171# 21.8%

171# 21.8%

The incident took place about weeks ago...

My family went out with my grandmother to have dinner with her, as usual during every Saturday. After the dinner we fetched her back. And we stayed at my grandmother's house for a while.

Since there was nothing much i could do over there, so i turned on my cousin's PS2 to play Gran Turismo 3 that i never played and i wanted to try. (FYI: It's a sport car racing game)

Compared to part 2 that i usually play on PS1, this one the graphic was totally astonishing. The sound of the engines, the track, the condition... and so on, were so much more advanced than the previous episode.

My father was surprised to see such high graphic console game. He usually see me play KOF 2003 at the PC with the emulator, which in 2D and poor, moderate graphic.

Dad : Wa, right now the games' graphic have been evoluted until this high already ar?
Me : Ya lah, i'm so left behind. The second episode of this game that i've played was year 2000. (Still staring on the Tv screen and ran with GTR R-34)
Dad : Where are you going la, bang onto the divider already.
Me : This's my first time playing this la, i can't control it to drift smoothly at the turning.
Dad : How much is this black color box right now in the market?
Me : I guess should be around RM6oo something la, William said one. Eh... this thing can play DVD also lah...
Dad : Oh, with this price and play game and watch DVD? Ok la, next time buy one la...
Me : (Stunned, the car got slightly out of control during drifting again)

I was born without any toys. Actually, i did have some. I was programmed to study, and study only since i was born. Toys and addictive games had never been to my life. Those which were considered addictive and may distract me from my studies had been banned from reaching my hands.

When time passed by, i began to be allowed to play some games. The only games i had in my computer were Resident Evil 3 and KOF. There are not other PC games to be found in my house.

But now, i was damn surprised that my father allows me to play console games. That was the most astonishing thing happened in my entire life. I'm unlocked.

Just now he asked me more about PS2 when we were watching DVD. TO be exact, when my sister and i were watching Doraemon DVD in the living room.

Dad : Eh, you know. That day the thing you played in grandma's place har, right now how much already?
Me : Oh, i''ve check at some places. Got CNY promo which they come with RM699, free 10 games and the other shop RM688, free 15 games. The difference is weird la.
Dad : Where are those things availabe?
Me : Game shops lo. Why? Wanna buy meh?
Dad : Maybe la. Can watch DVD and play game wo.

The reason he has the thought of buying it, maybe is because my house needs a second DVD player. We always want to watch our own thing, and he wants to watch his DVD series.

By moving the DVD player from the living room to his room, in and out, the unearthed player causes electrical shocks makes pain. So having a second DVD player seems necessary. Therefore, why don't a PS2?

His word "Maybe" has been increased the possibility of me having a PS2 from 0% to 21.8%. The chance is still low. If it was high enough, he would already called me to buy one immediately. Thus, i shall not expect too much.

Anyway, if i managed to get one, there are a few of games that i want to play. Since there would be 10 or more free DVD games came along during the package.

Gran Turismo 3 - A Spec

Gran Turismo 4 - Prologue

The King of Fighters 2003

The King of Fighters - Neo Wave

Guilty Gear XX, GGXX Reload, and the other new episodes which i don't know yet.

Silent Hill 3

Slient Hill 4 - The Room

Resident Evil 4

Devil May Cry (Poh Yoke said this is a must play, so i shall try out)

Basically i prefer KOF type of skill-needed fighting games, Resident Evil, Silent Hill like horror RPG and racing game which R-34 is expectable... Any recommended games other than tohse mentioned above?

Oh man, why am i planning so much? It's still a question whether i could get one or not.

Hope i could...

(P/s : Song "Life" by YUI is so nice. Thanks to Adrien for introducing.)

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