172# Tagged again.

172# Kena Tagged again.

Adrien was not doing considerate this time. I thought he was all the times. He was trying to kill me by giving me this tag. He knew that my brain has not operate since June of 2005. And now he gave me this so that i could twist out some brain juice to work this out.

The way he wrote this tag was quite fantastic. With all those funny-funny biology, mathematic stuffs in there. Well, you shall read it here.

Anyway, i've seen this from Rojaks. And he did a very great job. Somehow, i should just come out with a normal one compared to rojaks one which was a little bit explicit.

The reason why i include this tag into my total post is because i do need to think to post this...

I was asked to come out a story with 100 to 200 words together with the below words included. To be used once and once only during the whole story. Well, i shall begin.

1. I
2. me
3. blowjob
4. grapes
5. random
6. power
7. loneliness
8. water
9. robot
10. blue

I do not like to lepak at The Store mall. It sucks hell. The scenes in the mall do bother me. The unwashed couples will just do blowjob at any dark corners. The others will open their eyes as big as grapes to stare at the other girls. They flirt any random girls. They thought they had the power to dominate anything in the mall. This is mainly because of their loneliness of having no girl friend at home. Nose mucus flowing like water because of drug withdrawal syndrome, walking like a robot, watching blue tapes... Well, this is what they are.

101 words.

I'm good in writing shits, but i think not this time.

Tag :
1. Princess Kim Cyndi
2. Su Ann

3. Vivien

I do not expect they will continue the tag, even they notice this. Hopefully they will, so that i could read some more funny stories. Yes, that's right.

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