298# 999 Dog dog dog

298# 999 Dog dog dog

I'm pretty sure each of everyone of you all have seen a so called "p0nd0k p0lis" before. You might seen one in your taman too.

The thing is that, have you ever seen one which has "p0lis" working inside?

If you have seen an operating ones, tell me. I'd like to have a look.

So far i have not seen any of those, who have people working inside. Beggars not counted ok?

I think the purpose of having these is to expand the control of crime by the authorities. But too bad it is just a way for them to build more and to dig more money from the gahmen.

Of course, the more you build, the more chances you can take benefits from there.

But heck, is there anyone of them willing to prison themselves inside such a small toilet sized hut?

We expect these "p0nd0ks" to function and hope to get some security from there, but mostly it doesn't show to have any functions for the public.

Imagine a lady just got robbed around this p0nd0k, and she dialled "999" for help.

Lady: Harlo? 999 ah?

Operator: (Eating nyonya kuih) Yes... can i help you?

Lady: Shit! I just got robbed by a remp-it beside the p0nd0k p0lis! And there's no p0lis inside to help me!

Operator: (Drinks the teh-tarik and say,) Which p0nd0k you mean ah?

Lady: At Tmn PKM! Why no p0lis there one?

Operator: (Swallows) Aiya, if you memang got robbed there, you can actually help yourselve one no need p0lis to help one.

Lady: How how? The remp-it robber long time left already!

Operator: (Yawns, try to repeat the line which got repeated 999 times a day) Can you see something right there outside the p0nd0k?

Lady: oh god, i can only see rubbish around and also an old air conditioner!

Operator: (Take a bite at the nyonya kuih again) Aiya you should have throw that big ass air-con onto the robber. They no mother teach one never mind one.

Lady: Diu nia seng K@#%! ....

PS: Take good care of yourselves... Hope you guys wont be the victim of the 3Rs (Rob, Remp-it, Rape)

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