163# PQRS

163# PQRS

- Pariah, Queues, Restless (New old examined version)

Incident in 2004

I was lining up in front of the cashier in the shop Giodano, Bukit Raja, Klang.

I got a pair of jeans for myself, and i wanted to pay in cash. I was still under age, so i had not getting my card yet. My elder sister was still in the fitting room trying her jeans. I paid first because i wanted to lepak alone later on.

When it was almost my turn to pay, out of a sudden, an auntie appeared from the middle of nowhere, cut the line and stood in front of the cashier.

"Aiya, the rest have not ready to pay yet. Ley me pay first la" Said by that uncivilised "Ah Soh", waved out her little pathetic silver credit card and waved in front of my sight.

My blood pressure was forced increase.

The 3 pieces of RM50 notes were not money? Paying in cash was a shame? What was so big deal to pay with her poor little husband's silver credit card? If she wanted to show off, why did not she took out the black one?

I stared at that pariah "Ah Soh" with the eyes of beast. My younger sister did the same as i did, who appeared to have the inherited homicidal eyes.

Obviously that "Ah Soh" was not going to realise her fault. She was there just to show off her little silver card. She had succeed. But if she wanted to make someone there angry, she made it too.

Incident in 2006

I was lining up in front of the cashier in the Jaya Jusco shop, Bukit Raja, Klang.

I got 2 pairs of slacks and a long sleeves shirt. Jusco was doing offers so i took the chance to buy more of those.

I was lining up at the cash and card counter, since i did not have enough cash to buy those. The queue was long because of the offers, indeed.

There was a little kid, aged about 4 to 6 years old playing around. He stood in front of me, in the queue. And he turned to his right, said:

"Daddy, i got a shortcut!"

The daddy said : " You're lining up? Good!"

I was thinking, "Dog, your son of a bitch is cutting the line, not lining up. I bet you know it bastard. You called it as good? Cutting a line is good? I would like to ask you, what kind of fucking education are you giving to your son of a bitch?"

I could only say that to myself. I could not show my temper straight away in the public. Because i knew once i was triggered, i could not guarantee that i would not say foul languages.

And then the daugther of that "Educational Daddy" got into the line, in front of me. Elder than the little kid. Holding her mother's personal wearings with the Jusco card and a HSBC silver card.

Since she was holding the credit card, but she yelled at her daddy, who stood 2 meters away from her,

"Daddy, are you paying in card or cash?"

Damn it, she was holding the damn card, what was the point of asking then? And both of the good daddy and daughter started their conversations about credit cards.

In my mind, God damn them. What the Hell on earth. They were like scare no one has seen that silver card before. Had they seen a gold one before? My blood pressure had already increase since my line got cut. Now the conversation of these two people added further increase of my blood pressure.

My elder sister was right. In Jaya Jusco, Bukit Raja, people would just pay with credit card even though they are just buying 2 bras with costed not more than RM40. Klang people was so desparated to show off they pathetic little silver cards.

This evening...

This got nothing to do with mall nor credit cards. It was about on the road incidents. I know i've cursed a lot of road incidents before, but i can't stop myself from doing it since I've take too much.

I have repeated for endless times, that i hate people who cut line.

New road rule in Malaysia. Since the year of 2006 until a particular day of Febuary, 5 faults did by drivers will be fined not more than RM300.

I do not know why there's a period.

1. Over speed.
2. Cut line
3. Overtake at double lines
4. Drive dangerously?
5. ?

I can't really remember. But i'm pretty much sure that cutting the line is one of the five.

I was fecthing my younger sister back from tuition. While lining up and waiting in front of the traffic light. There was a lttle white kancil tried to cut into my lane from the right.

I hate such kind of idiot! I siren that fair little kancil for 2 seconds, he got stunned and slowed down. I accelerated off. I bet that kancil was pissed. Not satisfied? Come bang me la...

Moral of the stories

From what we could see, people in Klang need to have more sense of Moral. I'm a person from Klang too, but at least i'm not acting like that kind of idiots.

I got B4 for my Moral Studies in SPM and C for my A levels LAN subject. Don't play play ah...

But i'm not a very "Moral-ed" person. I bet no one on earth practices all, whatever how many values there are, of Moral Studies. No one is such a divine.

Am I contradicting myself? I hope no.

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