304# Aretha

304# Aretha

I had a little problem yesterday while on the way for aretha's birthday dinner.

It was really furious but yet still fortunate at the same that i was unharmed by the chain of events that turned me down. Thank god, really.

I shall talk about that for the next time. I'm dedicating this particular post to the birthday girl aretha.

Seems like my page is going to be more eventful than usual. Is it something positive and better? Hope so.

Although i faced a lot of trouble in getting my way to starhill, which i will talk about it next time, somehow i still managed to get there in time.

6pm, that was the time she asked us to be there. Jin, darren and me reached there about 6.20pm but the host wasn't there yet.

She was stucked in the traffic and reached there 1.5 hours later than the time given. Premerderka celebration traffic jam.

The birthday princess invited a few of her university batchmates and college friends there, plus her family members as well.

Met back a few of them who i knew from taylors. Didn't really expect that they will turned out to be in the same batch with aretha in University of Reading.

Feel kind of inferior in front of these future lawyers. Who might be going after us in the future when ignorant patients want to sue us for this and that.

Scary fish.

I went for something like this before, but that night's dinner definitely outshines than the rest. Quite impossible for me to taste each of every dish over there, but i just tried my best to do so.

My priorities go to the seafood, preferably not the sashimi because i'm still not good in tolerating raw food.

Thanks to uncle where we were given the VIP coupons, which entitled us to use it for the VIP only dishes.

I used 3 of our coupons to spam on 3 different style of king crabs. King crabs really pwned among all the crabs out there, in some way.

We were more than lucky enough where our table was selected for the lucky draw. The price was a whole leg (is there any better word to replace this?) of the king crab.

Cheese baked, i think. It's really massive. The length was about from my tip of my finger to my elbow. Taste nice too.

Ate quite a lot of food there which anyone may expect. But i just don't know why must darren eat those dinsum? Save space for something else better right? Or maybe i eat din sum until scared already...

Everyone dressed up so well, therefore it was fulled of flashlights that night. I didn't really dressed up though, just casual. Even aretha's brother wore casually, therefore i think what i wore was alright though.

Because i didn't expect each of them to dress up so well. So sorry, should have wear my university standard dress code attire to attend that. Lol.

The birthday cake was delicious too. Wonder was it bought outside or handmade. Sadly i forgot to get one of those cheesecakes over there. But i did spammed a lot for juices. Apple, orange, pineapple, guava and mango juice, mix 5 of those up to make our own fruit punch.

6 different favourites of H. Daaz are available too. Too bad some of them freeze to hard until it were so hard to dig. No matter what brand the ice cream is, Mango sorbet is still tasted bad, i still prefer chocolate ice cream.

The coconut drink there was very highly recommended but too bad i'm not a coconut drink lover. I was being haunted by coconut juice when i was 10, because i was asked to drink massive amount of it when i got infected with chickenpox.

We didn't stay there too long. Jin left before us did because he needed to go to singapore the next day. Me and darren left after 10pm because we were going to take a long time to reach home. Plus, i needed darren to fetch me back home, will explain next time. Plus plus we had to avoid the merdeka jam.

By the way, the toilet at starhill is quite cool where i heard there was even a review for the toilet. Felt bad that i had no RM1 notes to give to the attendants in there as tips. I'll do next time.

Finally, thanks a lot to aretha for the invitation. And happy 21st birthday.

PS: Picture number 7 was stolen from aretha's facebook album without her knowledge.

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