129# Hundred

129# Hundred

1. I got this idea to write 100 facts about myself from
Adrien's blog (formerly known as Josh).

2. I like the word "depressant" but it’s used by a blogger and I decided to use "Decarboxylation" for this blog. Known as a chemical process where a Carbon atom is removed from a compound

3. My full name, Lau Chie Ming. I'm the only male in my family who doesn't follow the trend of the middle name, supposedly Chin Ming.

4. I was born in the general hospital at Klang, 21st of August 1986.

5. My actual height is 1.89m, BMI 16.5, which is extremely underweight. About my weight, you do the math.

6. I am not satisfied with my height and my ideal height was 1.80m.

7. I dislike public transports because I face a lot of difficulty that caused by my height.

8. I'm a left-handed.

9. When I was 7, I was colouring a squirrel picture's background with purple colour pencil, my late grandfather forced me to use right hand due to superstitious reasons. But I shifted to left again when he was not looking.

10. I studied in Hibiscus Kindergarten for a year which teaching is conducted in English.

11. I wore Korean Costume for the graduation show.

12. I finished my primary studies from a Chinese school and I got 5As and 2Bs for the final exam.

13. I thank my dad who sent me to Chinese school so that I can read, speak, listen, and write in Chinese now.

14. I cried a lot in the primary school.

15. I got awarded for my drawings in drawing contests for years in primary school.

16. I drew pictures and trade with friends for Dragonball cards when I was 8.

17. I drew pictures and sold to people when I was 12. Pencil drawings were RM5 and inked drawings were RM10. I earned a lot and I bought myself lots of stationeries for drawings.

18. I graduated from SMK Kampung Jawa, which located in Kampung Jawa.

19. I survived in SMKKJ without joining any gang in formal, but gangsters help me because they do give face to me due to some reasons.

20. I defeated a fat boy in my class when I was in Form 1. He looked for fight but in the end his nose bled endlessly.

21. I represented the Red House during Form 5's sport day for long jump. My score was the worst because the opponents are strongly built Indians where I was just a spectacled study-boy.

22. I was the only study-boy among the gangsters, but always cutting the edge of discipline and vandalised my school a lot.

23. The teacher who I hated the most was my Moral, English teacher, called Susila.

24. The most vulgar word I had ever scold to a teacher was the word "Bitch".

25. I involved in more than a few fights but the discipline teacher did not punish me because I was a very good boy in his eyes.

26. I was in the "Amanah" class since Form 1 until Form 5, but my discipline was the worst among my classmates. But there was one gangster called Steven worse than me in the year of Form 5.

27. I scored 6As out of the 7 for the Form 3 exam and I cried.

28. I scored 5A1 out of the 9 for the Form 5 exam and I punched at the hall’s wall until my knuckles torn and bled.

29. I enjoyed self-abuse by punching walls because of my immaturity.

30. I was called as "Mr. Panjang" when I was taking tuition classes in "Delta Tuition Centre". My height during those years was 1.85m.

31. I was critiqued by the tuition teacher in front of the class as a Satanist because I wore "Follow the Leader" t-shit from Korn, though Korn is not Satanic.

32. I pointed my middle finger in front of the Add Math tuition class, which attended by more than 200 of them when I was in Form 5. Everyone knows me after that incident.

33. I burn chairs in the tuition classes by using lighters.

34. I burn a few girls' hairs who sat in front of me in the tuition classes using lighters because I dislike bitches.

35. I cut those bitches cloth using a cutter knife; I drew lines on it by using highlighters and pen.

36. I was overall a mentally disordered homicidal student before I met my ex.

37. My first relationship started on 31st of May 2004, 4am.

38. The most romantic night I had spent was the night on 1st June 2004, where we lied and stared at the stars until the next morning.

39. I ended the relationship after 302 days because of various reasons.

40. I had cried over the phone when I was talking to Wen ying and Racheal.

41. I felt touched after watching the movie "A Tale of two Sisters" because I experienced the paranoid before, where I always afraid of the wardrobe where I kept the head of my enemy in my dreams.

42. The first car accident I met was in year 2004, and the car I banged was a policeman's car, not police car. I managed to settle without paying a single cent, after those 6 big Indians who surrounded me realized my identity. One of them was the policeman.

43. I suck in English because I’m not English educated.

44. I learnt words like "Porno", "Slut", "C*nt", "Bitch", "Queer", "Fagot", "Whore" from Korn’s songs.

45. I used to listen to pop music, such as BSB, N'sync, Britney, Christina, J.Lo., and Spice Girls. Somehow I still appreciate The Corrs, Natalie Imbruglia, and Dido.

46. I used to listen to Nicholas Tse and Jay Chou because the persons who I wanted to go after liked them.

47. I bought Mika Nakashima, Hitomi and Ai Otsuka's CDs without knowing who they are and what their music sound like. But I like their music in the end.

48. The first metal band I like was Korn. And I felt more violent after listen to Korn and I managed to control myself after listened to darker music instead.

49. I started to listen to Black Metal music on August of 2004.

50. I spent my 18th birthday alone for battle of the bands, and 19th birthday alone at home.

51. The first keyboard I got was when I was 10.

52. The first guitar I played was my sister's Kapok acoustic guitar.

53. I got my first electric guitar set when I was in Form 5.

54. I play guitar with the normal way though I'm a left-handed.

55. 90% of complete songs that I can play are songs from the band called "Cradle of Filth".

56. I can't pluck.

57. I don't smoke.

58. I don't drink.

59. I can't stand clubbing music.

60. I'm not a gay though I acted like one.

61. I don't play basketball though my height looks like I do.

62. I suck in all sports.

63. I do gym for 30 minutes at home, about 3 times a week, but the effects are not noticeable.

64. I actually disturb my neighbours when I was playing guitar in my room due to the reverb effect from the amplifier.

65. I learn to read guitar tab by myself.

66. I did not know how to tune Drop C tuning, until I snapped the e string and my left hand injured.

67. I got 1 stitch on my forehead, 4 stitches at my right elbow and 7 stitches on my tongue. The tongue ones I almost died because I was bleeding profusely.

68. I was allergic to smokes from firecrackers and I admitted to hospital for days when I was young.

69. I did not have much toys like other kids did, instead my favourite game in the past was disturbing the stray dog and force it to chase me.

70. I started to wear spectacles when I was 11.

71. I hope I'm a built-up guy like my cousins.

72. I spent most of my money to buy comic and CDs.

73. I regret that I did not start to learn piano when I was young.

74. I could draw better than local artist when I was young.

75. I have a 166Mhz desktop and it can’t do anything other than Solitaire.

76. I believe in God and also Satan, but I’m not a Satanist.

77. I believe in equivalent trade, where in order to gain something, we must give something out which is equivalent in value.

78. I believe that I don't need to kill my enemy. In life, there's God to see what he does. When he dies, there's Satan to punish him.

79. I believe that person who commits suicide will suffer more after death because the soul will repeat the suicide act again and again at the same place, at the same time everyday.

80. I believe that God sees the effort I paid and I deserve to have the returns.

81. I decided to be a doctor after I attended attachments in hospital for a month.

82. I think psychiatry is fun.

83. I threw my Form 4 history book after studying Chapter 2. I skipped Chapter 2 because I don't think their empire worth to study at all.

84. I would like to discover what’s inside the huge black box where thousands and thousands of them surround and walk with.

85. I can be considered as a racist if the government is, and the government forces me to be one.

86. I like to eat chocolate, cakes and snacks like girls do.

87. I avoid soft drinks; I prefer warm water and hot Chinese tea.

88. I worked in my uncle's EON services workshop, "Juara Murani(M) Sdn. Bhd.", as a car mechanic apprentice for a month. My pay was just worth 6 CDs because I always skip working.

89. Important things in my life are, my future, my family, and my friends in order. But it doesn’t mean that friends are not important.

90. I think that my happiest and toughest life was 1.5 years during A levels in Taylor’s college.

91. I started to speak in English and Cantonese in college.

92. I learn Cantonese through watching TV.

93. I did not know what was happening at all at the beginning of college due to my weak English and comprehension.

94. I polished my nails black in early 2004 because I was into Goth stuffs.

95. I died my hair 4 times in year 2004, purple, copper red, intensed red and purple red. I did not dye my hair this year.

96. The first close friend I got in college was Joshua.

97. People could not distinguish between Wei-Jin and me.

98. The happiest trip I went with friends was the trip to Redang with college mates.

99. I scored BBBB for my AS, for A2 I got BBCC and I’m very regret that I did not drop physics.

100. My life was programmed to study, and I like to study.

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