156# About my Area, Part 2

156# About my Area, Part 2

My neighbourhood - Extended version

We are asked to love our neighbour like how we love ourselves. But in fact, how many people on earth could really apply this? I do not know. But i know that i could not love my neighbours like how i love myself.

The neighbour at the left of my house is a Chinese. Basically i have no problem with them. Just feel a unhappy with the aunty when she does opened burning, and when she yells at her grandchilds.

The neighbour at the right of my house is a Chinese as well. His current wife now is an Indonesian. They're ok. Just sometimes the wife would turn on the radio until very loud. But it rarely happen.

My secondary teacher critiqued me because i did not know my neighbours' names. Yes, i do not know.

I have no problem with the neighbours beside my house. But i do have problem with the row at the back of my house.

That god damned keling family would not learn how to control their volume. They speak like the person at the other side was at 1km away. To be exact, they do not speak, but they yell. In fact, that family is not the only one who do this mistake. I mean, speaking in high frequency and high amplitude is the attribute of their race. I'm not taking racial issues here, but this's the fact.

Remember when i was 16, 11pm something. This family at the back of my house had a quarrel. The child was like locked him/herself inside a room. The mum was knocking on the door, and screaming to that s/d.o.b so that he/her could get out from the room. Minutes after, the dad came over to join the party.

I was trying to sleep as i could. But the noise was extremely annoying and it had increased my blood pressure. Both of the parents were yelling, knocking on the damned door. And the child in the room was screaming like his/her parents were peeling his/her skins alive.

"PD! Sudah pukul berapa sekarang? Tak payah tidur kah? KNNCCB!"

I could not stand that shit anymore, and i opened my window and yelled at that family.

"Apa sekarang, keluar la! Bising apa bising?" The dad fired me back.

I was scared. Because once keling goes mad, he could take anyone down. That explains why there're always assault and murder cases done by those in the paper.

Minutes after, they did not make any noise anymore. Probably they had lack of fuel and their engines had overheated.

Right now, i'm still extremely hate this family. Every morning when the parents bath the children, the kids will sure scream like hell. Bathing seems to be a torment for them. No wonder these people smell like shit.

Imagine, every morning of 5, before the sun rises. The annoying vocals from the speakers of the small chapel wake everyone within range of 1km up. And about 8am, these kids will scream in pain when their parents bath them. How could i sleep in such a happening condition?

Besides, there is always a particular house at the back, which i do not sure which house was that, always play their pop songs loudly. Few tracks that i could remember, like the song "From Am to Pm" from some shitty western female kopi-o artist. They play damn loud. I could endure if they're playing some nice songs. But not those pop songs which could increase my blood pressure. That time i was into Slipknot. So i always fire back with Slipknot's songs. I always win in the end.

I'm revengeful. Right now i always counter attack back by my guitar. I practice most of the times. During the evening where it was silent, i could hear the sound of my neighbours closing their windows, when i turn on my amplifier. No joke. They really used to it and they know what am i going to do when they could hear the distorted E string sound when i'm tuning the amplifier. To pay back all the torments they had bring to me, the sound of my guitar and the sound of Satan have pay them back double.

I hate that family.

Yesterday, 31st of Dec. The last day of the year 2005. Early morning after the sun rose, i was awaken by the loud disco noise. It was just 7 something. After couple of seconds, my mind had forced to figure out what the hell had happened. There was a sport game held by the neighbourhood organisation at the field in front of my house. And the so called DJs were sound checking by boosting the half-assed amplifiers and waking everyone up.

Saturday morning, people should be going to work. But i do not know why these guys do not need to work. Most of the people who joined the sport games were bollywood lovers. There're a few Malays only around my area. And the rest had went out to eat Bah Kut Teh or working i think. So the field was fulled with people, looked like a gathering of MIC members instead of a neighbourhood programme.

Who could compete with them? I mean, thsoe people are naturally born with good staminas. The only great thing about them is their stamina, instead of anything else. Since most, i think all of those people in the field were members of MIC, so the MC did not bother to speak in Malay, and spoke in Tamil in the end. Intially songs playing were those self-claimed remixes, which mix Crazy Frog techno with their bollywood music. In the end, only bollywood music i could heard. The programme had entirely turned up to be theirs. How great.

Wherever a Malaysian goes, there always a trace. After the programme, the whole field was fulled with trash. White polystyrene trashs could even cover the whole green field. And they even throw those in front of my doorstep.

From the newspaper i learnt, back to year 1994 or 1998, i can't recall. There was an event in a particular stadium in Japan, which able to fit in 60 thousand people. After the event, there was not even a piece of paper nor trash left behind in the stadium. Look, education and civilazation contrast between Malaysian and Japanese. I'm not admiring Japanese here, don't get me wrong. Even a little kid of 2 knows that trash must be thrown into a dustbin. But those pariahs just never learn. There're still lots of rubbish in front of my house.

Besides, I could not move my car out smoothly because those idiots simply parked their kancils and wira everywhere in front of my house.

In front of my house, the field. Located exactly 180 degrees in front of my doorstep there "was" a bus stop. About ten years ago after vandalism, it's roofless. It's totally damaged. There's a shed where those pariahs gather, drink and smoke. Imagine how would it be when the smoke from the fags go into my house. Further more, those pariahs like those assed branded cigars, RM0.25 for a piece. Dunhill's RM0.60 a piece fyi. The smell sucks. Causing the high partial pressure of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in my house. How wish those smokers would just die because of emphysema.

Other than those mentioned above, you know what... Pizza Hut would never deliver to my area. Their riders had been robbed by pariahs more than a few times. Money, pizza, motorcycles had been robbed away by them. How sick. The only delivery available in my area is McD.

Taman Sentosa, i'm sick of this place. It's not "Sentosa" at all, no peace at all because of these pariahs. A place for keling refugee. The reason why there're so many pariahs moved here is because the houses here are damn cheap. Since there are so many of them moved here, and these natural born criminals caused a lot of crime around. Therefore this causes the further decrease of the prices of the houses over here. BKT eaters begin to move away from here, like my friends who used to live here. Moved because too many keling around.

Me? Not so soon yet. I think it's going to take sometime until i could move to a new house at a new area. My dream house is one with two and a half storey banglo, with the highest level to be my studio. I think the dream would come true some other days. I wait.

Damn those idiots in my area! This is not your estate ok!

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