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Revoltech #32, #33 Review part 1 + Intro of Evangelion

Finally, what i preordered on June has arrived!

Revoltech #32 Evangelion 01, #33 Evangelion 00 and #extra Positron rifle x ESV sheild.

I've been waiting for it's release since the day i placed my preorder online and it finally reached at my doorstep exactly 1 day after my birthday.

Therefore i shall consider these as my birthday gift for myself.

Sticker is god damn cheap nowadays.

The preorder price for Revoltech #32 and #33 was RM65 respectively while the extra weapon set was RM72, made up the total of RM202. Just nice exceeded RM200, therefore the shipping fee is free. Nice.

I saved RM36 from the preorder price.

Very well packed and damage free.

The usual price i got is RM78 from my fixed source, and usually xl-shop sells revoltech figures with the price range of RM80 to RM100. Therefore, RM65 is relatively cheaper. But the absolute price is still high though....

I was given the permission to preorder online these figures for the second time. My first online purchase was not a figure, but a DELL LCD monitor...

And this made up my Revoltech evangelion figure to grow up to 7, excluding the weapon set.

The whole selling points about Revoltech's figure are its low price, high posibility and 2 releases per month.

Screw the low price part. 1,995yen is about US$20. When it reaches here it becomes RM80. And limited edition grows until RM120 to RM200 per box.

Each of everytime i purchase a revoltech figure, checking the parts and joints is a must. It's still a made in china product unlike Gunpla which is made in japan. Revoltech figures has low QC problem but fortunately i have yet to meet.

Type G equipment parts, a progressive knife, berserk mode head, 2 extra shoulder blades with knife opening mode, 4 extra pair of hands, umbilical cable, and finally a stand.

Kind of generous already being a 1,995yen revoltech figure.

Overall the posiblity, stability, appearance, proportion is the best as compared to the previous evangelion releases. I'd say stop going for the previous releases but go for these new movie version release.

Somehow the joint at its left wrist isn't that hard but loosen. Therefore i changed it with Eva 01 Type F ones since i rarely touch it.

Eva 00 comes with more useful accessories. One short and one long sword which supposedly belong to Eva 01, a gatling gun which supposedly belongs to Eva 01, a rifle, 4 extra pairs of hands, umbilical cable and a stand.

Why eva 01's weapons will be at eva 00? Of course, so that people will buy eva 00 as well for the sake of the weapons for eva 01. And the extra weapon set sold separately to milk people out even more. Commercial tactic.

End of review.

By the way, I wonder if there's anyone out there watched this series before. "Neon Genesis Evangelion". The series ended on early year 1996. It was very popular back to the late 90's.

Sadly i have no access to the animation at all when i was still a 10 years old kid. That was a transformer and ninja turtle era.

If i really did, don't expect a 10 year old kid to understand such complicated story with all the Christianity, Judasim, Gnosticism and Kabbalism elements.

The positron rifle and ESV shield.

Don't talk about small kids, even adults don't understand the whole story. That's why "Death and Rebirth" and "The end of Evangelion" movies were made to make a clearer end.

But the result is still same. A lot of question marks around.

I borrowed the dvd from Chan and watched it for the very first time 10 years after the story ended. And i don't catch a thing until i go read the explaination online.

Luckily i only collect evangelion and gunpla but not transformers, or else i'd be dead.

Because most of the people do not understand the story and its ending, in order to compensate for the pain, people can't stop from buying evangelion related items.

Imagine this, the anime has ended for 11 years but its model, figures and stuffs like that still keep on appearing each year.

The first part of the new movie for evangelion, "Rebuild of Evangelion" is coming soon this September, titled "Evangelion 1.0 - You are (not) alone".

Only evangelion unit 01 and 00 plus the weapons appeared in the movie trailer so far. Somehow there are a lot of figures of eva 01 and eva 00 released to the market right now.

Revoltech (which i already have), Revoltech miniature plus its limited edition, High complete Model Progressive, Soul Spec, plastic model kit... Generally people don't know which one to get.

What a nice animation to make money for the past 12 years.

Make sure you are going for these, Chan?

My collector plague has been spreaded and infected a few victims. Chan is going to get some revoltech evas and it's going to be the 1997 movie version of Eva 02 and the Mass production model.

Although revoltech eva isn't the best model of evangelion, but it is definitely the cheapest and nicest model to collect with. Usual models priced from RM170 to RM500. While normal revoltech costs only RM80...

I'm so sorry Chan. But you're dead, you can't run this time. I've spent nearly a thousand for all these during this holiday...

Collection count so far (within 1 year),

MG - 5
HG - 4
1/100 - 3
1/144 - 1
SD - 9
Revoltech - 8

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