153# Korn Talk

153# Korn Talk

Once i finished the previous entry, i thought of to write something about Korn over here.
I was glad to see Channel V's The Rockshow to show videos from Korn for the whole one hour programme.

Back to year 2002, Korn is the first Metal band i listen to. To be precise, it's a Nu-Metal, and Thrash Metal band.

Their songs are mainly based on the vocalist's child abuse, broken family background, and the problems he encountered. I learnt a lot of things from this band. Regardless what i learnt are postive or negative, i just feel that this band really brought me a lot of things that i can't learn from school's text books.

I learnt bad words, of cause. Like i mentioned before, words like Queer, C*nt, P*rn, S*lt, C*it... Alright, that's too bad to list down.

I learnt about guitars. The reason why i picked up guitars is because i listened to Korn. When i bought my guitar, only i noticed that Korn are actually using Ibanez too, for the past 14 years. But i play 6 strings, they play 7 strings. Which are the K7 series, their custom made.

There were 2 guitarist, Head and Munky. I prefer Head because i liked his different kind of dreadlock. But now, he left the bad.

I was shocked to know the annoncement from their website, which Head left the band and choosed "Jesus Christ to be his saviour". I didn't know what it means and i asked Sexy Teng.
From Wikipedia, i found Head's official page after he left Korn. He is going solo after he is being baptisted. I didn't know that he dislike what he was playing and singing for Korn.

He felt stressed after his divorce with his wife. And he couldn't accept the truth that his daughter was singing the band's song, A.D.I.D.A.S., which stands for 'All Day I Dream About Sex". Imagine a 5,6 years old girl sings this in front of you. And to overcome his addiction of drug, Crystal Meth, he asked God to save him. In the end, he got saved. And he choosed to leave the band and going to something sacred.

I was absolutely gone off. A guy who influence me to play guitar left his band! What a sad news for me... Now Korn is 4 piece. They are not going to have a replacement for the second guitarist according to them.

Recently, TV is playing their lastest video clip, titled "Twisted Transistor". For your information, Korn is not black ok! If you have watched that video at the TV, i want to tell you guys, those black are not them! They are the hiphoppers. I don't know to spell it... what sloop dog, xhibit, blah blah... The end part of the video, where got a few guys sitting and discussing with the hip hoppers, those are real members of Korn.

The video is mainly about Korn wants MTV to play their songs. So they are making their video to be acceptable and mainstream by the public. The last part of the video, where the vocalist Jonathan Davis said:

"What is this? Rock is dead. I want some bling bling, i want some girls who are booty shakin'. Comon' give me something."

Jonathan Davis is implying the hip hop is dominating. Though he said Rock is dead, that was a lie. In their Greastest Hit album, they believe that rock is not dead.

This is the first video from them since Head left the band. And to be truth, this song sucks for me. It's an experimental album, because they have change their stlye since Head left. And the video itself also sucks! Are they going to critique the music scence? I don't know man.

TV was playing their video titled "Word Up" and "Another Brick from the Wall". Those are not their songs too, those are cover songs. Their songs are rather dark and depressing. Which you only able to see in The Rockshow or something at night.

Rock is not dead. And i want to say, Black hip hop sucks! It's not everything ok!

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