159# Burn Talk

159# Burn Talk

Year 2003

I sent my CPU for a CD burner, with the price of RM350. I did not know anything about CD burnings. The first audio CD i had made was Slipknot's "Iowa" album. After several failures that i'd learnt, i managed to figure out the differences between making an audio CD and an MP3 cd.

I shared my favourite songs with my friends, buy burning audio CDs with tracks upon demand. Guess i'd gave out more than 40 audio CDs to my friends during that year. I felt regret for doing that as i was doing something pirated. But i was not selling. At least that could be better.

I made enchanced audio CD, or we should call it as Audio data CD. Once comes with music if played in a player. It shows data when read in a computer. I stored Videos, games as datas to share with my friends. Data and audio at the same time. That was kind of great that time.

Year 2004 and 2005

I still burn some audio CDs for my friend. But that year was lesser. I can still remember i'd burn for a few people only.

Including William, Joshua, Sexy Teng, Adrien, Layhui, Poh Yoke, Joanne, Jojo, Cheryl, Mindy, Wenying, and some one else. Total not more than 30 CDs, i guess. But that was still a lot...

During the end of the year 2004, my first self-made VCD was done in my friend's house. His CPU was faster than mine, so the encoding was made possible. That time, with the specs of the CPU, each VCD took about 30 minutes or more to complete. I managed to burn a VCD from the music videos i downloaded from the internet.

Year 2006, Current

I got a DVD burner now and i'm moving further. Initially i did not know what to burn for DVD since my datas are still too little to be stored in a 4.7Gb DVD+R.

Remember one night, before i slept. I got a sudden thought flashed across my mind. I thought of burning the "Full Metal Alchemist" anime into DVD video. It's an AVI format anime, 51 episodes, fitted in 13 pieces of my CDRs.

From Sunway Pyramid i purchased 10+2 pieces of Imation DVD+R with casing, with price of RM30.00. I guess it was the cheapest among all the stores, RM2.5 per DVD+R. If you found cheaper and better ones, inform me about it ok!

This is how i got it started

I inserted a DVD+R into the burner. I'm using Nero Smartstart. To burn DVD video, only 3 types of DVD video format were supported by my system. Manual always help. According to the manual, to import AVI format video, Nero VisionExpress was required.

What a steam breaker... I called my cousin for consultation. I was told to get trial version on the internet. Disappointed.

I took out my Samsung burner installation CD, i realised that Nero VisionExpress is included in the CD! Oh man, Thank God.

Installed Nero VisionExpress. Specialised in making VCD and DVD videos. I clicked on it, something appeared.

"Direct X 9.0 or higher is required"

Sick! A second steam breaker!

I went to microsoft page to download it. But it required validation of genuine microsoft windows software. I could not do that, you know. Therefore, i returned to google search for alternative sources. I used a particular download software to act as a third party to download the software.

That was bad, i know.

Direct X 9.0 was more than 47Mb. For T1 users or broadband users, it would not be a problem. But it was for me, i'm a dial up user. 5 hours spent on downloading the setup, how sad.

Once i finished the download, immediately i installed it. Nothing happened. I was panicking. My intuition called me to extract a particular WinZip file. I did. After that, Nero VisionExpress can be accessed!

"Mike, you're such a genius", I said to myself for consolation.

Brain Cracking Procedures to make a DVD video

I copied 12 episodes of the anime into my hard disk. Taking some time because the files were more than 2Gb. Import those video clips into the system. Everything seemed fine. But in order to have such a long play, i chose "Custom" for the video quality. Mininum resolution. Therefore i made possible for 12 episodes. 25 minutes/episode, total of 5 hours video.

To transcode the videos was such a pain in the... It took 2 hours to transcode the videos! There was a preview shown for the transcode process. So it was like you're watching the 5 hours DVD video with 2x or 4x forward speed for the entire process of the transcoding.

Luckily the burning process onto the DVD took me only 20 minutes, or less. After the burning process was done, i continued it with a second DVD for the same project. It skipped the 2 hours transcode process since it was already done for the first piece.

I examined the DVD video i made at the DVD player. Cool, great. I texted "Produced by Mike 2006" on the menu, how nice! By the time i finished those work, it was already 2 or 3 in the midnight.

The whole process of installations, software download, copy, edit, transcode, burn onto DVD had just took me the whole day and night. Buy i was glad that i made it myself, though.

Second attempt

Today, just now i repeated the steps to make a DVD video from my CDR, AVI anime. I was smart this time. I edited the videos by cutting off the ending themes. I managed to fit in 13 episodes into the DVD+R compared to 12 episodes only for the first piece.

The 2 hours transcoding and 20 minutes of buring were predictable. So i left the computer and watch the first DVD i made on the tv.

After the burning process, i inserted the second blank DVD+R as to burn the same project again. But this time, i do not know what problem had i did. The transcode process started from the beginning again!

Sick! The first time i did, last night, it began with burning straight away without transcoding! Because the during burning the first one it had already transcoded! Frustrated.

I tried to skip that part with some other ways. "Copy DVD video" did not seem to work.

I was so stupid. In the end only i realised i could "Copy CD". "Copy CD" is regardless the contains of the CD or DVD, it will be copied identically straight away.

I inserted the DVD video, using "Copy CD" mode, select source and destination at the DVD burner. So the source will be extracted, stored temporarily at the hard disk. Once done i just need to take out the source DVD and put in the blank DVD+R into the burner.

After 20 minutes, another copy of Disc 2 was done... Exhales. I have to give my computer a break. I shall comtinue the 3rd and the 4th Disc tomorrow.


Am i making any sense here? I'm just noting down the process of how i made the DVD video from AVI videos at CDRs. I got the copies of CDR from Wei-Jin last year, Thanks man.

Anyway, i think you guys might not interested in burning DVD videos, nor reading these. Just simply you guys only watch videos with your comouter or laptop! Correct right? I knew it!

I think i prefer to watch videos with tv, being a coach potato at the same time. Watching it with computer or laptop is really uneasy. Further more, heat might damage the computer. If my tv damage never mind la, 10 years old tv, haha!

Question me if you wish to learn more. But not necessary i know everything, i'm still looking deeper onto it. Share more with me if you want.

It's time to let my computer rest now. It was operating since i woke up. 2pm until now with heavy workloads....

Disclaimer :

Making pirated audio Cds or video DVDs are not encouraged by anyone including decarboxylation.blogspot.com. Neither download softwares with third party is encouraged.

Use genuine windows. Listen to original audio CDs. Watch original DVDs. Original music can be purshased through iTunes.

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