144# Stimuli

144# Stimuli

Visual Stimulant
I bought Dan Brown's collection today from the MPH. I took the Popular Card from my sister since i planned to buy Angel and Demons from there. But luckily i did not buy at popular, you will know why then. I'm looking for the UK version, but popular is selling the US one.

I found UK Da Vinci's Code in the MPH, as well as Angels and Demons. Deception Point, Digital Fortress looked interesting. So i bought the whole set from the MPH with price 20 pounds. Individual book is 6.99 pounds, so i bought the whole set, i considered saved a little bit...

Somehow actually they sell those individual books with the price RM34.90, cheaper than the direct converted price. Even the US versions' prices are also around RM34.90. But US versions are not as thick as the UK ones. Why huh?

Once i paid for those books, i walked out from the MPH. Placed my hand into my left pocket. And i found out that the card my sister gave me was actually Jusco card, instead of Popular card.

Luckily i did not buy those in the popular shop. Or else i'll be damn malu in front of the counter, with no discount for my
purchases some more.

I started Angel and Demons first among the 4 books despite the fact that it's the longest story. I've read until 10% of the story. Not too bad, religion, physics theories are involved. The storyline makes me can't stop from reading.

Actually i'm new in reading novels. The first novel i read was the book "Death Cults" borrowed from my friend. Murder cases for cults based on true incidents. I like the west end female lesbian vampires the most and i read it twice, haha.

Oral Stimulant
I bought a new kind of sundae, RM3.50 and a double Fillet-O-Fish burger from the McD. And both costed me RM10.XX. I was like, WTF? An extra piece of fish in the fish burger is costed RM7.00? Robbery ah? I asked the cashier about the Ala-Carte price of that burger since it's not shown anywhere in the list. She did not know either. She gave me the receipt. I read, HS!! RM6.65 for that bloody burger! I could even buy a set of value meal already! Damn it!!

Audio Stimulant
Recently i'm interested in this Germany Gothic Metal Band called "Leaves' Eyes". Unlike the usual Metal bands, this band's vocalist is a female, Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull. I get to know this band because this vocalist appeared for the song Nymphetamine with the band "Cradle of Filth" which i'm listening to.

According to the songs that i have downloaded for pre-listening, their songs are in english. But i went to their page before and it was in German, i thought they sing in German? But now they have both German and English language to be choosed in their page now. I just found out that.

Anyway, they practicing the Gothic style. With sorrow vocals, keyboards, violin, minor keys, but less tremolo pickings.

Somehow, overall i don't feel terrorized by the songs which usually a Gothic song does. It's something like Evanescene, but the non mainstream, non commercial type of it. And sometimes i feel it like Celine Dion or Madonna... So people, you should try to listen for this band k...

Mental Stimulant
PC fair strikes KLCC convention centre again, from 2nd until 4th of December. Bloody Hell, i want to go to get an audio player for myself. I think i'm going, if i manage to drag my friends here out. Guess i can't call Aretha, Cyndi out although promised to meet up in KLCC. Because geek stuffs are not interested by the girls (?). Wait for Wei-Jin to come back first...

I read the newspaper, saying that video player, literally MP4 is available with the price of RM300, over there. WTF?

Serious or not wei... RM300 can't buy nuts, not even a usable MP3. What about MP4, ridiculous. It is possible for an MP4 to come out with that price, if the product itself is China Mari ones. Then RM300 seems to make some senses.

I saw Apple's iPOD video, in a com shop at Bukit Raja. 20Gb, RM 1,599.00... Walao-eh... With that price i can already buy palm la brader... But anyway this device, iPOD video looks cool, and the capacity of 20Gb make possible to stuff in MPEG movies in it. And the iPOD Nano is selling for RM95X.00. Expensive too la...

I already spent for more than RM200 this week for buying a score book and Dan Brown. So i need to control myself from throwing money into the river. Since i'm being a jobless person at home, i have no reason for myself to spend so much of money.

But stuffs in the PC fair is tempting me to bring them home! Remember the previous PC fair i went during the last day. Samsung MP3, 256Mb was sold with RM199.00 only! So usually last day they will sell with a lower price, in order to compete with the other stalls, and to clean their old stocks as well. I guess...?

Die lo... I really want a HDD based MP3 or MP4 player. My 3 years old CD walkman can be displayed in the museum now. My dream ones, 20Gb, usually will cost me more than RM800... So... I don't think i can come out with that amount of money man.

Prices of these tech stuffs will drop drastically, even faster than my blood glucose level. I guess i should just be patient, buy those next time...

But i'm giving myself so many "Next time"s. So when is the "time" for me to buy it?

Give me money la.

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