261# MG Strike Freedom - Full Burst Mode

261# MG Strike Freedom - Full Burst Mode

It starts with... One thing, i think i know why. Because that i tried, to look for Gundam model for Wei-Jin last year. He wanted some easy model to fix during his break at Msia.

Since that, i am more concerned to these kind of plastic model kits. And slowly, i am dragged to the modeling Hell.

Gundam count: 13

Master Grade : 2
High Grade : 3
1/100 : 2
1/144 : 1
SD : 5

Well, it was been more than a month since the day i discovered the coming release of the master grade gundam plastic model. From this site i found out that it is really superb. But just that the korean freak kind of no skill and ruined the whole thing.

Finally i got the chance to get this model on monday, 15th Jan, by spending my entire month of allowance...

The box itself is huge, size about a perfect grade's box. All these give rise to the problem of keeping the model boxes in my small little room.

The box was sealed before i opened it in the shop. I sort of glanced through what's inside the box, without checking one by one. It's impossible to check everything, since there are so many parts in it.

Tuesday evening, 5.30pm, i started to get my hands on it to assemble it. I placed all runners and parts on the floor and count one by one refering to the instruction book, to make sure all the parts are there.

All runners and there, and all parts are given after i checked. Then i started my work.

1.50 am of the next day, finally the assemble is done. It took me more than 6 hours to complete, which is the hardest one i've ever fixed. There are more than 430 parts, and the wings itself make up 100 parts of it.

I was very satisfied to the setting and wanted to do the pose as shown by the box - where all 8 dragoons from the wings are fired out at once.

And that needs the crystal clear plastic rods to connect the parts onto the stand, to create the floating effect like this:

I stopped.


Where are all 8 plastic rods?

I find through the box, the plastic bag, the runners.

No, don't have.

Regardless it was already 2 am in the midnight, i took the torchlight and try to look for it in my car. Because i remember that i braked too forcefully while the journey back, and the box actually fell down and slightly opened.

No, not in the car. Even though i've searched through all over again during the day for thousand times.

Transparent rods which you might totally overlook it.

The 8 plastic robs are in the checklist, but not shown as picture, so i totally overlooked it. Therefore i messaged the shopkeeper where i bought the kit from.

Me : Auntie, the strike freedom full burst mode that i bought on monday, the 8 plastic sticks to support the floating dragoons are missing...

Auntie : When you open the box was it sealed?

Me : I opened, check it in the shop on monday. And yesterday nighti check the parts 1 by 1 only found out tat those are not in. Would it dropped in the shop?

Auntie : i need to find out with jp but do u seen the stick when you open in my shop?

Me : No i din see it when i check it in the shop. Let me know if can order from jap. It's so sad when parts are missing.

Auntie : Just need to clarify cos Gundam is the only product withch remain manufacturer in JP their strict and some of the products are part of their school lesson but i will replace ASAP continue build up while waiting ok.

Me : Ya I'll wait for ur update. Can still built but just can't do the dragoons burst. Thanks a lot auntie.

Sad. Potong steam. Imperfect... What the point of buying this full burst mode if the plastic rods are missing? I could just save the additional 100 bucks by buying the normal version...

Anyway, still a very beautiful model. Up to 40cm high with the stand.

Plastic rods... All 8 of you all... Oh come back to me....

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