours' names. Yes, i do not know.

I have no problem with the neighbours beside my house. But i do have problem with the row at the back of my house.

That god damned keling family would not learn how to control their volume. They speak like the person at the other side was at 1km away. To be exact, they do not speak, but they yell. In fact, that family is not the only one who do this mistake. I mean, speaking in high frequency and high amplitude is the attribute of their race. I'm not taking racial issues here, but this's the fact.

Remember when i was 16, 11pm something. This family at the back of my house had a quarrel. The child was like locked him/herself inside a room. The mum was knocking on the door, and screaming to that s/d.o.b so that he/her could get out from the room. Minutes after, the dad came over to join the party.

I was trying to sleep as i could. But the noise was extremely annoying and it had increased my blood pressure. Both of the parents were yelling, knocking on the damned door. And the child in the room was screaming like his/her parents were peeling his/her skins alive.

"PD! Sudah pukul berapa sekarang? Tak payah tidur kah? KNNCCB!"

I could not stand that shit anymore, and i opened my window and yelled at that family.

"Apa sekarang, keluar la! Bising apa bising?" The dad fired me back.

I was scared. Because once keling goes mad, he could take anyone down. That explains why there're always assault and murder cases done by those in the paper.

Minutes after, they did not make any noise anymore. Probably they had lack of fuel and their engines had overheated.

Right now, i'm still extremely hate this family. Every morning when the parents bath the children, the kids will sure scream like hell. Bathing seems to be a torment for them. No wonder these people smell like shit.

Imagine, every morning of 5, before the sun rises. The annoying vocals from the speakers of the small chapel wake everyone within range of 1km up. And about 8am, these kids will scream in pain when their parents bath them. How could i sleep in such a happening condition?

Besides, there is always a particular house at the back, which i do not sure which house was that, always play their pop songs loudly. Few tracks that i could remember, like the song "From Am to Pm" from some shitty western female kopi-o artist. They play damn loud. I could endure if they're playing some nice songs. But not those pop songs which could increase my blood pressure. That time i was into Slipknot. So i always fire back with Slipknot's songs. I always win in the end.

I'm revengeful. Right now i always counter attack back by my guitar. I practice most of the times. During the evening where it was silent, i could hear the sound of my neighbours closing their windows, when i turn on my amplifier. No joke. They really used to it and they know what am i going to do when they could hear the distorted E string sound when i'm tuning the amplifier. To pay back all the torments they had bring to me, the sound of my guitar and the sound of Satan have pay them back double.

I hate that family.

Yesterday, 31st of Dec. The last day of the year 2005. Early morning after the sun rose, i was awaken by the loud disco noise. It was just 7 something. After couple of seconds, my mind had forced to figure out what the hell had happened. There was a sport game held by the neighbourhood organisation at the field in front of my house. And the so called DJs were sound checking by boosting the half-assed amplifiers and waking everyone up.

Saturday morning, people should be going to work. But i do not know why these guys do not need to work. Most of the people who joined the sport games were bollywood lovers. There're a few Malays only around my area. And the rest had went out to eat Bah Kut Teh or working i think. So the field was fulled with people, looked like a gathering of MIC members instead of a neighbourhood programme.

Who could compete with them? I mean, thsoe people are naturally born with good staminas. The only great thing about them is their stamina, instead of anything else. Since most, i think all of those people in the field were members of MIC, so the MC did not bother to speak in Malay, and spoke in Tamil in the end. Intially songs playing were those self-claimed remixes, which mix Crazy Frog techno with their bollywood music. In the end, only bollywood music i could heard. The programme had entirely turned up to be theirs. How great.

Wherever a Malaysian goes, there always a trace. After the programme, the whole field was fulled with trash. White polystyrene trashs could even cover the whole green field. And they even throw those in front of my doorstep.

From the newspaper i learnt, back to year 1994 or 1998, i can't recall. There was an event in a particular stadium in Japan, which able to fit in 60 thousand people. After the event, there was not even a piece of paper nor trash left behind in the stadium. Look, education and civilazation contrast between Malaysian and Japanese. I'm not admiring Japanese here, don't get me wrong. Even a little kid of 2 knows that trash must be thrown into a dustbin. But those pariahs just never learn. There're still lots of rubbish in front of my house.

Besides, I could not move my car out smoothly because those idiots simply parked their kancils and wira everywhere in front of my house.

In front of my house, the field. Located exactly 180 degrees in front of my doorstep there "was" a bus stop. About ten years ago after vandalism, it's roofless. It's totally damaged. There's a shed where those pariahs gather, drink and smoke. Imagine how would it be when the smoke from the fags go into my house. Further more, those pariahs like those assed branded cigars, RM0.25 for a piece. Dunhill's RM0.60 a piece fyi. The smell sucks. Causing the high partial pressure of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in my house. How wish those smokers would just die because of emphysema.

Other than those mentioned above, you know what... Pizza Hut would never deliver to my area. Their riders had been robbed by pariahs more than a few times. Money, pizza, motorcycles had been robbed away by them. How sick. The only delivery available in my area is McD.

Taman Sentosa, i'm sick of this place. It's not "Sentosa" at all, no peace at all because of these pariahs. A place for keling refugee. The reason why there're so many pariahs moved here is because the houses here are damn cheap. Since there are so many of them moved here, and these natural born criminals caused a lot of crime around. Therefore this causes the further decrease of the prices of the houses over here. BKT eaters begin to move away from here, like my friends who used to live here. Moved because too many keling around.

Me? Not so soon yet. I think it's going to take sometime until i could move to a new house at a new area. My dream house is one with two and a half storey banglo, with the highest level to be my studio. I think the dream would come true some other days. I wait.

Damn those idiots in my area! This is not your estate ok!


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