263# Perish of our Bride

263# Perish of our Bride

I've been using the nick |Mike| - Perish of our Bride for quite some time at the msn. More than a month, i think.

But i never thought that this phrase can be used as a title for this entry today.

28th Jan, evening. I was surfing the net and i saw a news from a forum. This taiwanese actress named 许伟伦 met an accident and got admitted, was on coma or something that time. It was around 5pm if i'm not wrong.

When i came back from dinner, i continue to stare at the computer. Out of a sudden, my sister who was watching the tv, said that she just passed away.

God, that was fast.

The mini cooper that she was in was crashed at the back. The driver at the front survived, but she wasn't that lucky.

The accident took place 2 days before her death. After 44 hours of struggling with the god of death, she died under the scythe. ECG, flat line.

Doctors and specialists tried hard to save her, and they actually spent 5 times more than usual to save a dead. After 2 hours of attempt, the outcome was still the same.

Upon the crash, a magazine at the back of the car flipped open to page 128, which shows the movie "Death Note 2". That got people thinking that the crash might be a curse or something. Further more, the main character of Death Note manga series, Yagami Raito was killed by his God of Death on 28th of Jan year 2010.

This girl written a book and at page 128, she mentioned about what she wanted her friends to do if she passed away. And the day she really passed away was 28th of Jan 2007.

So many 128... That's scary.

By the way, i'm not sure how to name the cause of her death in English. I got to know all the news from chinese newspaper and chinese forum. English sources don't bother to report all these.

She was such a wonderful person with a great talent in music. But god just took her life away just like that. She didn't even get a chance to release an album even though she wanted to.

I got to know her from some variety show few years back. Her appearance was chillin' but gorgeous at the same time. I'd say she is the most beautiful person i've seen among the taiwanese.

She acted in quite a few of taiwan drama series. I'm not a big fan of series and i'm kind of anti idol series. But i do not anti her. I like her more than any other artists.

She featured in one of the chinese magazine's cover image. The picture was so gorgeous until i couldn't tell that was her before i read the words on the cover to find out her name there. That might be the last magazine which she appeared on cover.

The magazine is Cita Bella or whatever if i'm not wrong. December 2006 or January 2007 issue. I wonder if the magazine is still available. If anyone found it, get one for me please. Thanks.

She's only 28...

Click here for the news of her death, in chinese. And this about the car crash.

picture source

Anyway, R.I.P. 许伟伦 (1979 - 2007).


262# KKB

262# KKB

4 days, 3 nights of staying in the Kuala Kubu Baru. Some say it stands for Ku Ku Bird, and that was very well said. What a KKB place it is.

It is located at Hulu Selangor, literally, the Ulu area of Selangor.

The place is surrounded by trees, trees, and more trees. Basically a small semi-civilsed area located in a deep forest. A natural habitat of all giant sized, sort of mutated, big fat mosquitoes.

If you stay a little long over here, you might not be afraid of normal sized mosquitoes outside your house. The mosquitoes over there are more than 1cm in size.

The girls are lucky. They stayed at the nurse hostel in the hospital. The guys were not that bad, we stayed at the hostel outside. Where we need to wake up early to get the bus which fetched us to the hospital.

We had to wake up as early as 6.30am to get prepared since the bus will be there around 7.30am. We reached at the hospital before 8am, when the girls were still sleeping peacefully in their hostels.

The briefing and allocaments will only start after 9am, so we all had more than 1 hour to kill while the girls still taking their sweet time to prepare themselves.

Overall i had a very good learning experience since that was the first time i got my own real patient to take history and examine with. Before that what we had were just simulated patients in the university. But now, those were real patients with all kinds of positive signs and symptoms. And most importantly, they have the "sick" feelings.

The distance from guys' hostels to the town is about 20 minutes of walking distance. Note, that is for guy's walking speed. But since we all were taking non sense during walking, therefore the 20 minutes were quite insignificant.

The small town at KKB is kind of dead. There are just a few rows of shops with history. The strange thing about the shops was that in such a small town, there are actually more than 5 mobile phone shops.

The owners of the mobile phone shops was sort of desperate. Understood, it's not easy to have business in such a small town.

We did not manage to have bbq since we have only 1 car, and the girls refused to walk from their hostel to ours, which might take 40 minutes for them to walk with.

But instead, we had Yovahn for the first 2 days.

We actually had 3 dinners at the same restaurant. It's restaurant 98, i think some of you all might already predicted it. We were sick of the spicy and oily food we had during lunch at the hospital canteen. Therefore we would have something lighter, but fillin' at the same time.

And the 4 scoops ice cream for RM2.20 were really worth it. Since we are the fourth group, so i can presumme that the numbers of ice creams sold to us is more than what the kakak could sell in a few months.

Walking back from the town to the hostel wasn't that enjoying. Not only dark, but chillin'. The surrounding was scary enough. At first we reminded ourselves not to call each other's real name, but heck, we forgot about it after 10 seconds.

During the second night, we were talking about the movie "Saw". We ended up with telling ghost stories, which caused everyone of us sleep with fear.

Wtf. Discrimination.

The whole point about this rotation posting thingy is about the plans at night. Of course we can't leave without playing cards. Dai di, bluff, heart attack... Those card accompanied us for the whole 4 days.

Before sleep, Cho dai di. Come back from hospital, Cho dai di. In the bus, Cho dai di...

While we played heart attack, i got punched for few times. The other poor fella even worst, number of him got punched was equal to number of games he joined. And another fella was funny, he always punch himself.


We usually sleep after 1am or 2am. I didn't sleep during the first night because i couldn't get myself used to the new, strange enviroment. I slept less than 10 hours for 3 nights. That's why i could almost fall asleep in front of the doctor when we were doing our case presentations.

Through this posting, it makes me realize that i do not know much things in fact. I need to read up more.

The apprentice?

We will be back, before our Semester 3 End of Semester exam. That sucks. Guess we will not play that much that time but study for the finals instead.


261# MG Strike Freedom - Full Burst Mode

261# MG Strike Freedom - Full Burst Mode

It starts with... One thing, i think i know why. Because that i tried, to look for Gundam model for Wei-Jin last year. He wanted some easy model to fix during his break at Msia.

Since that, i am more concerned to these kind of plastic model kits. And slowly, i am dragged to the modeling Hell.

Gundam count: 13

Master Grade : 2
High Grade : 3
1/100 : 2
1/144 : 1
SD : 5

Well, it was been more than a month since the day i discovered the coming release of the master grade gundam plastic model. From this site i found out that it is really superb. But just that the korean freak kind of no skill and ruined the whole thing.

Finally i got the chance to get this model on monday, 15th Jan, by spending my entire month of allowance...

The box itself is huge, size about a perfect grade's box. All these give rise to the problem of keeping the model boxes in my small little room.

The box was sealed before i opened it in the shop. I sort of glanced through what's inside the box, without checking one by one. It's impossible to check everything, since there are so many parts in it.

Tuesday evening, 5.30pm, i started to get my hands on it to assemble it. I placed all runners and parts on the floor and count one by one refering to the instruction book, to make sure all the parts are there.

All runners and there, and all parts are given after i checked. Then i started my work.

1.50 am of the next day, finally the assemble is done. It took me more than 6 hours to complete, which is the hardest one i've ever fixed. There are more than 430 parts, and the wings itself make up 100 parts of it.

I was very satisfied to the setting and wanted to do the pose as shown by the box - where all 8 dragoons from the wings are fired out at once.

And that needs the crystal clear plastic rods to connect the parts onto the stand, to create the floating effect like this:

I stopped.


Where are all 8 plastic rods?

I find through the box, the plastic bag, the runners.

No, don't have.

Regardless it was already 2 am in the midnight, i took the torchlight and try to look for it in my car. Because i remember that i braked too forcefully while the journey back, and the box actually fell down and slightly opened.

No, not in the car. Even though i've searched through all over again during the day for thousand times.

Transparent rods which you might totally overlook it.

The 8 plastic robs are in the checklist, but not shown as picture, so i totally overlooked it. Therefore i messaged the shopkeeper where i bought the kit from.

Me : Auntie, the strike freedom full burst mode that i bought on monday, the 8 plastic sticks to support the floating dragoons are missing...

Auntie : When you open the box was it sealed?

Me : I opened, check it in the shop on monday. And yesterday nighti check the parts 1 by 1 only found out tat those are not in. Would it dropped in the shop?

Auntie : i need to find out with jp but do u seen the stick when you open in my shop?

Me : No i din see it when i check it in the shop. Let me know if can order from jap. It's so sad when parts are missing.

Auntie : Just need to clarify cos Gundam is the only product withch remain manufacturer in JP their strict and some of the products are part of their school lesson but i will replace ASAP continue build up while waiting ok.

Me : Ya I'll wait for ur update. Can still built but just can't do the dragoons burst. Thanks a lot auntie.

Sad. Potong steam. Imperfect... What the point of buying this full burst mode if the plastic rods are missing? I could just save the additional 100 bucks by buying the normal version...

Anyway, still a very beautiful model. Up to 40cm high with the stand.

Plastic rods... All 8 of you all... Oh come back to me....


261# WPP 157777777

261# WPP 157777777

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

now tell me

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

whose myvi was that?

~ * s u g a r * ~ says:


~ * s u g a r * ~ says:

dont go screw the girl lah

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


~ * s u g a r * ~ says:

i think its hers

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

i'm just curious la

~ * s u g a r * ~ says:


Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

tell tell

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


~ * s u g a r * ~ says:

i duno her name

~ * s u g a r * ~ says:

but iknow her as ballerina mei mei

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


~ * s u g a r * ~ says:


Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


~ * s u g a r * ~ says:


Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

i know no one from sem1, nvm la

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

screw it

~ * s u g a r * ~ says:


~ * s u g a r * ~ says:

she so cute

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


~ * s u g a r * ~ says:

u mun sei tak scold her lah

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

now tell me

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


~ * s u g a r * ~ says:


Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

come come

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

~ * s u g a r * ~ says:


~ * s u g a r * ~ says:

got bf liao

~ * s u g a r * ~ says:

too late ler u

~ * s u g a r * ~ says:


Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

Mike - Perish of our Bride says:


Mike - Perish of our Bride says:

i'm not a paedophile

~ * s u g a r * ~ says:

tot u like cute cute innocent girls wan


260# Fraser Hill

260# Fraser Hill

I went to 3 hills within last year. Firstly Cameron highlands, Genting highlands, and few weeks ago during CVS study break, the Fraser Hill.

The journeys towards uphill and go downhill were not fun. Not fun. It were freaking dizzin' and making one's head to explode.

Anyway for those who are going to spend their weekends at Kuala Kubu Baru during the hospital posting, Fraser Hill could be one of the places where you guys can hang out, if you all are getting bored of the coasters at Genting highlands.

If you like green, you may like Fraser Hills. This place is basically green. Oh yeah, green. The touch with the natural is really enjoyable. You can breathe in more oxygen too instead of the carbon monoxide from your kling neighbours or the smoke of cheaplak cigars.

The water from the hill is rather clear before it was contaminated by the curry poured by your kling neighbours. I touched the water from the waterfall, cool. Of course i didn't drink it. There were a couple playing water at the waterfall, i doubt if there any foreign liquid mixed into the water there.

The scenary is pretty good and relaxing. There was an ang mo taking pictures around over there. I wonder if he could take any nice pictures.

Fraser hill is basically about chilling out and relaxing. There are no fantastic arcade games, no coasters, no karaoke (available at apartments, though), no pub, no chicks, no DoTA.

There are still a few towns though over there where you can get some souveniers and food. The roundabouts you may find there is rather small, size about twice as big as the pond you have at home to feed kois. Don't forget to pose like a sohai right there at take a picture.

Other than waterfall and scene seeking, archery is one of the activity apart from old man's golf. For left handed suckers like me had to stand a side. Equipment provided is meant for right handed, and right handed only. Damn unfair.

There is this public toilet where requires visitors to pay. Just drop in 20 cents before or after you use it. Surprisingly the toilet is cleaner than i imagined. And i noticed that there were no one give a shit to the coin box. They just entered, or just left straight away.

But still, there was someone who cared too. I didn't carry any coins so i just dropped RM1 note into it and posed like a super sohai. Due to the super sohai-ness, i have to remove it by editing the picture.

And yes, of course, keep the place clean. Even though i didn't see many dustbins around. Heck, how they want us to keep the place clean then? More bins, please.

I like green fields, and trees. I hope that in the future i could have this big house with this big yard fulled with trees. Hope only la.

For those who still haven't ride a house, this place is meant for you all too. I have not ride one before as long as i could remember. And i didn't take the chance before i'm too afraid of gigantic living animals.

Before you leave, make sure you get some souveniers from the shops around. And make sure you get those super provocative ones.

That's it. Fraser hills.

I don't think i'll go there again within these few years. Because the journeys climbing up and down the hill is freaking dizzy...



259# Moron

After the CVS assessment, everyone went to DoTA as usual

Heck, why can't we just have a better life? Before lecture, DotA. After lecture, DoTA. Got lecture, DoTA. No lecture, DoTA. Before exam, DoTA. After exam, DoTA.

I'm getting (sic) with that.

Me and Darren went to Endah Parade to buy something, instead of paying money for the cyber cafe's owner to make them richer.

I'm making the auntie at the hobby shop richer, though.

We reached at the mall and started looking for parking. I spotted one, and Darren tried hard to reverse in.

He called me to get out of the car first because he found the parking space was rather funny.

And that was because a fella parked the car like this:

I wonder that what is the reason for this fella to park his/her car in such a way. Why couldn't that fella just adjust the car nicely before he/she got his/her ass of the car?

Darren got off the car, and of course, both of us started swear like Hell to the irresponsible driver. And he got an idea to sabotage.

He went to the back of his car. I wondered what took him so long. Thought that he was looking for a one cent coin to scratch. That wasn't a good thing to do.

But instead he was doing something rather interesting. He did it in his own way. He is that kind of guy who would bust people off with his verbal skills in order to stand up what's right.

Oh well, just the mouth.

And this time, he was using the hands. I was thinking what would he write as a message.

Learn how to park, you moron.

And apparently BJB 35-35 is not his car plate number. BJB is rather a new car registration number and he is driving an old car like mine.

Oh ya that was a Marieb book at the bottom in case that you wondering.

Happy new year, have a nice day. And freaking improve your parking skills ok?

I wasn't in good mood since i screwed up my CVS paper. And what usually a girl will do is to get rid of the farked up feelings by shopping.

I turned out to be a bitch.

I didn't get the model i wanted to buy, sold out. And the model i wanted has reached msia, but all booked. RM285 for a master grade model is a lot to be wasted.

There were 2 of it in the shop but booked. Saw one guy aged around 30 plus bought that model with another master grade. Paid more than RM500 and said to me:

"This piece sold out at Hong Kong liao ah. They chao til more than 1 thousand liao."

Sweat. 7000 yen in Japan, RM285 in Msia (if available) and HK$1000+ for pieces of plastics in runners.

Therefore i simply grabbed a small mini tiny model, 4 markers. That costed me RM66. Together with the RM10 for 3 PS2 games, Rm76 just gone just like that.

My one week allowance... biatch...

Gonna collect RM285 + RM55 for 2 models. Heck, why am i wasting money for all these?

Screw msia. Go and fro to IMU cost me RM30 per trip.

258# The End of CVS

258# The End of CVS

The assessment for cardiovascular system is over. I walked away the multipurpose hall with guilt.

For the whole system, we were study the anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology of the heart and its system.

I focused a lot for the pharmacology part because i think playing around with drugs are interesting. And i predicted of case studies were out then drugs will me asked.

But none of the drugs were asked. None.

Seriously, i need more luck to sit for an exam.

During the first summative assessment for this semester, i scored accidentally. Nobody believed that i didn't study much. Everybody thinks that i studied like mad.

In fact, i didn't. Therefore, for the second summative assessment, i pressed myself too much.

After the second summative, Darren looked at me with sunshine shone on his face. Apparently he did well, and he wondered whether i could make a streak.

Too bad i screwed up that paper, and i farked him off.

I felt bad that i did so.

This time, for the CVS assessment, i dare not to press myself. I studied when i could, and i stopped when i couldn't go on. Just tried not to stress myself too much like what i did during the second summative.

In the end, CVS still screwed me up.

I didn't study the pathology pictures of the heart at all... And i think i did worst than my second summative.

When we walked out from the exam hall, second summative results were already there to be collected.

I thought i would have failed it, but luckily, i was at the verge of failing.

That's a B.

B- is fail, i glad that at least i didn't fail it. Even though it just contributes 5% for the final assessment, the difference between each grades is just about zero point... whatever mark... But each of every spilt mark is important too.

If otherwise i would have passed straight away during my first semester without going through the hassle of the borderline VIVA interview.

Anyway, i'm glad that i passed my second assessment. Surprisingly my friends scored quite well, a few of them got an A for it even though it's a hard paper according to my sister.

I just feel upset that my efforts did not make me answer well for my CVS assessment. I wonder could i pass my finals on the next semester with this kind of level.

Was thinking of quit medicine yesterday. Maybe i had too much time to think yesterday and all the negative thoughts just screw me inside out.

To get rid of that i went out with friends to watch a Thai horror titled "Cadaver" at 11.30pm.

It didn't freak me out or anything. Not that we have cadavers for us to dissect in the IMU. Maybe next time.


257# 2007

257# 2007

What's new?

It's 2007 now but i don't see anything changed.

The earth still spins at its usual direction. The sun still rises from the east.
But we are all getting one year older, soon...

Yesterday i did something i thought funny. I was testing how many people would actually care if i sms them happy new year.

I randomly selected 41 friends and send them a message written "Happy New Year". And i wonder who will and who will not reply back. Just to see did they actually care or not.

And the results...





David yong




Jue jing

Jun Ken

Justin chan

Keat seong


Kian leong

Kien wei

Kong fui
Kean seng
Mei wen





Poh peng


Sai Beng

She fong




Thuan Tzen


Wei Jin



Yee pei


Ying ying


Those who never reply are named in light blue.... you guys har... sigh.

Besides, i received a few from those who were not in the list. I didn't forget them, just that there were too much to send and too little credits left.

For those who received my message... Actually i didn't mean to send it out that time. I was eatting my dinner out there and adding people into the list.

That was around 7pm, and the sky wasn't dark yet entirely.

I accidentally pressed the "Send" button, therefore the messages were sent out to the people named with intial "P" onwards... Diu lo.

Damn, i wanted to send those out around 11pm. But heck... Whatever man. Earlier to prevent traffic.

I reached home around 11pm, when everyone was countdown-ing out there. Reading manga online and chat to tucky at the same time. To be honest i have never join this kind of event at all before. Feel kind of no life here at klang...

Sien, CVS exam soon on friday. Study progress currently 45%.


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