170# A series of unfortunate events

170# A series of unfortunate events

Today is the very first time i drove out of Klang. Although i already passed by P licence for a period, but i did not really had the chance to drive as far as i wanted.

I was guided by my elder sister. Or else i would not be driving alone. I'm an idiot who has no sense of directions.

The first place i drove to was Sunway Medical Centre. The parking fee, RM2 was just wasted. The doctor that my sister wanted to see was out.

-> First Mission Failed.

Since we were already in Sunway, so i drove to Pyramid to buy something. When i went down from the escalator. I saw a familiar pretty face, sat in front of the stall and having her meal with her mother. The stall was blocking my sight. I took a clearer look.

Oh man, it was Aretha! She witnessed my unwaxed nerdy hair style with her bare eyes!

First time we meet each other in Pyramid. And that was my first time driving there too. She was having her popia with her mother. I guess that was her mother... because i did not really hear what aretha said.

As usual, i go to arcade if i'm in a mall. There was no KOF XI, it's only available in Mid Valley, and it's down because of overdosed usage of violent players. I think la.

No one was playing KOF 2003, so i took my seat and played it. I played quite well. But the crowd was not paying attention on me. Instead, they were observing the guys at the left and right of me. Who were playing KOF 2002.

The guy at my right could do 25 hits combo man! And the guy at the left defeated the other player for 5 times in a row. Superb.

Head to the IMU after that to submit my registration forms.

Moved to Vista Apartment, my sister's friend's unit. Her study table, shelf, colour box were there. Since her friend already moved out, so she needed to take those things out from the unit and bring those back home.

The unit was cool. Nice location. Nice scenaries. Nice air ventilation. Fully furnished. But RM1300 or RM1400 would be out of my budget.

She opened the door. And... Her study table and colour box were gone! Book shelf with her name sticked on it was still there. Damn those juniors! They stole those away!

-> Second Mission Failed.

I was quite pissed. I burn 40km of fuel for the sake of that book shelf only which not worth more than RM20. Damn it...! I need those things when i move in the apartment later on.

Drove to Sri Petaling after that. The Store mall has just built and that was my second time been there. The main thing to do there is to develop my sister's pictures. 39 cents per photo. New Year promotion, very cheap indeed. Inserted her flash drive into the USB 2.0 slot of the machine. Not working. The guy in there checked the flask disk on the computer. Those photos were not copied!

My sister she did not copy those photos into the flash disk! She thought she did!

-> Third Mission Failed.

Guess today is not really my day. Things never worked out probably. But at least i learnt the way to IMU and the roads in Sri Petaling.

I think that my car has some problem. Hopefully not. My pathetic little Vitara goes shaky after the speed of 75km/h. I felt there was an Osim I-squeeze shaking my legs when i was with 110km/h.

I think i will not have this problem if i was driving this car.

My dream Skyline GTR R-34!!

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