#301 M21

#301 M21


This is going to be the very first event reporting post that you are to read. Proceed with no risk.

I managed to get a few of my friends to gather for a dinner with me as to officialise my legal age. Turning 21st on 21st sounds great isn't it?

I fetched William, went Shah Alam to pick Darren up, and then to Subang jaya to pick TKS. Full time driver i am already.

Reached at 1U around 3pm, 3 hours before the time we need to gather. Since i need to ensure that 12 of us will have enough of seat, therefore i needed to get there earlier to reserve seats at nando's restaurant.

Justin was the one who asked me to go earlier to lepak with him. In the end he was the one who who got there 2 hours late.

5.45pm, we moved to nando's restaurant from Toy R us after i bought gasaphons for my sister.

Cyndi called me, and she ffk-ed me last minute!

5 of us, Darren, tks, Justin, William and me. We were looking the way to the restaurant. And suddenly we got Darren missing in action from our back.

William said he got a call from Jin and disappeared suddenly. We proceed, and hope he could find his own way to the restaurant.

Tables for 12 were arranged. William went outdoor for his own of fresh air, while Justin, Tks and me struggling for hunger of food, discussing what to order later.

6.15pm, nobody other than us arrived yet. Msians huh...

I took my handphone and sms-ed them to confirm that they are on their way.

And exact the same time, 6.15pm, i got an sms from Michelle;

"Hey! Where r u? I'm already at kenny rogers mid valley"

Walao eh omg no no no no no...!

Although i told them that i wanted to have it at kenny rogers mid valley, but i have changed into Nando's 1U since most of them stay near 1U.

And i'm pretty sure that i sms-ed EACH of EVERYONE of them to tell them that the change of venue.

Panicking, i replied her back that it's 1U.

Michelle came with Audrey i sure, therefore i called Audrey.

She wasn't picking up. I called Michelle;

"Hey i'm in mid valley now you know? Audrey and Aretha now with me. We have a car but we need a guy to bring us there."

I couldn't leave the place because i'm the host right there. We came in a car therefore Darren has no car. I called Darren to pick them up using my car. He was with Jin that time and he said he lost his way to the restaurant.

"Don't worry i'll discuss with Jin"

I was damn stressed that time. Blood pressure would have increased up to of 150/100, super heart rate of 150 bpm and blood sugar level of 2 mmol/L.

Hypertension, tachycardia, hypoglycemia all came knocked at my door.

I know not only me myself, Tks was pretty hungry too. Tks said, it's very impossible to get to mid valley from 1U at that time. Office hour. Go and fro would take more than 40 minutes.

6.28pm, Darren called me with Jin's phone;

"Mike, I'm now in Jin's car, and we've picked 3 of them up from mid valley"

Tks stared at me, no way man, that was impossible. 10 minutes from 1U to mid valley?

I still hope that was true, wondering for any miracle that god would give us so that everyone could gather up as soon as possible.

"Ok darren. How long would you need to get back 1U from mid valley?"

"Erm, you talk to Jin la."

"Hello mike, Jin here. We're now on our way back. We'll need around like...."


Someone pushed me at my back while i was taking to him on the phone. And a jusco plastic bag with a box inside written "GAIA" placed on the table in front of me.

I turned back.

I saw Jin with his phone, Darren beside him, Michelle, Audrey and Aretha at their back.

Oh my god.

I've been Punk'd.

What a surprise that i'd ever had.

That was definitely the first surprise i had during my birthday. There was a point blank in me for 0.821 seconds. Then only i realised that i was being punked.

I was really surprised and happy that everyone of they all made it in the end. I didn't go figure whether who came out with the idea of fooling me. But the answer is pretty obvious.

And thanks a lot for the Gaia Gundam that you guys bought for me. Being a Gunpla and revoltech collector like me, a gundam model would be a very nice gift for me.

In fact Tks and William saw that they were walking to me and everything was so fake. But i wonder why didn't i figure it out. I even thought that everything was true, like

- Jin and Darren lost their way to the restaurant.
- Michelle plus Audrey plus Aretha went to Mid valley.
- 10 minutes drive from 1U to Mid valley.

I'm so naive enough to believe all those... Couldn't help it because i really hope everyone could get there in time, because tks was hungry... lol.

Harpreet reached a few minutes after they all. I didn't tell him that was my birthday dinner. He only figure out after michelle they all told him. lol.

Poh yoke reached 1 hour after everyone else. She was having lab until 6pm therefore that explains why. But still glad that she made it. lol.

Joshua didn't make it. He didn't pick up my calls nor reply me sms. Audrey said that he might be sleeping. He sms-ed me in the end said he fell aslept. lol.

After the dinner at 1U, we proceeded to Swensen's at SS2.

I didn't been there before. According to Michelle, going Swensen's on Tuesday is a must. Because "Earthquake" is half priced on Tuesday.

Aretha didn't join us though because she needs to go work early tomorrow.

A very happy night i had. Considered to be the first celebration that i had ever. Last year's one wasn't really great because i arranged it at last minute.

So sorry that i couldn't spent much time talking to each of everyone of you all there because i have invited too many people. High school friend, college friend, uni friend.

But you guys did enjoyed talking to each other during the first meet. Hope you guys are happy too.

Thank you so much to everyone out there for all the greetings. So sorry that i couldn't invite everyone of you all because it would rather get messy if i invite too many. Thanks for the greeting at friendster, facebook, calls and sms!

I think i might not assemble this High Grade kit, scare that i'll screw it. May keep it well forever...


William, Wei-Jin, Justin, Darren, Tks, Audrey, Michelle, Aretha, Harp, Yokie, Joshua, Cyndi, Layhui, Renesh, Abi, Suzy, Genie, Kian Leong, Roney, Poh Peng, Nichole, Shiew Guan, Bee Dheng, Yee Pei, Cheryl, Kelvin, Adrian, Cheng ling, Ngar Shien, Diana, Chia Woon, Chia Yean, Chia Yin, Shin Dhee, Adila, Caryn, Tenni, Zue Wen, Rachel, Joanne, Danis, Yee Huai...

Hope i didn't miss out anyone there...

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