259# Moron

After the CVS assessment, everyone went to DoTA as usual

Heck, why can't we just have a better life? Before lecture, DotA. After lecture, DoTA. Got lecture, DoTA. No lecture, DoTA. Before exam, DoTA. After exam, DoTA.

I'm getting (sic) with that.

Me and Darren went to Endah Parade to buy something, instead of paying money for the cyber cafe's owner to make them richer.

I'm making the auntie at the hobby shop richer, though.

We reached at the mall and started looking for parking. I spotted one, and Darren tried hard to reverse in.

He called me to get out of the car first because he found the parking space was rather funny.

And that was because a fella parked the car like this:

I wonder that what is the reason for this fella to park his/her car in such a way. Why couldn't that fella just adjust the car nicely before he/she got his/her ass of the car?

Darren got off the car, and of course, both of us started swear like Hell to the irresponsible driver. And he got an idea to sabotage.

He went to the back of his car. I wondered what took him so long. Thought that he was looking for a one cent coin to scratch. That wasn't a good thing to do.

But instead he was doing something rather interesting. He did it in his own way. He is that kind of guy who would bust people off with his verbal skills in order to stand up what's right.

Oh well, just the mouth.

And this time, he was using the hands. I was thinking what would he write as a message.

Learn how to park, you moron.

And apparently BJB 35-35 is not his car plate number. BJB is rather a new car registration number and he is driving an old car like mine.

Oh ya that was a Marieb book at the bottom in case that you wondering.

Happy new year, have a nice day. And freaking improve your parking skills ok?

I wasn't in good mood since i screwed up my CVS paper. And what usually a girl will do is to get rid of the farked up feelings by shopping.

I turned out to be a bitch.

I didn't get the model i wanted to buy, sold out. And the model i wanted has reached msia, but all booked. RM285 for a master grade model is a lot to be wasted.

There were 2 of it in the shop but booked. Saw one guy aged around 30 plus bought that model with another master grade. Paid more than RM500 and said to me:

"This piece sold out at Hong Kong liao ah. They chao til more than 1 thousand liao."

Sweat. 7000 yen in Japan, RM285 in Msia (if available) and HK$1000+ for pieces of plastics in runners.

Therefore i simply grabbed a small mini tiny model, 4 markers. That costed me RM66. Together with the RM10 for 3 PS2 games, Rm76 just gone just like that.

My one week allowance... biatch...

Gonna collect RM285 + RM55 for 2 models. Heck, why am i wasting money for all these?

Screw msia. Go and fro to IMU cost me RM30 per trip.

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