133# one two three four five SIX

133# one two three four five SIX

Tried to wake up very early today. 8.30am in the morning. Usually i wake up after 11 since i'm used to sleep after 3am. Went out for early bird movie today with my cousins. Seems that there were lots of early birds looking for worms to eat. The cinema at Bukit Raja looked fulled with people, and kids! For chicken little they were, of cause!

Sarcastically, there were a lot of them who went to the cinema early in the morning (11am) for horror movie. Shouldn't it be watched after 8pm?

Emily was possessed by six different demons. "In the name of god, tell me what's your name?" said the priest during the exorcism. I can't remember all of the six... Got one is the Nero, Judas... The first three i can't recall. The last one, undoubtedly, Lucifier...

But when i heard the voice of Satan, it was something different from what i've known. Satan's voice is double overlapped vocal right, with both high pitched and low pitched vocals. But in the movie, there was just the high pitched ones. Sounded like a little kid's voice.

The movie was not like how i imagined it to be. The most plot took place at the court. The exorcism was only shown when the priest and Emily's friend and family gave their testimony in the court. Court based movie, those who study law should go and watch.

Since it's based on a true story, where there was really this girl called Emily (i think they did not change the name) who got possessed by 6 different demons and finally tortured to death, i think she is quite pitiful... I learn a few of psychiatric terms too. And what's the medicine which may interrupt the exorcism again? Gam... something right? Ah, whatever...

I don't understand the last part la. The priest was found guilty, but the juries recommended to set him free. Huh? Why was that so?

This is the 133rd words entry... If you take this value 133, to times with 5 (from the pentagon), and then add it up with 1. What will you get?

Yes, 666... Wa, ada hantu!

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