126# Exceed the total monthly curry intake

126# Exceed the total monthly curry intake

Yesterday i slept very early - 9.30pm. I broke my record, usually i sleep at 3am something. But the noise woke me up, i looked at the time shown by the air-con controller, damn, 12.05am. Everyone of them was booming their fire crackers for deepavali. I don't know since when this tradition is practiced by they all...

As usual, went to indian friends house for food. The amount of curry intake today already exceed the total monthly curry intake - I'm not going to eat curry anymore for a month man! Today went for 6 places, tomorrow got a few more to go.

Damn pissed off to some of them who already forget their old friends. Called them to join us for house visiting, they'll give those stupid reasons like busy for STPM, and the worst i heard was...

"You know la, i'm not celebrating these kind of things..."

Ok, it was said by an indian, a chinese wannabe more accurately. What he said was really pissing off, And that's all, what kind of people is this damn it.

Last time, back to year in Form 4, and Form 5. More than 10 of us, cycle, from place to place for house visits. And this year, it was just 3 of us. The others, action liao. Don't want to join ex-kampung-jawa-ians. A bunch of slef-claimed high class people don't want to join our low class activity. Motherfuckers, stop giving reasons like STPM or need to work.

Therefore, one of those topics that we talked was cursing those people who didn't show their face off today. It was really disappointing, from a whole bunch of us, now there was only 3 of us in a group. Whatever la, they already think themselve berry the high class. Go to Hell la.

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