303# P21

303# P21

Yesterday i was invited by Pei for her 21st birthday.

To be really honest, i don't know the exact day of her birthday. This coming Monday maybe? She had that on yesterday since it was a Saturday and easier for people to make it.

Fig Tree at Jln Dugung, somewhere at Bangsat, which i don't know at all.

It's kind of reasonable for a klang-mari fella for not knowing the location of this restaurant, i'm kind of surprised that my friends who are staying at Subang don't know the direction of the restaurant as well.

She asked us to reach by 6.30pm, but apparently no matter how punctual i wanted to be, msians will never seemed to be on time.

I had to go with tks because i needed his direction even though he was uncertain of it himself. But at least he got the map and direction written.

With tucky we moved together in a car. And for the third time i drove tks out during this holiday.

Went out for movie, i drove.
Went for my birthday dinner, i drove, i paid.
Went out for pei's birthday dinner, i drove again, pei paid.

Very pissed with that and i asked him to drive us out for lunch for 1 month after semester starts.

7.15pm we moved out due to tks's delay. That was already 45 minutes late than the time given. I wanted to move out on 5.30pm because we still need time to figure out the direction.

But most of the times things won't go like what i wanted since the world do not revolve around me, but it revolves around tks.

We got lost again and again for uncountable time. Basically we ran around the whole KL in order to reach the restaurant.

We reached the restaurant, finally, around 8.30pm. We were 2 hours late. I hate to be late but i guess there was nothing i could do about it. So sorry, pei.

Saw a few of uni friends over there, made me got the feeling to study again. Anyway there's only 1 more week left before semester 4 starts so i think my dream will come true soon.

We weren't the last to reach that night. Someone reached later than us in fact.

When me and tucky went to get some cakes, i saw someone familiar over there.

Uncertain, and i went to ask pei.

I was correct, that was Hui Teng from James's class in college.

Very surprised to see her there. I've not meet her since we finished our college. She came late because she was at a dinenr with her family.

As usual, i need to ensure something, especially a college friend who has not meet for so long.

Me: So, do you remember my name?
HT: Oh ya. You're Timothy right?

Me+Tucky: LOL

Kind of frustrated with that since i have 2 more friends in college who looked like me. One is Timothy who currently in imu now and one more is Wei-Jin who's back from Sheffield right now. She knows all 3 of us, but will get mixed up most of the times.

Me: Alright, i give you 3 options. First, Timothy. Second, Wei-Jin. Third, Mike.
HT: Ok... so you're Wei-Jin right?


Was it Angelene who stood beside her, not too sure. After me and tucky LOL for so long, and angelene told her that i'm neither of them.

That was really embrassing. But consider that i wasn't so close to her but to her classmates instead therefore it was still forgivable.

Talk about the food, it was really nice, especially the fish and the curry chicken in a spoon. The fruit punch was cool too. I think i drank 3 cups of them.

The coolest thing of a birthday dinner would be playing a game on how well you know the host. Being one of her closest friends in the uni we thought that we could answer the questions well.

But thanks to tks's influence, almost everyone of us got KO-ed for the G-string question.

Sadly, none of us from the m106 survived until the last of the game. Even angelene got KO-ed as well. GG, no remake.

There was a lucky draw too where i got picked. I got a gift which written "The MRI". MRI stands for Magnetic Resonant Imaging, therefore guess what's inside would be something to do with "image".

And it's a photo frame.

Thanks a lot to pei for the invitation and the wonderful dinner. Next year, if there's any, i'll try my best to make it in time. Provided that if the venue isn't hard to find. Lol.

After i dropped tks back home, i drove pass a roundabout outside Sri KL. I was trying to avoid a motorcyclist came out from the roundabout and understeered a little bit. My right rear wheel got hit at the side divider.

Anxious. It's a new tyre man. I drove into the nearest petrol station to check the tyre's condition.

There's these 3 petrol station in one row at KESAS highway. Petronas, Esso, then Shell. I go Esso so i decided to stop by at Esso to check my car tyre.

Just outside Petronas station there was this white Bengdified Myvi cut out from the petrol station into my lane without looking.

The lane could fit 2 cars hardly at the same time, but not when a car's turning out and the turning radius drive into my lane as well.

The dirty Beng Myvi nearly hit my car and i honked at that useless drive until his grandmother cannot recognise him.

Pity my car tyre. I've just changed not long a long. Got scratched at the side. Hope it's still ok.

And again, Happy Birthday Pei. May all your dream come true.

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