142# Licienced and Royal Unwasheds

142# Licienced and Royal Unwasheds

For you all who are settled in the UK, Dublin and Germany, you guys might not know about the lastest hotest news in Msia now.

Don't know since when the policemen in the country came out with an equation,
China Mari = Prostitutes
Those who think it in this way is definitely a whore.

For than a few of cases where China women who came to Msia, complaint to the authorities that they had been maltreated by the police department. They were molested, forced to do insulting movements, violently hurt, and even sexually harassed.

People got abused by policemen. Where are they going to complain? Back to the police station? The policemen will even treat them "better" then.

Obviously those so-called polices were already doing things which out of the limit. If a person is suspected to have drugs in her body, policeman cannot do the searchings. But instead, a doctor is the one who doing it. The police department claimed

that for all the actions they took, they were mainly to search for drugs or whatever things from those suspects. Is this reason acceptable?

The recent case in the town is the leak of cellphone captured short clip of a naked china women being maltreated by an Islamic police women. From the clip, shown a back of a chinese women. The women was forced to pinch her ears and do stand

ups. Without a piece of cloth with her during the entirely process. And in front of her there was a Malay police women. After the so-called "Examination" or literally, maltreatment, and then the women was allowed to dressed up at last. None of them noticed that they were being captured.

Since the clip is leaked out and shared by everyone, it started to get attention from the public. This is just one of those

cases where China women got arrested and maltreated by policemen, and the government is trying to back the problem up by their very own solutions.

According to the papers, i'm not really sure whether the police women who abused her authority found guilty or not, but she is released. And what the government even concern is, who the Hell is the one who captured the clip.

Let's put it this way... They are not going to bother what is wrong with their men's diciplines and works. But instead, they are even more concern about who captured that incident happened in the police station.

Thus, it's something like, they are going to find who spread their shameful acts, and they are going to kick the person's ass. And for your infomation, they even set a group, which will do further investigations on finding the cameraman.

Lalala... Hey, he is the man. Before he could settle the diplomatic tension between the two countries, he ordered the "Sentinels" to go the "search-and-destroy" job.

When shall racial discriminations and unfairness disappear in everyone's vision? It's damn impossible to attain what the so-called 2020. What we need is just total fairness, not the theory of look-at-where-you-are-standing-you-gonna-fuckin-listen-to-me.

Damned master, train damned dogs.

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