167# No place to stay

167# No place to stay

Medicine course is commencing 22nd of Febuary in the IMU. And i have not settle my accommodation yet.

I got the list of rooms to rent in the Vista Apartment from the IMU's student affair. I gone through. Only 3 out of the 28 are suitable for me. The rest are either for female, or renting the whole unit, or the master bedrooms. Master bedrooms are all above RM500 per month, killing.

God, i want a middle room, please. Price about RM300 per month. And it is all being taken away. I called the 3 numbers in the list, all taken.

I called the other numbers that i got from the notice boards in the IMU campus and in the apartment. I got the same answers as above.


Now i'm panic. I have no place to stay.

I called Kong Fui, who is going to stay in the apartment since his second semester. He has not begin to search for rooms yet.

Called Shafiq. Who is currently staying over there. He wants to move to a new unit, by renting the whole unit and share with some other people. I was glad to hear that. But he wants fully furnished unit.

Man, that would be RM1500 per month since the furnitures are needed to be paid as well. If 3 people are sharing the unit, then it would be RM500 per month. No way man.

He did not tell me the reason why he wants to move. He is already staying there. There must be some reasons why he wants to move from his current unit to another.

Now i hope Shafiq would change his mind. Just get a normal unit, which priced around RM1000 to RM1200 per month. Hope Koung Fui will join the party later. And since they are having exams until Tuesday, i was called to call them back after their exams.

People, anyone knows is there any empty room to let in Vista Apartment? I want middle room, price around RM300 to RM330 per month. Please help... Urgent.

Or else i'll need to sleep beside the road liao.

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