155# One Year After...

155# One Year After...

26th of December. 365 days ago, the power of the nature brought away all the precious from the mankind's hands.

From the short film i saw in Astro, the scenes reminded me about the pain brought by the tsunami to the people. Nature is blind. It shows no mercy to anymore. Under the power of nature, everyone is the same, seems to be so weak and helpless. Regardless the race, the status, the wealth of a person, everyone is nothing, confronting the natural disasters.

People were losing their houses, their families, their propeties, their land. Their everything.
I hope i do not remind the sadness of the victims here. But i'm here to send my consolations to the victims survived from the disaster.

Present. The rain is out of control recently. The north is flooded. People are living pain.

2 days ago, Christmas Eve. It was raining heavily. I could not make to my friend's house due to the flood on the roads. A bus was stucked beside the drain because one of the wheel went into it.

10.40pm, i got a call from my friend. And i drove to his place regardless of the flood. I saw cars beside, and on the road. Down. I saw the bus stucked there. Helpless. I went to my friend's house, the flood bothered him too. But it was just a minor one.

1.40am, i drove back home. At the drain where a bus was stuck, i saw a second one. Another bus was stucked too. The water made the driver failed to locate the drain. I could not pass by there, i turned to the main road. I drove slowly due to the flood. Suddenly, the blue Satria car stopped in front of me, with hazard lights on, some white smokes coming from the exhaust. The car was down. Helpless.

There was no rain today, fortunately.

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