299# Road trip

299# Road trip

I've just got home yesterday, after leaving home since the last sunday.

This could be my second trip during the holiday, if consider the trip to the durian orchard as the first. And thanks to Jin for organising it again.

We stayed over at Jin's place during Sunday night. Thanks for the sate dinner and the breakfast again.

Monday morning, we rolled out (without transforming). 3 of us plus Jin's friend YH from sheffield and her friend HT as well.

Sitiawan was the first stop. Hunted for the famous duck wantan mee, followed up by hiong peng, and more hiong peng.

I was busy taking photos around so i bought nothing.

Have you seen a cendol maker with bow tie? Yeah yeah.

At night, went to minum at some bar. Place is very dead and very overpriced. Mary's blood for RM20+ is relatively expensive for such a bar...

Stayed over at YH's place at sitiawan at the same night, drink again. But i wasn't the one drinking. Hey, i got 2 large Chivas too at home!

Day 2 we travelled to ipoh. Kind of disappointing because a few places that we planned to go was closed. The hot spring became the lost park, closes on Tuesday, and the sam pou dong closes after 4.30pm.

No hot water for us, no big tortoise to touch. Not nan ting dong not bad too, with monkeys and giant arowanas.

At least we manage to eat and drink what we wanted for at ipoh. But those are not the best though.

I think you know what is this...

The nga choi was alright, but the kai wasn't that great.

Day 3 to Penang. Sadly we only managed to visit the Kek lok si. Our schedule is very tight.

Travel all the way to all of the places relying the map ain't easy. None of us are from penang so we had a hard time in travelling.

Saw imu M106 Racheal at Gurney plaza, penang-ren! She asked why didn't i ask any penang friend to guide us around. Haha... where are you all penang-rens? All at KL!!

Pose a bit first...

We got Tai Ken for dinner, who currently staying at Penang for his medical attachment during his university break from London.

The fish head curry rawks.

Ais kacang at shawton (spell check) not bad too.

After chilling for a while at YMCA where we stayed for 2 nights, we went to the beach.

I bought a curry pie and cafe latte along the way. Was eating the pie while i was recording those fellas at the beach.

The bugger willy freaked me out, and i dropped by pie.

What a waste.

Nothing much we could do in the dark beach but just to chill around. Playing sand, counting stars, licking wind, catching crabs...

Holy crab... you msians know how to crab! (4 crabs in the bottle)

For Day 4 we went back to sitiawan again. This time there were only 3 of us because the girls already went home. We stayed over at will's parent's place for 1 night.

Thanks for all the meals will's parents...

Will's mum brought us for the real hill trekking.

Very tough i must say. We climbed for 20 minutes and we went down. Unlike the normal hill that i have been, this one is really tough and the slope can roll you down.

And that's all for my trip. Kajang > Sitiawan > Ipoh > Penang > Sitiawan > Kajang

PS: Most used words through out the whole trip.

5. Whatwecathe... (what do we called that a...)
4. Girlyman
3. Ah kua
2. Wa shi lin lao beh
1. Cibai

Thank you!


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