138# Kinokuniya-sing feat. Tower Sux

138# Kinokuniya-sing feat. Tower Sux

After my interview, from IMU i took STAR and PUTRA lrt to the KLCC. An hour of trip, that was really tiring man.

Took a fast lunch at the Asean Favourite, went to Kinokuniya to find books that i wanted.

Gospel of Filth : The Black Metal Bible

I tried to search for it under a few catagories, could not see any books which look like it at all. Damn Msia ban this ban that. Or UK doesn't even export that "filthy" book to Msia?

When i was too desperated, i walked to the music section. I was like, omg... So many official score books over there. Marilyn Manson, Metallica also got. Tried to search for Cradle of Filth... Don't have also. Seems that i can't find any "filth" related books in our country...

I saw IOWA, Slipknot. Damn! And the Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses caught my sight. Yes man, i fould Slipknot Third Album's guitar score book! US 19.95, RM76.06... Oh shit... why is it so expensive. But i bought it anyway. (Most tracks are played in Drop B tuning, B-F#-B-E-G#-C#, and capo II D-A-D-G-B-D-, so how am i going to play in Standard E-A-D-G-B-E man...)

Went to the japanese section of the bookstore, which hidden somewhere at the children section of ISETAN. Photography section. Jis!! Japan girls photobook! Almost all of them i know! Spotted BoA's naturelle, RM138.85 - 2950yen (converted RM90.77)... Holly Shiet. It was just a photobook, why does it costs so high?

Ok... find for the others. Mika Nakashima's DIO, RM100.70 - 1950yen (converted RM60.00). What? That photobook is so small also costs 2 CD price? And i found a few of Itou Misaki. Still too expensive to buy...

Ai Otsuka's Love Jam piano score book. Less than 0.5cm of thickness and that score book is RM70.90 - 1050 yen (converted RM32.30). What the heck la... Just plain papers with notes and lines on it, RM70.90? Ok, it's copyrighted and we are paying for the hardwork of the pianist, Ai Otsuka herself as well. But it was still too much la...

Finally came out from the section empty handed. Too much to buy, too little i had. Well, it's not worthy to buy photobooks. Buying CDs is more worthy.

From one end i walked to the other end of KLCC for Tower Records. One of the two of music stores in KLCC. I was kind of lost that time.

Tower sucks. Really sucks. The price of a CD which i bought at Fantasy, Pyramid, RM34.90, it's costed at Towers for RM51.90. See! And Mika's single one for RM49.90. It's just a single, usually 1050yen (Rm32.31). And jap's living cost is higher. Therefore there is no way that Towers costs a single for RM49.90. Even more expensive than an album! Singles got 4 tracks only usually. One original track, one B-side, and two instrumental/remixed tracks. Rm49.90 for those is too much right?

I did not walk out empty handed from Towers this time. Spotted a movie starred by Mika Nakashima. Grabbed it. Too desperated and i needed to carry something out of the shop.

Though they import a lot of Japanese/Korean CDs and singles from Taiwan, but they cost those too high. Tower sucks. I really mean it.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement - Fantasy at Sunway Pyramid costs lower, got student discount some more! Rm4 for each CD!

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