140# Verbal Egocentric Slaughter

140# Verbal Egocentric Slaughter

I got these two old friends.

But somehow when time goes by, i started to get some problems from them. More accurately, from their attitudes. I am despised for certain reasons by them. And i do not think that the reasons are reasonable. So, that's no reason for them to treat me in such a way.

I was said to be immature, just because i acted funny to make them laugh. If i did not fuckin' create jokes for the group to laugh with, so what the fuck should we do? Sometimes we do need to have a joker in a group. And i was one of it. In order to make the group to be more happening, i talked jokes, though it was lame. And i was fuckin' critiqued by those two people. Called me to fuckin' grow up. So, grew up people like them never need jokes? One who jokes is fuckin' treaten as a lame kid? Alright, i just don't fuckin' understand that.

I liked to wear black t-shirts, with KoRn, or Slipknot's picture. And i was said as a person who has no taste at all in fashion. Fuck that shirt. Why could not i wear as casual as i could to attend tuition classes? Did i fuckin' need to wear in formal with neck tie when i went for tuition? Did they ever wear those showed in Paris's fashion show to tuition?

They fuckin' critiqued my hair styles. Because i did not spike it up like what people can see in Dragon Ball. Because the definition of "Good Hairstyle" must be fuckin' spiked. Because that definition states that guys cannot have long hair. Because i'm having fuckin' bad hair quality which inherited. Because i never fuckin' bother much about hair fashions. So i was said to have a fuckin' bad hairstyles.

They fuckin' critiqued my physical appearance. Having a friend of 1.89m is a fuckin' insult for them. I was called to eat more because i am fuckin' thin. I was called as a fuckin bamboo stick because of the DNA coded in me.

They fuckin' critiqued my music because i do not listen to mainstreams. What the heck is wrong if i prefer underground music? Mainstream music is called as music, then non-mainstream ones are not? I cannot listen to what i like, but i must listen to what the public like?

They fuckin' critiqued me because i read comic. Comic is something fuckin' childish for them. Those who fuckin' read comic are not grown up. Naruto, King of Fighters are damn fuckin' childish for them. So is porn comic considered as childish? You fuckin' shits.

Do you fuckin' think that i like to be this tall and this thin? Is it that bad to have a such ordinary face? Why must you always make fun of my height, size and my face? Because i do not have Jerry Yan's figure and Leehom's face, so i'm fated to be insulted by you all? Why must you all fuckin' treat me in such a way?

Had you ever call someone fat as "You Fuckin' Big Ass, go back home to keep fit please"?. Or had you ever call someone flat "Please go get plastic surgery to get an F cup please"?

Do you think that i can grow reversed from 1.89m to 1.80m? Do you think that building a strong figure can be done within one fuckin' night? Do you think that a person can go fuckin' reversed from their inherited gene? Then you got to grow 0.2m from you fuckin current height, and lose 20% of your fuckin' weight.

Do you think that you are really that fuckin' pretty? Just because so many guys go after you? Are your outlooks everything?

Before you could say a fuckin' word to comment people's look, please, take a look into the mirror at first. Both of you are not that good as you could imagine.

If i'm really that fuckin' bad for you two, please, just forget me as your fuckin' friend. I do not deserve to be your friend. Because i'm not rich, not brilliant, not handsome, not strong for you two.


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