135# Things i like about my country (Rare trial version)

135# Things i like about my country (Rare trial version)

The Food

Of cause, who doesn't? Where else can we find such a great variety of food outside Malaysia? You guys who are in UK sure can't avoid from eating the same thing again and again. And miss malaysia's foods in the end don't you?

Malay food, indian food, chinese food, fast food, slow food, healthy food, unhealthy food, junk food, rubbish food...etc, you name it. The good thing in Malaysia is that we can eat different kind of foods.

For example, we can eat malay food on Monday,indian food on Tuesday, Chinese food on Wednesday, Thai food on Thursday, Mamak food on Friday, Fast food on Saturday and everything on Sunday.

I talk cock only la, i eat chinese food mostly.

But look, the greatest point is, although Malaysia has high variety of food. But number of obese we have compared to fast food countries is still low. If you go US, UK, sure you can see there're lots of fat asses.

The Geography

Strategically posited at the malacca strait! Ok, this is not important. What meant for business is that we have Sumantera as our semi-ultimate shield. Sheilding effect provided from the Sumantera causes the peninsula of Msia free from Tsunami which attack from the south west or west. Anyway this is not a good point to stay safe by sacrificing the living kinds (got ah?)in Sumantera...

A mountain range at the centre of the peninsula (i can't recall what the damn name is) protects the west from storm and monsoon wind. Thus the west experiences less affects from those weathers.

Ok, these are god given and it do not related to Malaysia's achievements, forget about it.

The Peace

Our country considered peaceful if compared to those terrorised countries. People over here are not brainwashed YET to set bomb everywhere. People over here are not as pariah as those in indo, who slay, rape, rob, snatch, grab the fairer ones in their damned country. But i cannot guarantee shit that these shits won't happen over there, though i prayed for it not to happen.

At least curry and BKT over here are still able to tolerant with nasi lemak. But deep inside the nasi lemak hate those two mentioned til the end, even though those two are make used to develop the nasi lemak land. They have never appreciate it anyway.

Alright, this is not a point either.

The Conclusion

So, what i like is just the food! The others are still unacceptable from certain aspects. Malaysia still need to realise how paradox they are. How long they need to hide their head into the hole, just to avoid from the fact that the others are actually better than them?

All those fucking unfairness, privileges and the so-called faith, doctrine are actually obstacles which slow the country from moving on. Wake up and face to the reality damn it!

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