134# Very Idiotic Person

134# Very Idiotic Person

Some of you all may wonder who is the person that i mentioned in the fiftieth of my hatred list. Well, I shall tell the story about that person here.

This guy, Kelvin was my primary school mate. Where we used to be very close to each other until standard 6. We studied at different secondary school after that. But somehow we managed to meet each other again in the tuition centre at the years of Form 4 and Form 5.

I had no friends when i was taking tuition at that tuition centre at the early stage. So i was close to this guy during classes. I understand a lot about him. I can't deny that he is intelligent, but at the same time he has a lot of defects in him. He has no manners at all, though i was used to it.

At the year of Form 5, i began to get close with the other guy called Youth. Then i did not mix with Kelvin anymore. Because i knew that Youth's attitude and everything is so far better than him. Youth and me were very close during that year, and we always hung with the girls from the girls school.

The problem started when the girls began to complain with me there were few guys who harrassed them on the phone. Either playing miss calls, or verbally sexual harassed them on the phone. And the girls asked me for help, since i was kind of punk at that time and they expected me to fight against those people.

Remember once a girl gave me the number which disturbed her for quite sometime. I recorded the number in my cell phone. I called, then i began to have verbal fight over the phone. Told them no to disturb and sexually harass my friend anymore. The person over the phone was like did not know what was happening.

In the end, i found out that the person i called was one of the friend of Kelvin. Since the same number i saved in my phone with two different names, thus no name appeared in my phone. I did not know the one i scolded to was a very good guy, who was in Kelvin's group.

He explained that he did not do that to the girl, it was Kelvin who used his phone to do all of the stuffs. Alright, and then i warned him not to give his phone to that idiot to do such a thing to my friends anymore.

Another one, where my pet sister complaint to me that a guy always called her and wanted to meet her. She felt very disturbed and uneasy with those calls. The person over the phone claimed that he was Kelvin's cousin. My pet sister knows Kelvin as well. Thus she called me to tell Kelvin, so that his cousin stop disturbing her.

Kelvin said he did not recognise such a number and he did not have such a cousin. And he called me to find out who was that guy, at the same time he will. Fine, i knew he was fucking lying to me because he is that kind of masked liar.

Days after, he met me in the tuition centre and asked me whether i found out the identity of that person or not. I did not. He said the word "Fai Cai" to me, which means "useless wood". It was so damn insulting. He was the one who caused the problem and he scolded me instead. I was so damn pissed. Imagine that time i was in Form 5 i could not handle my temper correctly with my low EQ. If the girls were not there then i sure will smash that s.o.b.'s head onto the glasses on the wall.

Since that incident, i have never talk to that low class pervert. And the girls were still disturbed by those unknown people. I had enough of scolding idiots over the phone and to have a kill list in my phone. More than 15 numbers i used to have in my phone who gave from the girls. All of them are either from Kelvin, or people from his group.

That s.o.b. was from a guy school, SMK Dato Hamzah, or Datuk Hamsup literally. They have never see a girl before in their school, caused them to be chemically and mentally imbalanced, thus sexually harass my female friends.

The one i hate the most is that s.o.b. He is just the most brilliant people among those bunch of "Ah Beng" in his group. He always think that he is the best among all. In fact, his group is just a damn fucking low class people. Just that he is the best among them, then he never respect the others. Being a top "Ah Beng" seems to be a proud for him. If he is given a chance to see the world, then he shall know how tiny and useless he is in fact.

The last time i met him was in ACS school's canteen day. Where my ex-secondary schoolmates are for Form 6. He was there to for the programme. I saw him and i did not expect he would be transffered to that school as well. Luckily i was studying in Taylors college, or else i would be transffered to ACS and need to face that s.o.b. all times.

When i saw him, i nodded and smiled at him. But that s.o.b. did not even do the same to me. Instead he turned away and did like he had never notice me. What the fuck? He was the one who is wrong and caused me to angry with him. Then when we met again, i was already so gentleman who nodded at him. He did not even appreaciate at all. Fuck!

Now i'm still fucking hate him. Everytime i will imagine how i would like to torture him. To reverse crucify him in my room, slit his wrists. Cut him at his stomach, roll out his intestine slowly. Carve at his face, stuff his fithy mouth with needles and sew it. Burn his skin with candles. Put out all his fingernails. And then kick at his face endlessly. Let him suffer to death. And the torment must go on as long as possible before he dies.

My hatred will not be extinguished. But as a guy, if one day we could sit down and settle all the problems. I can surely forgive him and be friend to him again. The thing is that i will not have a chance to do it since he treats friends like animal, and he will not sit down to talk with me.

I shall not kill him by myself. God sees all his sins. In his life, after he enters to the social, he will understand that they way the treats the others is not right. And he will suffer the consequences. No one likes his attitude, he will ends up to have no job, no money, no women. And then he will die alone. Satan will then take over him, and his torments continue in Hell.

Curse is better than actions. Actions need to be responsible for laws. But i can curse everything i like. Though cursing is a sin too, but my curses are rational and reasonable. I believe that other than me, there are still lots of them outside who hate him. Either they will take action to gang bang him up, or some will curse him like me until his rest of his life.

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