304# Aretha

304# Aretha

I had a little problem yesterday while on the way for aretha's birthday dinner.

It was really furious but yet still fortunate at the same that i was unharmed by the chain of events that turned me down. Thank god, really.

I shall talk about that for the next time. I'm dedicating this particular post to the birthday girl aretha.

Seems like my page is going to be more eventful than usual. Is it something positive and better? Hope so.

Although i faced a lot of trouble in getting my way to starhill, which i will talk about it next time, somehow i still managed to get there in time.

6pm, that was the time she asked us to be there. Jin, darren and me reached there about 6.20pm but the host wasn't there yet.

She was stucked in the traffic and reached there 1.5 hours later than the time given. Premerderka celebration traffic jam.

The birthday princess invited a few of her university batchmates and college friends there, plus her family members as well.

Met back a few of them who i knew from taylors. Didn't really expect that they will turned out to be in the same batch with aretha in University of Reading.

Feel kind of inferior in front of these future lawyers. Who might be going after us in the future when ignorant patients want to sue us for this and that.

Scary fish.

I went for something like this before, but that night's dinner definitely outshines than the rest. Quite impossible for me to taste each of every dish over there, but i just tried my best to do so.

My priorities go to the seafood, preferably not the sashimi because i'm still not good in tolerating raw food.

Thanks to uncle where we were given the VIP coupons, which entitled us to use it for the VIP only dishes.

I used 3 of our coupons to spam on 3 different style of king crabs. King crabs really pwned among all the crabs out there, in some way.

We were more than lucky enough where our table was selected for the lucky draw. The price was a whole leg (is there any better word to replace this?) of the king crab.

Cheese baked, i think. It's really massive. The length was about from my tip of my finger to my elbow. Taste nice too.

Ate quite a lot of food there which anyone may expect. But i just don't know why must darren eat those dinsum? Save space for something else better right? Or maybe i eat din sum until scared already...

Everyone dressed up so well, therefore it was fulled of flashlights that night. I didn't really dressed up though, just casual. Even aretha's brother wore casually, therefore i think what i wore was alright though.

Because i didn't expect each of them to dress up so well. So sorry, should have wear my university standard dress code attire to attend that. Lol.

The birthday cake was delicious too. Wonder was it bought outside or handmade. Sadly i forgot to get one of those cheesecakes over there. But i did spammed a lot for juices. Apple, orange, pineapple, guava and mango juice, mix 5 of those up to make our own fruit punch.

6 different favourites of H. Daaz are available too. Too bad some of them freeze to hard until it were so hard to dig. No matter what brand the ice cream is, Mango sorbet is still tasted bad, i still prefer chocolate ice cream.

The coconut drink there was very highly recommended but too bad i'm not a coconut drink lover. I was being haunted by coconut juice when i was 10, because i was asked to drink massive amount of it when i got infected with chickenpox.

We didn't stay there too long. Jin left before us did because he needed to go to singapore the next day. Me and darren left after 10pm because we were going to take a long time to reach home. Plus, i needed darren to fetch me back home, will explain next time. Plus plus we had to avoid the merdeka jam.

By the way, the toilet at starhill is quite cool where i heard there was even a review for the toilet. Felt bad that i had no RM1 notes to give to the attendants in there as tips. I'll do next time.

Finally, thanks a lot to aretha for the invitation. And happy 21st birthday.

PS: Picture number 7 was stolen from aretha's facebook album without her knowledge.


303# P21

303# P21

Yesterday i was invited by Pei for her 21st birthday.

To be really honest, i don't know the exact day of her birthday. This coming Monday maybe? She had that on yesterday since it was a Saturday and easier for people to make it.

Fig Tree at Jln Dugung, somewhere at Bangsat, which i don't know at all.

It's kind of reasonable for a klang-mari fella for not knowing the location of this restaurant, i'm kind of surprised that my friends who are staying at Subang don't know the direction of the restaurant as well.

She asked us to reach by 6.30pm, but apparently no matter how punctual i wanted to be, msians will never seemed to be on time.

I had to go with tks because i needed his direction even though he was uncertain of it himself. But at least he got the map and direction written.

With tucky we moved together in a car. And for the third time i drove tks out during this holiday.

Went out for movie, i drove.
Went for my birthday dinner, i drove, i paid.
Went out for pei's birthday dinner, i drove again, pei paid.

Very pissed with that and i asked him to drive us out for lunch for 1 month after semester starts.

7.15pm we moved out due to tks's delay. That was already 45 minutes late than the time given. I wanted to move out on 5.30pm because we still need time to figure out the direction.

But most of the times things won't go like what i wanted since the world do not revolve around me, but it revolves around tks.

We got lost again and again for uncountable time. Basically we ran around the whole KL in order to reach the restaurant.

We reached the restaurant, finally, around 8.30pm. We were 2 hours late. I hate to be late but i guess there was nothing i could do about it. So sorry, pei.

Saw a few of uni friends over there, made me got the feeling to study again. Anyway there's only 1 more week left before semester 4 starts so i think my dream will come true soon.

We weren't the last to reach that night. Someone reached later than us in fact.

When me and tucky went to get some cakes, i saw someone familiar over there.

Uncertain, and i went to ask pei.

I was correct, that was Hui Teng from James's class in college.

Very surprised to see her there. I've not meet her since we finished our college. She came late because she was at a dinenr with her family.

As usual, i need to ensure something, especially a college friend who has not meet for so long.

Me: So, do you remember my name?
HT: Oh ya. You're Timothy right?

Me+Tucky: LOL

Kind of frustrated with that since i have 2 more friends in college who looked like me. One is Timothy who currently in imu now and one more is Wei-Jin who's back from Sheffield right now. She knows all 3 of us, but will get mixed up most of the times.

Me: Alright, i give you 3 options. First, Timothy. Second, Wei-Jin. Third, Mike.
HT: Ok... so you're Wei-Jin right?


Was it Angelene who stood beside her, not too sure. After me and tucky LOL for so long, and angelene told her that i'm neither of them.

That was really embrassing. But consider that i wasn't so close to her but to her classmates instead therefore it was still forgivable.

Talk about the food, it was really nice, especially the fish and the curry chicken in a spoon. The fruit punch was cool too. I think i drank 3 cups of them.

The coolest thing of a birthday dinner would be playing a game on how well you know the host. Being one of her closest friends in the uni we thought that we could answer the questions well.

But thanks to tks's influence, almost everyone of us got KO-ed for the G-string question.

Sadly, none of us from the m106 survived until the last of the game. Even angelene got KO-ed as well. GG, no remake.

There was a lucky draw too where i got picked. I got a gift which written "The MRI". MRI stands for Magnetic Resonant Imaging, therefore guess what's inside would be something to do with "image".

And it's a photo frame.

Thanks a lot to pei for the invitation and the wonderful dinner. Next year, if there's any, i'll try my best to make it in time. Provided that if the venue isn't hard to find. Lol.

After i dropped tks back home, i drove pass a roundabout outside Sri KL. I was trying to avoid a motorcyclist came out from the roundabout and understeered a little bit. My right rear wheel got hit at the side divider.

Anxious. It's a new tyre man. I drove into the nearest petrol station to check the tyre's condition.

There's these 3 petrol station in one row at KESAS highway. Petronas, Esso, then Shell. I go Esso so i decided to stop by at Esso to check my car tyre.

Just outside Petronas station there was this white Bengdified Myvi cut out from the petrol station into my lane without looking.

The lane could fit 2 cars hardly at the same time, but not when a car's turning out and the turning radius drive into my lane as well.

The dirty Beng Myvi nearly hit my car and i honked at that useless drive until his grandmother cannot recognise him.

Pity my car tyre. I've just changed not long a long. Got scratched at the side. Hope it's still ok.

And again, Happy Birthday Pei. May all your dream come true.


302# M21 Haul

Revoltech #32, #33 Review part 1 + Intro of Evangelion

Finally, what i preordered on June has arrived!

Revoltech #32 Evangelion 01, #33 Evangelion 00 and #extra Positron rifle x ESV sheild.

I've been waiting for it's release since the day i placed my preorder online and it finally reached at my doorstep exactly 1 day after my birthday.

Therefore i shall consider these as my birthday gift for myself.

Sticker is god damn cheap nowadays.

The preorder price for Revoltech #32 and #33 was RM65 respectively while the extra weapon set was RM72, made up the total of RM202. Just nice exceeded RM200, therefore the shipping fee is free. Nice.

I saved RM36 from the preorder price.

Very well packed and damage free.

The usual price i got is RM78 from my fixed source, and usually xl-shop sells revoltech figures with the price range of RM80 to RM100. Therefore, RM65 is relatively cheaper. But the absolute price is still high though....

I was given the permission to preorder online these figures for the second time. My first online purchase was not a figure, but a DELL LCD monitor...

And this made up my Revoltech evangelion figure to grow up to 7, excluding the weapon set.

The whole selling points about Revoltech's figure are its low price, high posibility and 2 releases per month.

Screw the low price part. 1,995yen is about US$20. When it reaches here it becomes RM80. And limited edition grows until RM120 to RM200 per box.

Each of everytime i purchase a revoltech figure, checking the parts and joints is a must. It's still a made in china product unlike Gunpla which is made in japan. Revoltech figures has low QC problem but fortunately i have yet to meet.

Type G equipment parts, a progressive knife, berserk mode head, 2 extra shoulder blades with knife opening mode, 4 extra pair of hands, umbilical cable, and finally a stand.

Kind of generous already being a 1,995yen revoltech figure.

Overall the posiblity, stability, appearance, proportion is the best as compared to the previous evangelion releases. I'd say stop going for the previous releases but go for these new movie version release.

Somehow the joint at its left wrist isn't that hard but loosen. Therefore i changed it with Eva 01 Type F ones since i rarely touch it.

Eva 00 comes with more useful accessories. One short and one long sword which supposedly belong to Eva 01, a gatling gun which supposedly belongs to Eva 01, a rifle, 4 extra pairs of hands, umbilical cable and a stand.

Why eva 01's weapons will be at eva 00? Of course, so that people will buy eva 00 as well for the sake of the weapons for eva 01. And the extra weapon set sold separately to milk people out even more. Commercial tactic.

End of review.

By the way, I wonder if there's anyone out there watched this series before. "Neon Genesis Evangelion". The series ended on early year 1996. It was very popular back to the late 90's.

Sadly i have no access to the animation at all when i was still a 10 years old kid. That was a transformer and ninja turtle era.

If i really did, don't expect a 10 year old kid to understand such complicated story with all the Christianity, Judasim, Gnosticism and Kabbalism elements.

The positron rifle and ESV shield.

Don't talk about small kids, even adults don't understand the whole story. That's why "Death and Rebirth" and "The end of Evangelion" movies were made to make a clearer end.

But the result is still same. A lot of question marks around.

I borrowed the dvd from Chan and watched it for the very first time 10 years after the story ended. And i don't catch a thing until i go read the explaination online.

Luckily i only collect evangelion and gunpla but not transformers, or else i'd be dead.

Because most of the people do not understand the story and its ending, in order to compensate for the pain, people can't stop from buying evangelion related items.

Imagine this, the anime has ended for 11 years but its model, figures and stuffs like that still keep on appearing each year.

The first part of the new movie for evangelion, "Rebuild of Evangelion" is coming soon this September, titled "Evangelion 1.0 - You are (not) alone".

Only evangelion unit 01 and 00 plus the weapons appeared in the movie trailer so far. Somehow there are a lot of figures of eva 01 and eva 00 released to the market right now.

Revoltech (which i already have), Revoltech miniature plus its limited edition, High complete Model Progressive, Soul Spec, plastic model kit... Generally people don't know which one to get.

What a nice animation to make money for the past 12 years.

Make sure you are going for these, Chan?

My collector plague has been spreaded and infected a few victims. Chan is going to get some revoltech evas and it's going to be the 1997 movie version of Eva 02 and the Mass production model.

Although revoltech eva isn't the best model of evangelion, but it is definitely the cheapest and nicest model to collect with. Usual models priced from RM170 to RM500. While normal revoltech costs only RM80...

I'm so sorry Chan. But you're dead, you can't run this time. I've spent nearly a thousand for all these during this holiday...

Collection count so far (within 1 year),

MG - 5
HG - 4
1/100 - 3
1/144 - 1
SD - 9
Revoltech - 8


#301 M21

#301 M21


This is going to be the very first event reporting post that you are to read. Proceed with no risk.

I managed to get a few of my friends to gather for a dinner with me as to officialise my legal age. Turning 21st on 21st sounds great isn't it?

I fetched William, went Shah Alam to pick Darren up, and then to Subang jaya to pick TKS. Full time driver i am already.

Reached at 1U around 3pm, 3 hours before the time we need to gather. Since i need to ensure that 12 of us will have enough of seat, therefore i needed to get there earlier to reserve seats at nando's restaurant.

Justin was the one who asked me to go earlier to lepak with him. In the end he was the one who who got there 2 hours late.

5.45pm, we moved to nando's restaurant from Toy R us after i bought gasaphons for my sister.

Cyndi called me, and she ffk-ed me last minute!

5 of us, Darren, tks, Justin, William and me. We were looking the way to the restaurant. And suddenly we got Darren missing in action from our back.

William said he got a call from Jin and disappeared suddenly. We proceed, and hope he could find his own way to the restaurant.

Tables for 12 were arranged. William went outdoor for his own of fresh air, while Justin, Tks and me struggling for hunger of food, discussing what to order later.

6.15pm, nobody other than us arrived yet. Msians huh...

I took my handphone and sms-ed them to confirm that they are on their way.

And exact the same time, 6.15pm, i got an sms from Michelle;

"Hey! Where r u? I'm already at kenny rogers mid valley"

Walao eh omg no no no no no...!

Although i told them that i wanted to have it at kenny rogers mid valley, but i have changed into Nando's 1U since most of them stay near 1U.

And i'm pretty sure that i sms-ed EACH of EVERYONE of them to tell them that the change of venue.

Panicking, i replied her back that it's 1U.

Michelle came with Audrey i sure, therefore i called Audrey.

She wasn't picking up. I called Michelle;

"Hey i'm in mid valley now you know? Audrey and Aretha now with me. We have a car but we need a guy to bring us there."

I couldn't leave the place because i'm the host right there. We came in a car therefore Darren has no car. I called Darren to pick them up using my car. He was with Jin that time and he said he lost his way to the restaurant.

"Don't worry i'll discuss with Jin"

I was damn stressed that time. Blood pressure would have increased up to of 150/100, super heart rate of 150 bpm and blood sugar level of 2 mmol/L.

Hypertension, tachycardia, hypoglycemia all came knocked at my door.

I know not only me myself, Tks was pretty hungry too. Tks said, it's very impossible to get to mid valley from 1U at that time. Office hour. Go and fro would take more than 40 minutes.

6.28pm, Darren called me with Jin's phone;

"Mike, I'm now in Jin's car, and we've picked 3 of them up from mid valley"

Tks stared at me, no way man, that was impossible. 10 minutes from 1U to mid valley?

I still hope that was true, wondering for any miracle that god would give us so that everyone could gather up as soon as possible.

"Ok darren. How long would you need to get back 1U from mid valley?"

"Erm, you talk to Jin la."

"Hello mike, Jin here. We're now on our way back. We'll need around like...."


Someone pushed me at my back while i was taking to him on the phone. And a jusco plastic bag with a box inside written "GAIA" placed on the table in front of me.

I turned back.

I saw Jin with his phone, Darren beside him, Michelle, Audrey and Aretha at their back.

Oh my god.

I've been Punk'd.

What a surprise that i'd ever had.

That was definitely the first surprise i had during my birthday. There was a point blank in me for 0.821 seconds. Then only i realised that i was being punked.

I was really surprised and happy that everyone of they all made it in the end. I didn't go figure whether who came out with the idea of fooling me. But the answer is pretty obvious.

And thanks a lot for the Gaia Gundam that you guys bought for me. Being a Gunpla and revoltech collector like me, a gundam model would be a very nice gift for me.

In fact Tks and William saw that they were walking to me and everything was so fake. But i wonder why didn't i figure it out. I even thought that everything was true, like

- Jin and Darren lost their way to the restaurant.
- Michelle plus Audrey plus Aretha went to Mid valley.
- 10 minutes drive from 1U to Mid valley.

I'm so naive enough to believe all those... Couldn't help it because i really hope everyone could get there in time, because tks was hungry... lol.

Harpreet reached a few minutes after they all. I didn't tell him that was my birthday dinner. He only figure out after michelle they all told him. lol.

Poh yoke reached 1 hour after everyone else. She was having lab until 6pm therefore that explains why. But still glad that she made it. lol.

Joshua didn't make it. He didn't pick up my calls nor reply me sms. Audrey said that he might be sleeping. He sms-ed me in the end said he fell aslept. lol.

After the dinner at 1U, we proceeded to Swensen's at SS2.

I didn't been there before. According to Michelle, going Swensen's on Tuesday is a must. Because "Earthquake" is half priced on Tuesday.

Aretha didn't join us though because she needs to go work early tomorrow.

A very happy night i had. Considered to be the first celebration that i had ever. Last year's one wasn't really great because i arranged it at last minute.

So sorry that i couldn't spent much time talking to each of everyone of you all there because i have invited too many people. High school friend, college friend, uni friend.

But you guys did enjoyed talking to each other during the first meet. Hope you guys are happy too.

Thank you so much to everyone out there for all the greetings. So sorry that i couldn't invite everyone of you all because it would rather get messy if i invite too many. Thanks for the greeting at friendster, facebook, calls and sms!

I think i might not assemble this High Grade kit, scare that i'll screw it. May keep it well forever...


William, Wei-Jin, Justin, Darren, Tks, Audrey, Michelle, Aretha, Harp, Yokie, Joshua, Cyndi, Layhui, Renesh, Abi, Suzy, Genie, Kian Leong, Roney, Poh Peng, Nichole, Shiew Guan, Bee Dheng, Yee Pei, Cheryl, Kelvin, Adrian, Cheng ling, Ngar Shien, Diana, Chia Woon, Chia Yean, Chia Yin, Shin Dhee, Adila, Caryn, Tenni, Zue Wen, Rachel, Joanne, Danis, Yee Huai...

Hope i didn't miss out anyone there...


#300 Enter to the decarboxylated

#300 Enter to the decarboxylated

As the picture below told, this is the 300th post, excluding the unnumbered posts.

300, not an easy number to attain.

If only i crap a line or two only in each post, or copy paste words or pictures taken over the internet, then my post count would have exceed this number ages ago.

I choosed to post something when i feel like writing. I prefer not to post irrelevant things just to keep this page up to dated.

Therefore, if you found this page is dead, means that i am really busy. And that happens when i need to prepare for exam, which happens most of the times.

Since the end of 2004 i started this page for my verbal diarrhea. Since some of the things can't be dumped into the toilet so i choosed to build up this page to dump in all my dissactisfactions towards some party.

You know it.

But seems that i have stopped writing non sense which i used to back in college times.

I was in the denial stage, now the acceptance.

Must accept the fact that somethings can't be changed, and some people can't be saved.

Those who are running this country really can't be saved.

They should just go to Hell as soon as possible.

Or get shot to end their stupidity.

Can't even compete with the neighbour who is 8 years younger. It was really wise to leave the federation.

Screw it. By the way, i had quite a lot of tartar sauce yesterday during lunch with friends.

And coke too during watching Rush Hour 3.

Not much of time left for me to play games. My PS2 is still in the box since the day i got back from trip.

Feel like playing CS's new map, anyone?

By the way, whatever game that i'd play,World of Warcraft will not be in my list. I have no money at the first place, and i don't want to ruin my life the second.

That's about it, my non sense 300th post. Said that i'm not going to post non sense but i've just did...

Disclaimer: All pimped pictures above are taken from some forum. This pc is having some problem where ctrl+V function is disabled by spyware. Therefore i apologize that i'm not able to post up the url of these pictures.

PS: I have not watch this movie 300 yet.


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