145# Presents from the poison-hearted

145# Presents from the poison-hearted

I did not know that she doesn't like me to be with her.
I did not know how she thinks about me.
I apologize to her because i cared,
not because i like to say sorry for nothing.

She ignored.
Her emotions are beyond my comprehensions.
She knows what she supposed and what she is not supposed to do.
Her eyes are blindfolded, and she walks on the barbed-wire.
She doesn't care.
Her ignorance is dominated by the fog.

My pride injured.
My time is gone.
My hands are empty.
My heart is poisoned.

She was not meant to be the one that i wanted.
So devious, so glamorous.

While i am just a person who came from nothing.
Tried to grasp everything.

I wondered,
how would it feel like,
For her,
To be me.

" Listen, listen to me, listen.
When nobody's in your heart now,

Let me intrude it from the crowd,
Please let me stay for a while.
Stay, stay in me for these empty hands i gave in..."

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