I've been tagged!

I've been tagged! By Princess Kim Cyndi

1986 - 19 years ago
August 21th

General Hospital, Klang
Brought to life

1991 - 14 years ago (5 years old)
Fast learner in drawings, left handed

Addicted in drawing non sense
Young and addicted

1995 - 10 years ago (9 years old)
SRJKC Pandamaran B

Getting awards for drawing contest, and academic acheivements
But did not getting anything for sports, sigh
Abused my right arm because of B that i got - non sense

1999 - 6 years ago (13 years old)
SMK Kampung Jawa

Sucks, everything
The school itself, the students, the teachers. the enviroment
Stucked in between the life of studying and involving in gangs

2002- 3 years ago (16 years old)
SMK Kampung Jawa, continued

Started to concentrate in studies,
Since gang friends stopped studying and began to work.
Started tuition life in Delta Tuition Centre.
Being a tall, silent freak in the tuition centre

2004 - 1 year ago (18 years old)
Taylor's College, Cambridge A-Levels.

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths
Ultimate way of mental suicide
Physical and mental condition minimum
Supported by music and faith

2006 - next year (20 years old)
Studying in IMU

Killing and being killed by studies
On the way to achieve my dream
to be a licienced killer

2015 - 10 years from now (29 years old)
Working in a GH

Getting experiences
Further studies for master
Hope to have another half, sigh

I tag:

She Fong

Those who kena better be prepared and faster go and type ok!
Have a nice day!

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