143# Random 21

143# Random 21

0. I got a few things to blog with which are not related to each another, so i came out with this random entry.

1. I feel that even my closest friends will insult me, make fun of me without any care. I was pissed off today.

2. I feel that i do not belong to any group. Neither the group over Klang here, nor the group like in the college.

3. I am anxious about my application to IMU.

4. I will not enter Kolej University Pengurusan Teknologi Msia for any reasons. - All malays uni.

5. I might study biotech+biomedic double degree at Monash uni if i can't enter IMU or i give up in studying medicine.

6. I recalled the medicine's name - Gambutrol, and the 6 demons' name - Cain, Nero, Judas, Legion, Belial, Lucifer in Emily.

7. I watched Emily for the second time yesterday.

8. I watched kungfu Mahjong 2 as well yesterday, it's funny. Those who can play mahjong would understand better.

9. I noticed that almost all girls eat faster than i do.

10. I still can't find any work or course to work with though it's already December.

11. I still hate the politics of our country - the hatred is increasing proportionally day by day.

12. I played 3 songs, about 25 minutes in afternoon violently, and i could not hold the chopstick properly after that.

13. I called my friend who only free on Wed to mamak, but she was lining up for Roller Coaster in Genting Highlands that time.

14. I found out a few of famous blogs recently. I conclude that famous blogs are usually with improper eng, obscence topics.

15. I found out a friend of mine in coll separated with her bf yesterday.

16. I am waiting to watch The Fog, HP4, and Aeon Flux. Anyone?

17. I am waiting the chance for me to get a new desktop.

18. I think i need to wash my car.

19. I got a few things that i can't tell when some particular people asked. Because i respect their beliefs.

20. I got a few things needed to tell to someone, but i think it's better to tell after i settled my uni applications.

21. I actually stopped at 12. just now to remove my facial masque, clean my face and put on the moisturiser. Don't laugh k.

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