#300 Enter to the decarboxylated

#300 Enter to the decarboxylated

As the picture below told, this is the 300th post, excluding the unnumbered posts.

300, not an easy number to attain.

If only i crap a line or two only in each post, or copy paste words or pictures taken over the internet, then my post count would have exceed this number ages ago.

I choosed to post something when i feel like writing. I prefer not to post irrelevant things just to keep this page up to dated.

Therefore, if you found this page is dead, means that i am really busy. And that happens when i need to prepare for exam, which happens most of the times.

Since the end of 2004 i started this page for my verbal diarrhea. Since some of the things can't be dumped into the toilet so i choosed to build up this page to dump in all my dissactisfactions towards some party.

You know it.

But seems that i have stopped writing non sense which i used to back in college times.

I was in the denial stage, now the acceptance.

Must accept the fact that somethings can't be changed, and some people can't be saved.

Those who are running this country really can't be saved.

They should just go to Hell as soon as possible.

Or get shot to end their stupidity.

Can't even compete with the neighbour who is 8 years younger. It was really wise to leave the federation.

Screw it. By the way, i had quite a lot of tartar sauce yesterday during lunch with friends.

And coke too during watching Rush Hour 3.

Not much of time left for me to play games. My PS2 is still in the box since the day i got back from trip.

Feel like playing CS's new map, anyone?

By the way, whatever game that i'd play,World of Warcraft will not be in my list. I have no money at the first place, and i don't want to ruin my life the second.

That's about it, my non sense 300th post. Said that i'm not going to post non sense but i've just did...

Disclaimer: All pimped pictures above are taken from some forum. This pc is having some problem where ctrl+V function is disabled by spyware. Therefore i apologize that i'm not able to post up the url of these pictures.

PS: I have not watch this movie 300 yet.

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