148# Art Talk

148# Art Talk

As the years go on, not only the music scene had split into new skool, and old skool. My opinion, even drawings itself also split into two genres.

The traditional drawings are done by pencil, pen, ruler, curve rulers, and other simple stationaries and tools. Drawings are in black and white. Simple modifications can be done by Microsoft Paint as to add some air brush effects. And Microsoft Photo editor can be used to arrange the drawings' margins.

Right now, with the development of softwares, computer helps a lot. The new skool type of drawings rely a lot, or even fully on computer hardwares and softwares. Hardwares are such as drawing pad, and the pen. Softwares are such as Adobe Photo Editor, and some other softwares which i do not know to name. It's not my field...

From the influence of mangas from the japanese, nowadays people are fully relying on computers to do their drawings, instead of creating it by the traditional ways. They do not really concentrate on the overall structure of the picture, but what mean manner for them are those effects they used.

Colour effects, shading effects, hair colour effects... All can be done by computer with just a simple click. Effortlessly, a beautiful art piece can be done. And most of the people nowadays prefer computer generated drawings then pure hand drawn drawings.
Examples from Kaorumorite
1. 2.

Graphics pictures are done simply by taking a photo, and edit it...
Example from Stormchild
Example from Ikko

As a purist of hand drawings, i think hand drawings do have more art values then those computer drawn ones. The life can't be sent to the drawings by the computers. But the direct hand drawing could.

I do not understand why people would say a computer drawing is nice, even though the drawing itself sucks. What meant nice was just the effect used for the drawing. It's really disappointing me. People are loving computer effects.

For more than a few times people posted their works on the internet. I read the comments, all of them said those are very nice. It drove my curiousity to check them out. I thought i would able to see something astonishing. But what i saw were just disappointments. The drawings all... I guess that my youngest sister could even draw better than those even when she was just 10. However, i do admit that they could really make use of the computer effects to make their drawing to be nice.

However, i've seen some black and white ones. But still...
Example from Endoresu.
Example from raggedoll.
Example from Stormchild.

The era of black and white traditional drawings is over. Now the computer drawings are dominating. It's really a sad phenomenon for me. I remembered i saw a lot of professional level drawings from the comic magazine posted by readers. If was when i was about 12 to 14... But now, all drawings suck. I wonder where do all those professional in drawing readers have been...

The only person that i knew, who is still have the possesion of traditional drawings is Ying ying, my ex CAL classmate. She drew a lot of LOTR, and it were really cool. She got some influence from me too, and she had drew one work which was quite depressing, titled "Dust". I can't publish her work her without her permission. But it's a really good piece of work.

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